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How far along are your Council plans for 2021 summer camp?

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I've not heard of any scout camps requiring that yet. I know some local camps have been considering it and the ACA recommends it.  Right now what I've heard so far is staff have to quarantine and test before arriving on site in our state. 

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I'm guessing you don't live in NY then.  Be thankful.  The NYS guidelines for camps (which exceed those provided by the CDC) call for weekly testing of staff if they are exposed to more than one cohort or leave camp for any reason (pg 18 of the guidelines).  Rather than provide the testing, our council is simply making vaccinations a condition on employment.

Guidelines here if anyone is interested: https://www.governor.ny.gov/sites/default/files/atoms/files/Child_Care_Daycamps_Detailed_Guidelines.pdf

After reading the guidelines, i don't see how a scout camp can function in NY...at least not like any other camp I've ever been to.





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1 hour ago, RandomScouter said:

Yeah, NYS tends to have very stringent guidelines and regulations for summer camps.

Have they said anything about vaccines and/or testing for campers?

Yes,  Proof of Vaccination or a Negative test taken within 72 hours of arrival at camp.  It's all covered in the 23 pages provided by NYS.  

We haven't received specific guidance from our council yet, but I can't imagine it being any different than what NYS has decreed.  Very frustrating...the guidance does not specifically require vaccinations for staff...my council executive (who I've spoken to several times today) appears to be taking the easy way out and making it mandatory. :(



Edit:  My son also tested positive for Antibodies recently (both my wife and I had Covid and recovered)...there is no allowance in the NYS guidance for those with antibodies. 

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Ransburg Scout Reservation, owned by the Crossroads of America Council and located south of Bloomington, IN  recently published a series of Covid guidelines for the 2021 summer camp season, covering items from a pre-camp Covid screening to the dining hall.: http://www.ransburgbsa.org/covid19   

Most if not all of them have this regarding mask wearing:


⚜ If the participant is unvaccinated, a mask must be worn at all times while indoors except while engaging in certain activities like eating, drinking, sleeping, or showering. Masks must be worn outdoors when unable to social distance at least six feet. 


⚜ If the participant is fully vaccinated, a mask is not required to be worn, but may be worn for comfort, peace of mind, or out of an abundance of caution.


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From Heritage Reservation (apologies if, since it looks like a draft, this link quickly changes) no vaccine mandate, but a mask mandate:


Until notified of guidance updates specifically related to summer camps, all attendees at Heritage Reservation will be required to wear face coverings/masks in accordance with the PA Department of Health Universal Masking Order.
There will be no exceptions for vaccinated individuals.

They incorporated the layered mitigation strategy that has been widely circulated. There are exceptions for strenuous activities, when other social distancing is in place, etc ... all of which are pretty consistent with the CDC's recommendation for schools.

There are a few moving parts to put in place (meal service, emergency procedures), but there are enough details that we'll be able to walk through everything with parents and kids.

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