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What happened to meritbadge.org?

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1 minute ago, MikeS72 said:

Be sure you are using meritbadge.org, rather than meritbadge.com.   It works fine for me right now, and did also yesterday.

Quite right, meritbadge.org does work..

But the OP pointed out the meritbadge.com does not work.  He is also quite right.  It doesn't.

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2 hours ago, fred8033 said:

I'll be very sad if it's the end of meritbadge.org.  I very much enjoyed using the Wiki interface to look for scouting information.  

This is my thoughts exactly.   It was very quick to be able to locate something.   But if all of the MB info is on usscouts.org, I am off to bookmark that website on my computers. :)

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