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Boy Scouts helped alleged molesters cover tracks, files show

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NJ, I was struck by the irony that SeattlePioneer (the pot) was even making that accusation against Abel (the kettle).

AZMike, "Educators, who seem to be the profession with the highest rate of sexual abuse against minors"

I was unaware of this statistic. Could you provide a reference for that claim?

Although I do fall into the category of never having reported such abuse, since I've never detected it in either scouts or students. And now I feel so...guilty.


I also had not previously thought of college football coaches as 'educators', although I see how people might think that. I guess on that basis, the people who conduct the weight training or clean up the locker rooms might also be included as 'educators', lol.

Around these parts it's kind of painful to listen to coaches even try to make complete sentences in public. ;) I guess that's 'education' of a sort.(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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AZ to answer your question: The BSA has put in place some of the most strenous Volunteer requirements and Youth Protection programs. Other youth organizations copy us. It doesn't make up for the past, which many organizations struggled to detect abusers, and had apathy to prosecuting them. These crimes need to be addressed, but the BSA has made strides in protecting youth. So have many State Legislatures with their reporting laws.

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Now the LA Times is reporting on problems with the US Swim Team and one of its coaches:




"The lawsuit charges that while Schubert was involved with a Fullerton swim club, he failed to report allegations of improper conduct between coaches and some of the club's young athletes. Instead, the suit contends, Schubert hired a private investigator to gather evidence against one of the coaches and used it as leverage to extract a $625,000 settlement from USA Swimming after he was dismissed in 2010.


Schubert also failed to promptly tell authorities about another coach who had a sexual relationship with a swimmer in the 1980s, according to the suit, which charges that even after the coach finally told USA Swimming officials about it, they also failed to act."


This is a problem that is not unique to us, but we need to get back in front of it.

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Our council put out a blast email on this yesterday. I have pasted in the language below:



Dear Scouting family,


This weekend, the LA Times ran a story concerning the Boy Scout confidential youth protection files, which are being released.


As you know, Youth Protection is of paramount importance to the Boy Scouts of America and we have established a multi-tiered approach focused on effective volunteer screening, education and training, and clear policies to protect youth. As part of this effort we have, and will continue to use, Ineligible Volunteer Files (IV Files) to screen and keep individuals whose actions are inconsistent with the standards of Scouting out of the program.


Last June, an Oregon court ordered the BSA IV Files that were submitted as evidence in trial should be released. The BSA has argued that the confidentiality of these reports helps us protect Scouts. We believe that victims and their families have the right to choose for themselves whether to share their stories publicly, and people are more likely to come forward to report real or perceived misconduct if they can do so confidentially. The Oregon State Supreme Court recently ordered that those files be made public in redacted form and these files are expected to receive significant media coverage.


The IV Files involved are 25-45 years old and the media is likely to focus its attention on that time period. Scouting's Youth Protection policies and procedures have evolved and been strengthened significantly since then. Today our programs are cited by leading experts in child welfare as examples to be emulated by other youth serving groups. That said, the best prevention requires constant vigilance and we will never waiver in our efforts to protect the youth entrusted to our care. As we often say in Scouting, "Youth Protection begins with you." That means each and every one of us shares in this important responsibility. You can learn additional details about our youth protection efforts by visiting www.bsayouthprotection.com


As you know, and as the website above describes in greater detail, Scouting has in place mandatory reporting policies concerning abuse. If you have a good-faith suspicion or belief that any child is or has been physically or sexually abused, we ask that you notify local authorities and me, as your local Scout Executive.


If you should receive any media inquiries on this subject, please forward them directly to PR@Scouting.org or 855-870-2178.


Thank you for all you do to help ensure Scouting is a safe place for all.


John C. Fenoglio

Scout Executive/CEO

Mt. Diablo Silverado Council


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Well Merlyn (theOP) once again got what he loves to do, point out weaknesses in the BSA, lighting the fuse, and getting everyone here to start sniping at each other while he probably is sitting back reading these posts with a big smile on his face. I really do not understand the perverse pleasure Merlyn seems to get with his attacks on the BSA, to me it is a sign of a very lonely person without many friends who needs to justify himself and is deluded into thinking he is on some kind of crusade for justice, when in fact it is just the same old bait and switch he loves to do. I guess you can say Merlyn truly is a master baiter, but in reality he is just someone seeking credibility and desperately crying out for help/attention.(This message has been edited by BadenP)

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I know that some think the attention levied against BSA on this is unjustified, unfair, unwarranted. Just as there are those that think Penn State has been unjustly attacked.


There are also the statistics that say that family members are the largest group of child abusers. Considering ALL forms of child abuse (neglect, physical, sexual, etc.) that is correct.


But regarding JUST sexual abuse, from http://www.apa.org/pi/families/resources/child-sexual-abuse.aspx



Most children are abused by someone they know and trust.


An estimated 60% of perpetrators of sexual abuse are known to the child but are not family members, e.g., family friends, babysitters, childcare providers, neighbors.


About 30% of perpetrators are family members, e.g., fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins.


Just 10% of perpetrators are strangers to the child.




The fact that *any* organization the promotes helping youth would hide information or hinder prosecution of sexual abusers is what has people in the uproar.


Only the top brass of BSA know if YPT is having an effect or not. Just because you have a process...it doesn't mean that it works.


For every parent, every activity is a risk vs. benefits calculation. Some parents make those decisions carefully...some less, and there's probably a set that sticks their head in the sand.


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FScouter, if that last post was aimed at BadenP I think it's misguided. A brief review of the last several pages of posts made by BP show he offers a mix of comments and opinions on a variety of subjects along with helpful advice. On the other hand Merlyn seems to exclusively comment on gay, atheist, and other topics that show BSA in a negative light. Not in the 6 latests pages of his posts has he ever offered helpful opinions, ideas or answered questions about program.

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F Scouter


Yet another personal attack from you, a deeply troubled and disturbed man. You my friend are the one who REALLY needs help so I ignore your insult since it comes from someone who is bitter, angry, and generally unhappy with life. Peace F-scouter!


Thank you Eagle732.(This message has been edited by BadenP)

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Beavah writes:

Yes, they really are. They have to follow actual rules.


No, they're really not.


They are every bit as susceptible to bias and cronyism as anybody else


You're omitting all the legal protections, like chain of evidence, appeals, etc. Amateurs shouldn't be making arbitrary judgements over possible felonies like child rape. Duh.

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