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  1. Temperature extremes do effect battery efficiencies. Air density at 6400' is 44% of that a sea-level... Without satellite based control, operation in heavy terrain is very limited. (Line of site or less).
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    Just popping in to say adios. Scouter is all done with Scouting and is on college in the fall. Since I don't like leaving accounts open on the 'Net, I'll be shutting this one off. Bye. B
  3. I don't suppose anyone realizes that Scouting has some of this as well...right? The "instant gratification" model where a Scout is immediately awarded a badge or rank, is not very real world. It's possible to work on something and get no recognition at all...except for the negative recognition when you screw something up.
  4. OK... I'll chime in ... player of trumpet, trombone, french horn .. parent of bass trombone major Fundamentals of Brass Playing 1) The bugle mouthpieces I've seen are really not conducive to learning to play a brass instrument...if the bugle will accept a trumpet mouthpiece, to to your local band instrument store and ask for a "Bach 7C" trumpet mouthpiece....is the standard beginner mouthpiece for trumpet. If the bugle has a Cornet size receiver, you can get the Bach mouthpiece for Cornet...if not sure...take the bugle with you. 2) Embouchure setting -- in spite of popular view...t
  5. I'm a little on the fence on the whole thing...it's not that he mismanaged his time as much as Scouting, at least subconsciously, reminded him of his Dad's death, not something your average teen wants to be reminded about. By getting back in, and then not being able to succeed ... might leave a bad taste in his mouth.,..and he's got big fish to fry over the next seven years. Dwelling on this (which I could easily see him doing) could be a detriment. I'll have to have a talk about that.
  6. Incidentally, I have no problem with "drop dead dates", as long as you realize that sometimes you get the result like the Challenger, the iNtel 386 and the Edsel.
  7. We did the math, and he's late. Not based on CoH date. One week short between Life and aging out... The SM and ASM's were will to backdate everything, but someone ratted him out to the Troop board. His project is to clean up a home used for emergency housing of families in crisis. I know this has to be churning up a lot of crap for him...he hadn't even realized that he had stepped away for all that time.
  8. Public kudos to my son. For nearly 5 year he stopped Scouting. His father passed suddenly when he was 12. Scouting was their summer pastime. He took up Marching Band ... it was his gig...played along side my other son in jazz band. This year, he decided to try for his Eagle. Banged out the rest of this requirements for Life. Picked out his Eagle project...planning in progress. Then at one of the Troop Eagle Board reviews ... the adult in charge said, "Sorry, your Life Rank was one week too late." I think most boys would have folded it up and gone home...not my s
  9. Funny how the response doesn't match the News report which states, http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/02/05/bare-bottomed-bathers-cub-scout-nature-hike-includes-nude-beach-visit/
  10. From the article, both adults present left to go get the equipment, and the boys took off on the line.
  11. http://www.kpho.com/story/27946139/east-valley-boy-scout-dies-in-zip-line-accident
  12. My observation is that kids never challenge authority or the status quo. Ironically, my Scout is far more guilty of the trait than my non-Scouts.
  13. "When i became SM two years ago, my paster told me that he is supportive of the Boy Scouts, as long as it does not conflict with catholic values." That sounds about right....the Catholics have spent years ignoring pedophiles....just like the BSA.
  14. Sentinel wrote: "I don't see the difference between this and the kid who gets forced by his parents to join the band or a sports team that they don't want to be a member of." I completely agree. As parents, I think we have to give out kids options. But it should be their decision to engage (or disengage). I've been involved in youth sports and band for a number of years, both as a coach and a sideline parent. I've only had one kid in baseball that was there and didn't want to be. He got in trouble in the dugout and left before the season was over.
  15. I doubt there is an "honest and fair" way to deal with the hostage situation. The kids is stuck under the thumb of the parent(s). About the most he could hope for would be to maneuver in such a way to try to pit the parents against one another, or get an outsider to exert pressure. Not sure that's a positive thing to learn.
  16. Maybe this deserves a different thread ... but I'll ask it here anyway. What do you for the older Scouts who are being held hostage by their parents? It would seem to me that a Scout in that position would be hard pressed to be interested, cooperative or anything close to functional as a Scout. The Scouts that I'm talking about are those who can't do (or get) X, Y or Z until they Eagle. There are a couple of those in my son's Troop, no driver's license until they Eagle. I'll bet that kid is one happy camper (no pun intended). My Scout was one of those, Grandparents, Dad, Uncles
  17. This will be another "rubber meets the road" moment for BSA. The first was desegregation, which did not officially end until the mid-1970's. Scouting will adapt, or die.
  18. Well written Cambridge! Sexuality and teenagers is always a volatile mix, regardless of the orientation of the teenagers. My guess is that most Scouts and Adults would never be able to identify a closeted gay youth or parent. Those most panicked about it are homophobes looking for stereotypical "signs of gayness" (yes, I heard it called that once). Walk though a mall on Saturday, you'll see many more sexually overt heterosexual behaviors than you will homosexual behaviors.
  19. "As adults, we need to be careful not to make a scout getting Eagle our goal." Agreed. Failure is always a valid conclusion to any endeavor. From my own personal experience, I learned far more about myself by failing at something than I did excelling at it.
  20. 1) We only give advancements and patches at the three CoH's per year. No instant gratification here. 2) Scout shop will not give out patches without entries in their system. Can't walk in with paper. Wife tried...got turn away and she was the AC of record.
  21. However, unlicensed distribution of Pot is still a Federal crime and a state crime, even in pot-use legal states. And I don't think there is any place in the US where recreational pot use by minors is legal. Eh, it's just drugs ... give'em the Eagle ... puts a new definition on "flying high".
  22. Not sure why this is ... but even when I worked in the meatpacking plants (college days) I could lift 100+ lbs of sausage/tube steak over my head, but I've never ever been able to do a pullup.
  23. First, you have two problems ... "scout and his buddy with some sort of pipe and what appeared to be marijuana." But there are other problems as well, "The other two witnesses reportedly don’t want to get involved.", is bad since Scouting is supposed to be teaching moral character. If marijuana is involved, you likely have a few felony offenses on your hands. The one who brought the stuff to camp is a distributor, even if he gave it to the other without charge. While the meeting between you and the CC is warranted, I'm curious as to why the CO representive is not there?
  24. Mom, "I have a young man in our troop who ... well, the best way i can say this is he is uncooperative." There is part of the problem ... you've put the "best" light on the issue, instead of the "worst". That's the primary problem with the world today ... downplay everything ... make everyone feel good.... There is only one thing to do ... get the parents and the boy together and read them the riot act....at length. Shape up or ship out...everyone else is behaving themselves, working together, respecting each other ... this boy must as well. Scouting is dangerous. Kids die
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