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For a while I lived in a Scandinavian country where they take their patriotism seriously, but in rather different ways than we do. For one thing, they don't sing a national anthem at every turn (and in fact there is friendly, if a bit disinterested, disagreement about which of two songs is the actual national anthem). For another, the flag, while proudly displayed, is not a near-sacred object. And over-the-top displays or pronouncements of patriotism would be viewed with distaste. No chanting "we're #1!" or anything like that.


Not that these people don't/didn't love their country, they just expressed it in different ways. They're much more likely to take quiet pride in their country and its achievements (except when it comes to football - by which I mean soccer - but even then, they actually have a nickname for their fans, which translates as the "calm-igans" as opposed to those rowdy British hooligans (sorry, Eamonn!) )


Sometimes I do think we could stand to take a small dose of their more laid back approach, when it comes to flag waving and chest thumping.




OGE - I didn't get the Declaration thing, either. I mean, it is nice that they all could read despite the high rate of head injuries in football??? But appropriating important American history and symbols (and using the military too) for a commercial sporting event did seem kind of weird. Then again, maybe this is another mass socialization thing. We barely teach American history anymore in schools, thanks to NCLB (no time! got to do reading/math drills!) so perhaps they figured this was a good opportunity to expose people to one of our core documents?



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I remember holding my hand over my heart in high school football. However, I didn't think about the song, or anything else like that. I was focused on my position, the other team, where in the stands / sideline my girfriend was, how BIG that guy over there looks, do I REALLY need to pee again, did I remember my cup (can't check now), etc.


So I cut the pros a little slack, though someone should point out to them that their attention will be broadcast in full HD, and their endorsement contracts could be impacted.

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I know that I am coming in late on this conversation, and I may be repeating something, but when I was watching the National Anthem, I was trying to figure out why the song sounded wrong, then I had to ask my self, what is "Twilights last REAMING"


And I knew she royally messed it up at the end. The words are "O're the land of the free" Not FOR the land of the Free. Check the words.


As someone said at the beginning of the thread, I would rather see a high school concert band get out there and play a GREAT concert version. Or get 10 High school bands to do it. I think that would be impressive.



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Jimi Hendryx, well, okay, I guess. Real fireworks in the music... Operatic versions are de classe.

I like to point people in the direction of Marvin Gaye's version. The local jazz radio station opens and closes it's day with it.



If you look for it, you can find an mp3 version to buy.


Most National Anthems are , unfortunately, military in nature. They rarely try to be really representative of the nation in question. Canada seems to have two, and , I find, several revisions, now. I like the new Maple Leaf lyrics.



Sweden has a lovely anthem, and it is often said to be a "scandinavian" anthem, rather than a national Swedish one.

Music can be a uniter or a divider. I think of Sibelius' Finlandia, and how the Nazis banned it from performance (anywhere!) in the Second World War. Such an evocative piece.

Used to be, that some folks even thought Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever was or should be our National Song. Now there's some stand up and pay attention music! Sousa even wrote lyrics for it, you know. Think you have trouble singing the SSB? Look up the S&SF lyrics up and try singing those!


Oh, there was a football game, too?

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Well, even 10 year old's have opinions about this I discovered yesterday morning while subbing in a class of them. Right after the flag salute, which is led by one of the students, one of the boys brought up the subject. Obviously, some were just restating a parental comment, but a couple seemed to have really given it some thought. A couple were even somewhat forgiving, though not sure if that was due to a parent discussing, or just a somewhat more mature thought process.


It was kind of nice to also have one of the boys show up wearing his Webelos uniform, since it was our anniversary. Sometimes wish my troop was in the city in which I sub; I might find it easier to get Webelos to come to our troop.


(This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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Skeptic, Like the cubs say at the sound of broken glass, "I didn't do it!"


The Stars and Stripes Forever is the National March.

The rose is the National Flower.

The oak is the National Tree.

The National Patron Saint is Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

And the national emblem is a carrion eating scavenger.

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I didn't care for her "interpretation", but on the other hand I don't really like her singing in general. My idea of a female singer is more like Pat Benatar, Ann Wilson, and going back a little further, Linda Ronstadt, Aretha Franklin, etc. It could have a tiny bit to do with how old I am. :) The point is, a substantial part of the "audience" today DOES like her style of singing, so that is what you're going to end up with singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Can't say I'm a big fan of the group that did the halftime show either, but again, I'm not in the record-buying (MP3-downloading?? I'm still waiting for cassettes to come back) demographic anymore.


As for her losing her place in the song... has anyone here ever done any acting? I have done a little, and it is perfectly understandable to me that no matter how well someone might know a song, or their lines, or whatever, the human brain is perfectly capable of skipping a track every now and then and landing on the wrong line in the song. I mean, I have probably said the Pledge of Allegiance several million times, but every hundredth time or so, I find myself quickly thinking, um... where am I? And letting the rest of the group do the next line, and joining in again once I've found my place again. Of course, that may just be because I'm getting old... though for some reason this never happens with the Scout Oath or Law.

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Thanks for letting me know it twasn't you Pack. Think I figured it out though. It occurs, rereading it, that I had misspelled Webelos; think I wrote Webeloes. But, if that is not the reason, I would still like to know so I can avoid additional errors. Thanks.

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NJ, anyone who's ever tried to impress a girl knows about 'acting'...and as well about skipping a track (aka stumbling around like Forest Gump...but that's beside the point, the better analogy for our age would be 'skipping a groove'). I also like Aretha and Linda but I also remember well Patti Page and for that matter, Ethel Merman. If the need arises I can still embarrass the boys by singing 'How much is that doggie in the window', when I get to the 'arf, arf' part they're groaning and their eyes are rolling. I just love it.

I gotta work this into a lecture sometime....

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