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  1. One of the things all the Education Majors used to say in College was "Those who can, do, those who can't teach" and then the follow up, "and those who can't teach, teach teachers to teach" So, IF we assume EDGE is bad for all the reasons that were stated in the parent thread and the parent thread is still there so please lets not discuss EDGE here. I would like examples on how you would tell a new crop of Boy Scout Instructors how to teach the skills they teach, perhaps one of these various topics, or any other scouty skill Tie a Square knot, Taut line hitch, Whip a rope Fold the American Flag Orient a Map Use a Compass etc How do you have your instructors instruct the above? (This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)
  2. For Kudu (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  3. So, I just saw Carly Rae Jepsen will be opening the Jamboree and Train closing it Now, I have no idea who Carly Rae Jepsen is other than she sang Call me Maybe and the kids at Philmont all knew it. Train on the other hand I had never heard of until last night and I was watching Miss Universe. Train performed at the end and if they are good enough for "The Donald", they should be good enough for the scouts Did this just jump the hip meter on scouting? Inquiring minds want to know
  4. I, or at least my good friend Pierre, will be staffing at the Buckskin Games. Anybody else on staff and where and who is going so far?
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    Test Post by Gull
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    What should I expect from a district executive?

    All I can do is be sad for a lot of you guys. I am so sorry your scouting experiences are not very happy ones. I consider myself fortunate in that the Scout Troop my son was in until he aged out was pretty good. I have since left that troop over a philosophical dispute. I thought they should follow the BSA program. particularly the patrol method and the scoutmaster doesnt do it says he does but I digress. I have worked on both Council and District Committees and generally have fun working with other people who are as excited about scouting as I am. The best/worst experience I had was with a DE. She had been a charter member of the Venturing Crew I helped form back in 1998 and she went on to become our DE (its hard on the Advisor when they turn to the Dark Side) When she used to have ideas for Program as a Venturer, I would say , Go Ahead, Plan it and Schedule it and We will support you. When she was DE, I would have great ideas for program, and she would smile and say, Go ahead, Plan it, and schedule it and we will support you. Turnabouts are a not fun... The District I am in has had several DE's in the 15 or so years I have been active in it. They usually last 20-30 months at most. The District really should not rely on the DE to do much of anything because they come and go and its the people in the District that make things happen,. if you expect an DE to deliver scouting, you have no other recourse that to be disappointed as that is not their job. They function in a role of raising money and members, We may all say thats terrible and its not right, but thats the reality. if a DE only comes to you to raise money, I can see why you would not welcome him. He is doing what he is supposed to however
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    Current BSA Policy Vs local option poll

    So, Has Smith College in Northampton, Ma ever been sued for sex discrimination? “They didn’t go to Smith†“Go to Smith, she couldn’t even spell itâ€Â… Or the Catholic Church, as they don’t ordain women as Priests, have they been sued for sex discrimination? After all the pleas for the Local Option, why has no one ever mentioned the CO being sued until now?
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    Current BSA Policy Vs local option poll

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    Current BSA Policy Vs local option poll

    The CO, say the Catholic Church, already discriminates against gays by not marrying them and against women by not ordaining them priests. The LDS church discriminates against women in not allowing them to be Scoutmasters or Asst Scoutmasters, as far as I know, no one has sued either entity on these matters, why would someone sue now? The BSA has said a CO can close their unit to only members of their Faith, is that not religious discrimination, ? do we know of a suit against one of those units?
  10. I take it you documented the reason for the Board of Review and how it was received. You did the right thing. You talked to the boy and mother, he and his mother were presented with the issues and how the issues were being dealth with You did the right thing, take some comfort in that
  11. I have asked this before, and will again, Why when the talk of the local option first started years ago did no one bring the arguments we have today? Next, there are several Churches that do not accept "openly gay" members. Do they get sued because an openly gay person wishes to join them? Why would a BSA troop sponosred by that church be any different? At Camporees and other Distrct and Council events there is a fear of "mingling" with gay scouts and scouters? Do you ever go to State and National Parks? Or a commerical Campground? Are all those people straight?
  12. As the Occidental Philosopher Harry Callahan once said, "A man's got to know his limitations",
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    Copernicus Birthday

    In a less tranquil time, I always liked Copernicus, he was Polish and a good defense, at least internally, against all the dumb polack jokes I was told PS Madame Curie was Polish as well
  14. Basement, even the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) only says businesses have to make "reasonable accomodations" for workers. I am not sure a Tourette's patient would have a case against an employer whose sole focus was telephone Customer Support. The Asperger child and parents need to know that a diagnosis does not translate into "I can do whatevr the hell I want". You do not have to have a scout around you who you don't trust not to harm others or himself. He has already harmed your unit. He either shows up with an adult to watch him or he doesnt go. Not fair to the others.
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    Merit Badge Books in PDF Format

    You know Pack, not every scout has the money to own an Ipad or a smart phone. Scouts wealthy enough to have such things could learn to make do with the old standy paper publications
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    We've always done it this way

    I guess the question comes down to are we stuck in a rut or do we love tradiiton? if the unit enjoys a repeated activity, then its a time honored beloved tradition, such as the Pinewood Derby should be. If the activity garners no love but is always done because its always been done, then thats a rut. Doing new events and activites keeps the program fresh, unless there are real ties to tradiitonal events. Which is what is up to the unit
  17. Really confused here, have not any of the people concerned about gay scouts or scoutmasters ever camped in a commercial campsite or a National/State park? Did you check the sexual orientation of all the nearby campers before you set up Camp? On a hike, how do you assure that all the people you interact with are confirmed heterosexual? For those of you have been to Gettysburg, there is the McMillan youth Campground. Was every group in there straight when you were there, are you sure? I don't see the issue, we have youth protection guidelines, we follow them. What is the issue? Is the thought the allowing of gay scouts means every campout is an orgy ready to break out?
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    Pope Benedict steps down.

    Any Baptized Roman Catholic male can be elected Pope, since its been over 600 hundred years since the last guy resigned, I wonder what he will be called? My money is on Ex-Benedict...
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    Eagle earned, no registration

    How can one "earn" one of the highest awards of an Organization without being a member of the organization?
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    Board of Review - what should be considered?

    Not that I would ever thump the Rule Book, but sometimes, it does come in handy, SoloT, its up to you and your committee to decide how you are going to advance scouts, within the rules of course. Saying that, when a Board of Review decides not to advance a scout, there is a section in the Advancement Guide that you should read: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf After the Review If the members agree a Scout is ready to advance, he is called in and congratulated. The board of review date— not that of a subsequent court of honor—becomes the rank’s effective date. If a board decides not to approve, the candidate must be so informed and told what he can do to improve. Most accept responsibility for their behavior or for not completing requirements properly. If it is thought that a Scout, before his 18th birthday, can benefit from an opportunity to properly complete the requirements, the board may adjourn and reconvene at a later date. If the candidate agrees to this, then if possible, the same members should reassemble. If he does not agree, then the board must make its decision at that point. In any case, a follow-up letter must be promptly sent to a Scout who is turned down. It must include actions advised that may lead to advancement, and also an explanation of appeal procedures. (See “Appealing a Decision,†0.4.0, or—if applicable—“Appealing a Quartermaster Bridge of Review Decision,† The council must keep a copy of the letter. So, did the scout get a letter detailing what he should do? Only you and your committee know your scout,
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    Decision delayed

    If we go with the original "news" that the BSA was going to talk about ending the Gay ban was leaked by an entity other than the BSA, it shouldnt surprise us that the vote was delayed. Something like this should be decided by as any people as possible, not the Executive Board but the Voting members of the National Council (Hope I got that right). No matter what occurs, serve your unit, its the best threrapy I can think of
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    OMG - did my account finally get activated?

    Welcome Dan Brew, I grew up in Wood Dale as a member of troop 65, are you close by?
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    Debugging and Suggestions for new SCOUTER.com

    Well, yes, anytime you edit a post you should identify yourself. I always did in the old system when it said "Staff Member" I figure if you cant sign your work, then you must not be all that concerned about what was written. Moving stuff is different,
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    Decision delayed

    and 50% of all statistic are made up 75% of the time
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    Decision delayed

    I am reminded of the quote, attributed to Pauline Kael, "How could Nixon have won? Nobody I know voted for him!" Maybe she said it, maybe not, but the same sentiment is here. One side says" How Can they Change this postion" and the other says, "They have to change the position" And what happens as we "discuss" the issue. Replete with Slams, Insults, all manner of prejudgement and assumptions. Now the gloves are off. The taboo formally know as the Gay Issue is on the table. Tme to find out what our communities think. Both our Scouting and Larger Public Community. Each Council has to find out what would happen either way. Does the BSA stay with the staus quo and chance a rival program starting, do they change the membership requirements and then chance losing several volunteers and units. Reminds me of an Ancient Chinese Curse, "May you live in interesting time" ...[ -- most peculiar, mama One thing I have to say, when members of the general public tell you the BSA should change, be sure to ask them if they would give $100 to the local council in support, for the next 20 years. Vocal support is good, financial support is best But we will all remember we are all scouters, and will treat each other as such