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  1. Resica is a good camp. Been there 4 times for summer program. They recently built a new pool, shower house and a dining hall. Good summer program. They have tubing down the falls creek. The only thing to keep in mind is the scheduling of activities at the lake. As Sbemis1 mentioned, it is hike up the mountain to the lake (although the boys never complained, just us old guys)
  2. First, congratulations to your son. As the others have stated, do what you and your son feel appropriate. As far as a personal experience as SM when my son earned Eagle he asked me where I wanted him to pin the Father of an Eagle scout pin on my uniform during the ceremony. I told him that on the day of his ECOH I was not a SM but the proud father of an Eagle Scout and to pin it on the lapel of my suit. I have never received a bigger hug from my son. All the Best.
  3. Bleedorange, try this web site: http://www.primitiveways.com/
  4. DE's Should be working for all the scouts and scouters under their jurisdiction.
  5. Our troop has been to eight S.R.'s for summer camp in PA and there is only one that both the scouts and scouters deemed the best. Camp Tuckahoe in the York Adams Council. The scouts loved the program and the camp staff. The staff was very helpful and made the boys feel a part of the camp. They promoted the patrol system during the week. On the scouter side of it, the camp leadership and program was extremely organized. As a SM we know how much that helps plus many organized adult activities. Camp is close to Gettysburg a for day trip and the Appalachian Trial parallels camp for day hikes.
  6. A suggestion I received in a forum a while ago for my mentor pins was to make a neckerchief slide to display the pins. It has worked out well.
  7. Resica Falls Scout Reservation. 4,200 acres north of Marshalls Creek. www.colbsa.org Tuckahoe Scout Reservation - Just north of Gettysburg - One of the best programs and camp staff for summer camp. http://www.yaac-bsa.org
  8. My age has been noticed! I very quietly confided to my friend that I was having an affair. She turned to me and asked, 'Are you having it catered?' And that, my friend, is the definition of 'OLD'!
  9. Hawk

    Pin Placement

    What great ideas of making a slide to hold the pins but please don't stop there. How about some neat ideas of things to carve to hold them. One idea I had was to make a compass with pins mounted at N, S, E & W. Please, keep the ideas coming. Thanks
  10. Hawk

    Pin Placement

    Thank you for the replies. I had a feeling it might be for civilian wear as you said but I thought I'd ask. I wear mine on my uniform only at Court of Honors. I don't want the boys who gave them to me to think I just stuck them in a box somewhere and forgot about them. I want them to know how much they mean to me. So with that in mind I'll take my chances with the uniform police:) Thanks again.
  11. Hawk

    Pin Placement

    Is there an appropriate location on the adult B.S. uniform for the mentor pin presented by an Eagle scout to an adult?
  12. diannasav, My son's project involved raising over a thousand dollars for his eagle scout leadership project. Even though he was in uniform while presenting his project to the local business owners, he felt they would be more receptive to making out a check to "Troop XXXX" rather than to an individual. My son's troop agreed to cash the checks he received as donations from area businesses for him.
  13. Thanks for the responses. I called the national office and they said the SSN was not required and that the new eagle scout application which is in printing will not ask for the applicant's SSN. Hawk
  14. Greetings, In this day and age of identity theft, does anyone know why BSA asks for the social security number of the Eagle Scout applicant on the application? Will the application be approved with the number left blank? Thanks for your input. Hawk
  15. isvirtual, First congratulations to your son and you. I can tell you that of all the Eagle COH I've attended having mom and dad not in uniform seems most appropriate. Personally I feel that on our sons special day we're not a SM, ASM, CM, etc. we're a proud dad.
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