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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies Nugent725, yes we have arrowmen (myself included) and I am sure they would be interested in visiting the founding lodge. Although being Lodge 2 we always have to live in your shadow. LOL PhillyScout, I have checked with Resica Falls and unit of our size will not have to share a campsite.
  2. Looking for a Summer Camp for 2011. Considering Resica Falls. Anyone have any reviews?
  3. I have a battery that I use for weekend and summer camp. For Philmont I have made arrangements for a solar panel that is Military grade, paper thin, can be rolled up and weighs under 2 pounds.
  4. I was wondering if anyone had any experience or suggestions with going on Trek at Philmont with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
  5. UPDATE: At the Executive Board Meeting, the motion to sell KMSR was tabled. The motion to suspend Summer Camp operations was amended to only suspend Summer Camp for 2010. Official Statement: Message Regarding KMSR and Camping Scouting teaches that leadership requires making prudent choices and inspiring others to participate. The Central New Jersey Council has made an important decision in the best interest of our Scouts, and we are seeking the support of everyone in our organization. The Council has decided to suspend summer resident camping at Kittatinny Scout Reservation (KM
  6. Dear Fellow Scouters, I am filled with great sadness with the thought of KMSR being closed and sold. I love KMSR. I did a lot of growing and maturing at KMSR. There is not a section of KMSR that I can walk without a memory from my youth or as an adult with my son. My first camping trip was the Webelos-Dad overnight in 1976. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I slept in the center lean-to in Adirondack and caught my first fish with my Dad behind Johnson lodge. When my son was a Tiger I brought him up to KMSR for the Cub Parent weekend. I walked up to Adirondack and showed him
  7. December 7, 2009 Dear Scouter: We are sending you this special edition of the CNJC E-Scouter today because of a serious issue that has arisen affecting our camping operations. At its last meeting, the Council Executive Committee (consisting of the Key 3, the Vice Presidents and General Counsel) voted to send to the full Executive Board two motions, one to cease long-term camping (summer camp) within the Central New Jersey Council, and the other, to investigate the sale of Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation (KMSR). We are giving you a summary of the facts leading up to this decisio
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I will check them all out.
  9. More like the Gap. Our Troop is located in Central Jersey.
  10. Just returned from Summer Camp and looking for a New Camp within 4-5 hours driving time from NJ. Any suggestions?
  11. Thanks raisinemright. I'm not getting my hopes up.......
  12. We had our Pack Fall camping trip. Despite it raining Friday into Saturday afternoon the Scouts had fun fishing and just playing in the rain. We took hike when the rain settled down. Saturday night we were invited to campfire of local Boy Scout Troop and another local Pack who happened to be camping the same weekend. It was one of the better campfires. The thing I will remember the rest of my life is on Saturday afternoon while I was hanging in the back porch of the lodge with the other Leaders and the Scouts were playing games and having fun a new Bear Scout came up to me with eyes the s
  13. By your responses the consensus is to split the two Dens evenly. As engineers say, it looks good on paper now how do we go about splitting the Den up? Easier said than done. Any suggestions? Eamon, your wisdom is correct. History shows we do lose some scouts the Bear year.
  14. One more issue. We had a Scout sign up who is 7 years old and in the 1st grade that was supposedly a Tiger in another Pack last year. Should he be a Tiger again this year or a Wolf?
  15. How do we handle this? We have a large Wolf Den with 12 Scouts. Now with this years recruiting we have even more Wolf prospects. We have a father willing to be a Den Leader for a second Den but so far we have only signed up two new Scouts with the possibility of two or three more. I think if we have four or five new Scouts this second Den will be fine. My concern is what if we only have two or three Scouts for a second Den. Do we try to split the Den evenly or merge into one big Den with multiple leaders? Hopefully we will recruit enough Wolf Scouts for two Dens but I would li
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