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  1. We started 'that sixties night' in the middle of the summer. The scouts like it, but they don't really know what to make of it; neither do I. Since the sixties was a time of environmental awareness, we thought we would celebrate it Thursday nights. We dressed up in sixties aparrel (although mine really was early seventies) made cake, played sixties music, and sat around in a transcendental fashion. I still haven't thought of what to do to make it have more impact, but we're going to keep it for next year. It has potential.
  2. Thanks for the great ideas! We do have the astronomy merit badge. It would be cool if we had the energy merit badge. I'm learning a lot about nature stuff by reading some books on extinction and such. Oh, willy, did you have a troop 889 at your camp this summer? They came to ours. They're one of those troops that goes to a new camp each year.
  3. This is for those of you who have worked at the nature area at a boyscout camp. What has worked at your area? Anything - nature trails, special program, ways of instructing merit badges, getting scouts excited about your area, best ways to train your staff on the badges, Leave No Trace Workshops, anything!
  4. Are you asking because you have to decide? Well, I can't decide numbers, but certainly pay would be commencerate with experience, amount of responsibility, and previous performance. I feel that paying one person of less experience than another (assuming they have similar jobs) sends the wrong message. It also causes unnecessary tension. Pay scales should be very formulaic, based on age, experience, quality of work, and occupation. The salary should not be an incentive to work at camp. You want people who are there for th
  5. Since I'm not sure of how to change my post, I'll just reply. What I was asking was for the name or number or something of a food service company that is willing to serve in Wisconsin. I thought the food at Ransburg was good, and I did get their card. Unfortunately, it went through the wash with my scout shorts. So, if anyone knows of a good food management service, please let me know!
  6. I'm sure those of you who have been to camp know about the heated topic of food. At our camp, our food is consistently rated the lowest of all the things that one can rate at camp. I understand it tastes bad; I eat it for 8 1/2 weeks! I'm also a vegetarian, so I get the worst possible meals on camp, both in taste and nutrition. Our camp has grown so large that we hire a food service company to plan and prepare the meals. In my three years on staff, we've gone through 2 companies. People still have conflicts with the quantity and quality of
  7. Well, I should say to look for the best camp for you, but I always must plug my camp. We are one of only THREE scout camps in the US that has a working forge. Philmont is another and I can't say I know the third. We have a frontier village named Flintlock. It takes you back to 1874 (I think) when electricity was new. They have candle making, metal work, wood carving, and graphic arts. We have two lakes, one for boating, one for swimming, a shooting range with archery, shotgun, and rifles. Of course I must tell you about our Nature Area. It's the most serene area on camp when it's not
  8. Napowan Adventure Base 2002-2004 Napowan Family Camp Weekend 2003 Lakota Family Camp Weekend 2002 Camp Gan Israel (at Napowan) 2004 Camp Birch Trails (Girl Scout) camp 2004, LNT training and a short visit :-) Camp Pine Woood (YMCA camp) 1996
  9. As far as I know, we don't have a problem with girls at waterfront and making the scouts uncomfortable. The only problems we have had is with one or two girls that take the oppertunity to socialize rather than perform their jobs well. That problem cannot be solved by banning girls from any area since certain people will slack off no matter what.
  10. Ok, female staff can be tricky. I first worked at camp because a friend of mine was on staff. She was on staff because her father works for council. Some female staff do cause problems. They may not know much about scouting and do not act professionally. This is usually the first time the younger staff have been away from home for long period of time. There's a lot of new autonomy and responsibility. It takes some getting used to. This past year, I was an area director and had a 15 year old female staff member. She proved to be distracting, but soon switched areas by choice. I th
  11. napowan.com Look at the galleries, they go back to '96 with some really nice shots. In 2002, the council became more rigid with uniforming, so the staff have their venturing class A's on a lot of the time. I'm not sure if this will help or if you're still looking, but it's a nice site about scouting.
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