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  1. Scoutmom, I've not been as active here, as I was for awhile, because of so much of the negative. I'm not into all the back-biting and fighting. I'm into Scouting with a capital S. First of all, women (my being one has nothing to do with this comment) are valuable to BSA for many reasons. Baking and check book balancing not being two of them exclusively. In my community, we'd have way fewer troops, crews, ships, AND packs........we are a military community and lose both male and female leadership to the ills of the nation on a frequent basis. This past summer, I was the acting SM, the female troop secretary and I took 13 boys to summercamp that they would have had to stay home from without us. The SM and ASMs were in Iraq or in hospital for cancer surgery. It gave me great pleasure to turn the troop intact back to the SM when he returned. What will happen when their rotation comes up again? The same thing. There is no way to leave all those boys out, we absorbed boys from other troops until their leaders returned from the war. Co-operation and working together are just not in some souls. Give it no more thought, do what is right by living the Oath and Law. We are great teachers, we are NOT all emotional shaky creatures, and we can do MORE than just have children. Those boys in our troop know that I am not going to make decisions or take their right to their decisions away. I never have to say much at all, even safety issues are handled by the boys. They police themselves if given the opportunity. I never work where I'm not wanted. There is no cabin camping for our troop. We tent camp, summer and winter. The boys have made that choice. Not because women are sometimes the only ones that are around to accompany them, but because they like tent camping. Our Scouts are given JLT, they know that their words are choices. No one can demand respect. But I really think that your words represent your soul and your ability. YOUNG and OLD. No one has the right to make another feel bad about what they feel. The better part of discretion is to keep negativity to yourself rather than hurt someone's feelings, wouldn't you say? The Golden Rule applies in written word as well as spoken word. Enough, I didn't mean to get so long winded, but in all my years of Scouting....this is the worst place for finding negative so often.
  2. "The bickering clogs up this valuable asset to leaders. If people would read the entire post/thread and read between the lines a little most of the miscommunication would end. " The bickering sure keeps me from posting much, or reading it much anymore...........can't we all be 'gentler,' more patient, less angry? Is there room for jealousy of 'knowledge' in scouting? Is that what a real leader shows in daily life? I had encouraged the scouts in the troop to become members here, but I really have backed off on that, there's just to much anger and backbiting, as evidenced by the posts to this petition. I'll sign in hopes of thicker skins being developed and the good of all, being the primary thought. SharonNC
  3. Yaaaaaahoooooooo!!! I'm afraid we'll have some rough times ahead yet, but now the real Iraqi people will be free to begin a true life. They've been to afraid that the rat would return up until now. Osma----------we're watching, patiently waiting until the second rat peeks out. If he weren't a rat he'd show his face and give us a clear shot. Congratulations to all the military serving on hazardous duty, be aware and be safe. We're supporting you in every way we can!
  4. S & S crafts also has leather to use for projects that is reasonably priced. I've used them for day/resident camps craft supplies. They are fast on turn around on the orders, also. Sharon
  5. SPLT15, You've lots of responses, but I'm going add my two cents.......for what it's worth. Our District Advancement committee does not approve blood drives. It's one of those things that doesn't follow all the prerequisites for a project, in their opinion, but there are other districts in our council that do. It's matter of talking with the Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster should know what the guidelines from the district advancement committee. In the troop I'm CC for, the Scoutmaster is the first person to talk with about a project. He knows from attending roundtables and from communication with the advancement committee things the community needs, the things for a religious organization could be at your own church, or from your sponsoring organization, is there a Homeless Shelter or Soup Kitchen in your town? There are any number of organizations that need projects completed or help. Having just gone with two boys from our troop through the processes, through the projects planning, approval, and completion..........I can tell you there are lots of things to do in a community. I hope that maybe you could think more in terms of helping suggest to a boy that needs service project for rank, to do the Blood Drive, and find a lasting project for Eagle for yourself. Thanks for all your hard work in Scouting, it's never easy facing the adults that have so much experience and so little patience. Please don't take personally remarks that may not apply, there are many people in the world that have forgotten what it's like to be 11-18 age. Have patience. We appreciate you being here and sharing your experiences. Sharon
  6. Hey Dave, ever heard of Southern hospitality? We welcome everyone until they begin to try to change us into their 'norm'..........lol! I didn't tie in my crying paragraph very well to the train of thought, but what I was trying to say was that some of the professionals I'm associated find it very easy to make fun of me on the issue and that I think detracts from the boys recognizing that some feeling is good. Not that they need to cry. Thanks for acknowledging my post.
  7. Wear your uniform! I wear mine proudly, as troop committee chair to the meetings, even when I'm the only one in uniform. I have my committee patch on the sleeve and have never been confused for the SM, except.............when I've been filling in for him while he was on overseas and I counted that as a pleasure, but wore my CC shirt all the same. The boys learn by example..........right???
  8. Dave, this is a wonderful thread. I've admired your 'style' since I joined this board, but this opened you up even more. Thanks! I have been a leader in one form or another since 1976, beginning as a den mother (dates me doesn't it?) for my son's den. I'm female(like the name doesn't give that away). I'm currently an Activities and Civic Service chair for the council and a committee chair for a troop in my district, as well as a new unit chair for the district. I'm not a slacker, I take each of my responibilities seriously. Some of the positive 'extra mile' stories I have would take up much more space than allotted, but a couple are: A new DE and his wife arrived at my house to help sand and make 450 name tags for day camp. They stayed the afternoon and made a real dent in the pile of wooden nametags. A FD took the time to pack up my gear, drive it to my house, and unload it to a dry spot after my husband had a stroke while I was on camp staff. I had to leave immediately and couldn't get back for several days, I was able to get my clothes, but he packed up all the rest of my stuff and brought it home to me. I could go on, but space dictates my stopping. What I view as a good working relationship between professional and volunteer is HONESTY. I have the privilege of working with many of the professionals in our council, due to my varied jobs. I know that I've volunteered my time, my effort, and my devotion to scouting, but there are a few that never trust a volunteer to do what they say they will. I'm sorry that there are those that don't, but I do and I feel it's more honest to tell me if you don't think I'll do the job you want up front, than go back and make comments that will undermine the position of the volunteer. It's unfortunate that professional Scouters are forced to be on EVERY event committee, planning committee, and try to set up new units, gather membership, get the monies required to run the council. Is it a trust issue? Is it considered neglect if they don't? I feel that if you know your volunteer is trustworthy, honest, hardworking and will see the job through, you should allow them to. Going the extra mile here.......be honest when you are assigned to a committee as advisor, tell the volunteers how they may be better at their job, but do so gently through the chairman. I've been thought to be to emotional, cause I cry at ceremonies for Eagle, for AOL, for crossovers, for James West recipient ceremonies, for the flag passing me in a parade of Scouts honoring the military. Is that a bad thing? Does that keep me from being a good example to the youth? Please don't discount emotion, sometimes it helps the boys to see what really counts in life to someone else. Please don't make fun at the very next opportunity. Dave have you considered moving to the east coast? We'd love to have someone that cares so much about the program..........come on out! Sharon
  9. Hi Sctleader, Your camp and ours. Herbert C. Bonner Scout Reservation in East Carolina Council here in eastern NC is on banks of Pamlico Sound. The Sea Base lost the dock, the sea wall, trees down one hitting the edge of the main lodge. The summer camp has so many trees down, we couldn't get to the waterfront area at all, Saturday. We lost a power station that feeds the dining hall, pool, and all the front campsites. The damage is just so high that we all shook our heads well trying to drag branches and limbs off the main roads and trails. We had a few volunteers there Saturday to try to top some of the trees in preparation of getting a logging crew in to view the downed trees. We worked hard and long hours and didn't make a dent in the damages. Some of those trees were so huge around that you need help to climb up and over them. No one can appreciate the damage done by a hurricane until they walk through and area hit by one. A category 2 is as devastating as a 4 if it touches your life. I pray all those that lost homes will get the help they need to rebuild. I pray that all those camps damaged will find the resources to rebuild. We were just looking into maybe beginning a capital campaign to build new areas to our camp, now it looks like it will be a 'repair' the camp. We have wonderful volunteers and I know they will work as hard as they can to have camp ready for the summer, but it will take a lot of prayer and money.
  10. When I put my beads on, I'm reminded of all the sharing and learning that took place in my patrol and troop of SR-56. But most of all, I'm reminded of the confidence it gave me to work with the boys of the troops, to give them the resources they need to progress. Sharon
  11. Thank you for all your effort to remember those lost in the attack of 9/11. As I view the memorials today the tears still fall as the towers, the plane in PA, and the Pentagon walls fell. We've lost more military due to the attack that fateful day, we'll continue to lose lives until the world begins to join together instead of allowing jealousy and greed to dominate! Prayers for all those lost, those affected by the attacks!
  12. I'm just catching up on this thread, it's such a shock to me! I can't imagine telling a boy to wait 6 or 8 months. How many boys are in this troop? How could he do that to them? He's bil to the Council President? For crying outloud! I'm meeting with our Council VP of Program tonight, he's an old salt, I'll ask him about the star points. But I'm betting on the man of Steele getting the right answer. We held BOR for 2 of our youngest Scouts tonight, at their campout, they have no fear of us. We gave them a real class in how to present themselves, how to sit (only after being invited to sit), how to answer the questions by looking at the person, just a general "how to help yourself".......isn't that what a troop committee BOR is supposed to do? Gosh, are we supposed to make them hate us? Hope the 'training' takes place soon and is well received in your "family" MaineScouter! Sharon
  13. Hi Dave, Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us! We all have so many things that we're taught to hide. As I read your post I was reminded of the cruel way children of all ages can be to those they don't understand. You have helped to break down some of those barriers, thank you! I pray that you will be relieved by the medicines and that you will continue to be the helpful caring person that you have shown yourself to be. Sharon
  14. Welcome back! We're glad you had such a good trip and that all is well! you were missed Sharon
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