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  1. I just wanted your opinion on our OA banquet this weekend. It started 45 minutes late and went over an hour - no big deal. I had my son get in line first - his portions were small and the food was cold. When I got up to the line they had ran out of food and told us it would be an hour before new food was ready. This was a RSVP event and was planned in advance. We left. I try to be a good example for my famiy and my troop. But, as said, this was a RSVP event at 15.00 a piece. My family gives countless hours to scouting as well as donations to friends of scouting. I was just wanti
  2. Could you please give me the advantages/disadvantages between a small vs. a large troop? By small I mean 5-7 and large over 25. I am considereing moving from a large to a small troop, but I am worried about the leadership positions and how the troop will function. Thanks, Derick Davis
  3. As a scout I earned all twelve and explain to my sons that they were sort of a warmup for merit badges. They were phased out and I am kind of sad about that. I am not sure why. I think they were a great idea. Now, we have to force first class on scouts within there first year. I think this is too much. Anyway, many times change is not for the better. Take care, Robert Davis
  4. I am a member of a new chartered troop in a community of about 3,000. There is another troop in our community with a 30+ year history. I was wanting some suggestions on some effective recruiting methods. The troop has about 7 scouts now. I am interested in putting my all into growing this small troop into a great troop with a strong committee, PLC, community involvement, and of course, a strong committment to the scout oath and law. I am also interested in getting involved with OA. Our troop is sponsered by the American Legion - and since I am a veteran I look forward to serving these me
  5. I am SM for a troop with a tradition that I would like some advice on. I understand the patrol method - that the patrols meet to buy their food for campouts and they prepare their food by patrols - this is fine and dandy, but the adults seem to have put a barrier at out campsite where no scouts are allowed. I know the scouts are supposed to be on their own, but what about a set time at evening campfires for all patrols to meet with the adults for stories and bonding? The adults of our troop tend to act like this is the military and they are officers - meaning no enlisted allowed! I
  6. Our kids are homeschooled and I feel they are getting a much better education this way. I won't tell you my feelings on public school - I would be edited out. Also, my kids help me with my lawn business - they are learning all the tools of running a business including the working part. There are many merit badges that focus on business issues and these are the basis for the American spirit and success. Being homeschooled they also have time to work on other merit badges that interest them. Anyone that says scouting is not relevant should take a look at the merit badges and the many
  7. You have to acknowledge the signs of the times. Obesity is rampant among youth because of electronic media. I have attempted to work on this merit badge as a troop, but I have few who are interested. I am working on it with my Philmont crew for this August - as a part of our conditioning. We will earn the backpacking merit badge and the 50 miler while there. I hope you all understand the predicament we are in as a nation. I left public school teaching because I got no parent support, no administration support, and the state of Texas continues to do things that defy logic and common
  8. Dear members, I recently drove to my administration building and turned in my keys - I am done with public education. I am looking at starting a lawn business with my two sons. I wondered if any of you are in the business, or know anyone who could give me some advice. I especially need some good ideas for marketing because there are a lot of people out there doing this. Thanks alot! Robert Davis
  9. Does anyone have experience with the new unit award program that is broken down into bronze, silver, and gold? How do you track this - is it online or do you work it on paper? Who do you submit the paperwork to? Thanks, Robert Davis
  10. I appreciate the advice from this forum. It has been helpful to me to get a variety of opinions and experiences. Three years ago I was unhappy with the troop my sons were in - no uniforms, no regular meetings, no trailer, few campouts. I investigated a troop that had all these things and a scoumtaster at the head for over 30 years. This scoutmaster decided to retire and I casually mentioned that if they could not find anyone I would not mind taking the job. I was not interviewed by the committee or even told I was the new SM - just announced at the end of one of the meetings - a complete
  11. I am a 3rd year scoutmaster and Eagle Scout class of 1982. I have just completed Woodbadge training and last night at our Court of Honor I spoke to the troop about my vision for our future. (ticket) I have a son in the troop who is a Star scout and a younger son who is a Webelos 2. I have hinted several times in scoutmaster minutes and in campfire conversations at my desire to be a part of the OA. It is acutally a part of my ticket to incorporate the values and ideals of the OA. I have several dozen books on the OA - its mission, its founders, its organization. I have searched this
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