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  1. AJR2305GDC

    Lodge numbers

    Thanks for the replies. This is sad since it would be nice to have a "number" to identify the lodge and its activities, etc. Oh well, I guess we still have the old numbers.
  2. AJR2305GDC

    Lodge numbers

    Our lodge is going through a merger now. I heard lodge numbers are not assigned anymore, so lodges could pick whatever number they wanted, presumably even a number used by another lodge (e.g. taking #1 even though Unami uses it). Is this true? WWW
  3. AJR2305GDC

    Heroism medal

    Neither do I. I just saw it and wondered what would happen if it was true. Obviously, either there is some corrupt practice in OCC or someone is lying because since I believe 1940 honorary memberships in the OA are forbidden. That really leads me to question the truthfulness of this. I do not intend to sign this petition, but thought it could be an interesting point to look at.
  4. AJR2305GDC

    Heroism medal

    NOTE: I am neither condoning nor condemning this, but came across it and wanted to see what others thought of the situation. I have NO connection to this at all. To me it appears that the Scout's application did not get filled out properly, as there was no mention of a statement being prepared or what was done which was of heroism. Also, a post here: http://www.facebook.com/oabsa by the propnent of the link below stated that "Turning down our son's election to the Order of the Arrow was the hardest decision we had to make....Arrow of Light son was honored with the invitation," a big red flag appeared for me, since no one, regardless of situation, can be elected to the OA if they have not achieved First Class rank. http://www.change.org/petitions/boy-scouts-of-america-award-my-son-the-national-medal-of-heroism-that-he-deserves
  5. AJR2305GDC

    "Lone Venturing"

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into a crew within the council.
  6. AJR2305GDC

    "Lone Venturing"

    This was a situation - I wish it were a trivia question! I know a scout who is of age to be in Venturing and would like to work toward the Ranger award, however, there are no crews within a reasonable distance for him to participate fully in the program.
  7. AJR2305GDC

    "Lone Venturing"

    Does a program similar to the Lone Scout program exist for Venturing?
  8. AJR2305GDC

    Leave No Trace POR

    perhaps a LNT patch http://shop.lnt.org/shop/product/patch (master educator or trainer) could be worn on the right sleeve toward the bottom, similar to how the musician badge works, or as temp insignia. Otherwise, a lapel pin http://shop.lnt.org/shop/product/lapel-pins (for appropriate level) could be worn on the collar. Just suggestions as compromise so improper insignia isn't used by unauthorized individuals
  9. AJR2305GDC

    Leave No Trace POR

    So from what I gather, a Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or Venturing male under 18 who is working on BS advancement. Thanks!
  10. AJR2305GDC

    Leave No Trace POR

    Can a Venturer wear the Leave No Trace trainer POR patch who's gone through the trainer course? An assistant Scoutmaster who has gone through the trainer course?
  11. What happened to the "stripped" uniforms?
  12. AJR2305GDC

    Bye Bye Bob!

    Or at least to make it simpler, have council presidents or, even better, council commissioners vote to best serve the members in the selection.
  13. AJR2305GDC

    Event Anniversaries

    Bay Jammer has its 64th anniversary this summer www.bayjammer.htmlplanet.com/ Winter Amidships had its 38th this year http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=winter%20amidships%202012&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CCcQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.crventuring.org%2Fdocument.php%3FID%3D761%26NUM%3D1&ei=XWOPT42QJK-I6AGZlaGgBA&usg=AFQjCNFnQEgC3EV3NXO2umYSkx8oMj_Eyw&cad=rja
  14. AJR2305GDC

    How to Wear Knots?

    I wear them in the order I put them on the shirt (usually). One shirt (just added rank knots) is: ___________________________________________ | EAGLE RANK |YTH RELIGIOUS| A.O.L. | ``````````````````````````````````````````` Another which I had eagle and AOL on first then added youth religious goes Religious---Eagle---AOL Don't have any training knots, etc. yet, but what I plan to do is first add the center knot, then add the knot toward the sleeve, and finish the row with the knot toward the shirt's center. That way you don't need to resew rows.
  15. AJR2305GDC

    MSR Whisperlite stoves

    Thanks Cito. Just called supply twice. Both reps said the same thing, it runs on white gas and kerosene. I've also checked MSR's website and the same options you mentioned were there also. Maybe this is an old model national stocked up on a long time ago, since it only has a four-digit item number (I'm not sure when the 5-digit ones started, but I think the 6-digits started in the last year or two). I might just go with it since it's cheaper than the basic whisperlite with the 25% off sale going through Thursday. (only $67)