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  1. Before you purchase a stove, check out the Jetboil. After using several other types, I saw and purchased the Jetboil. On one 50 mile backpacking trip, 2 other stoves either broke down or ran into a problem and all we had was the Jetboil. It can boil a liter of water in a minute, and is very light. John
  2. F Scouter: He actually hiked Philmont years ago, and has hiked many times since then. I think he became inactive and his condition worsened from just snoring to SA. He is going to hike with us next week, so we will see what happens. john
  3. ed Thanks so much for the information. I shared your post with my friend and it may hold some promise. I'll let you know if it works out, sincerely, john
  4. Thank you all for your help. Of course the hiker will have an MD's opinion, and he is planning on hiking with this condition at sea level. The real power of this forum is to be able to provide both him and his MD examples of other hikers with this condition (should they exist), and how they were able to handle the situation. He is ready to drop out if need be, but is it necessary? It is a big decision and He may only get one chance to hike Philmont with his son, so it needs to be an informed decision. He needs all the help he can get. thanks John
  5. Longhaul, The person is in good physical condition, and has hiked for many years. He probably weighs around 170lbs and is about 55 years old. I don't think he has a physical limitation except for the sleeping disorder. John
  6. A member of our crew scheduled for a Philmont trek this June has developed sleep apnea. He now uses a Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to treat his condition. Has anyone with this condition completed a Philmont trek? If so, what steps were taken to effectively make this a reality? A CPAP machine is a battery powered device which is used during sleep. The batteries can be carried and could be recharged at various locations on the Trek with proper planning. Do you think this would be doable? Thanks, John
  7. Becoming your first Eagle Scout puts you and your son in a mentoring postion to lead and motivate future scouts to achivements in scouting and for some, but not all the rank of eagle. As an eagle, your son has promised to live with honor, to be loyal and to be courageous. Forgiving his scoutmaster should be the first thing on his agenda if he is to move on and be the leader in the brotherhood which he now belongs to. John(This message has been edited by johnt0148)
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