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  1. Nobody cares. Sell. They ARE threats. I do not know anyone who responds with sympathy to threats. Threats raise hackles. BSA National, before filing bankruptcy, had the absolute BEST data on the number of abuse cases alleged against unit leaders, scout youth, local councils, chartering organizations, and so on. And all the details thereof-National insisted that all council files on abuse cases were sent to National. And BSA National, in light of, or in reliance on, that knowledge, filed a Chapter 11 reorganization in bankruptcy. BSA National lit the fuse on the b
  2. I don't quite know if this fits in here, an important lesson to me back then, so, nevertheless.. During a very stressful scouting time, we had a committee and during meetings, a scouter I considered very astute, upon hearing a comment (likely that he did not agree with) would say: "Could you say that again? I'd like to understand you." A gentle way to suggest a moderation or even an intensification of the speaker's view. Or, at least to elicit specifics with which to take issue. With respect to your post, quoting the post you take issue with would be helpful to those of us
  3. Yes, Jarts. Loved them. I'd play my dad just about every time I stopped out to his house. Every week or two. He had phenomenal eye-hand coordination. Phenomenal. The typical score was 21-4 or 21-6. I am an accomplished percussionist-I am not uncoordinated. I can play my drum set in complete darkness and hit every note on any part of my drum set that I want. Dad whooped me every time.
  4. Yep. And your most likely defense? That you are not worth enough to be named as a Defendant unless there is strong evidence you did something particularly egregious. If your defense costs you less than $50,000, even if you win, or are dismissed out of the case, you are lucky. The likely cost of defense is so high, and so far beyond most folk's ability to pay, many attorneys would require a retainer in that amount. Lump sum up front. Welcome to the modern Scouting environment. And further, ask your questions in writing and get a written response. If possible, get a
  5. And so too would I be offended. Not much of a "marketing piece" is it? But this is the point to which BSA National has brought all of us. The "abuse and molestation" language is from a major insurance company website offering such coverage, though I was advised after my email inquiry that such coverage is not offered to scouting units. In plain English, "that coverage is not available to scouting operations as they pose too high a risk to insure for any premium we believe people would pay-and so not worth our effort to market-we have staff to pay." Essentially, scouting ac
  6. Negligence pertaining to what? The only negligence of real concern is liability for an adult committing some act of child abuse. To my knowledge, National has NEVER provided insurance coverage to unit adults (or alleged youth abusers, for that matter) for abuse and molestation claims. And, I'd note that the "abuse and molestation" language is not of my origin but from a major insurance company's website, which upon my email inquiry about coverage, perfunctorily advised me by email that no such insurance was available for scouting units. (I think a wholly owned subsidiary of Met
  7. I saw that as a 1L (first year law school student). You just never know when something you learn in law school will have relevance. And, apparently, win the favor of the Court.
  8. Just read this again. I can't upvote more than once. You are "right on."
  9. Well, I guess it just it depends on who is doing the counting. And, frankly, your comment is just obtuse. I cannot adhere to rules prescribed for third graders which were written by second graders (National staff.)
  10. Midwest. No troops in our Diocese have rechartered. I'll stay in touch.
  11. Your comment has just enabled my connecting some comments I've heard from professionals and knowledgeable volunteers over the last few years.. The volunteers and some professionals recognize that enhanced program draws more youth to Scouting. They bring their parents, and grandparents to Courts of Honor and Friends Of Scouting presentations. More FOS contributions are realized and with more youth on the membership roles, the stronger the claim for United Way more monies. On the other hand the professionals are targeting large contributions from few major donors. To those donors, t
  12. And so, we are all left chasing all manner of smoke. And like the Cheshire Cat-fading reality but really fading lies. And at the end, the Survivors will be left with A Hatful Of Rain.
  13. December 31. 2021. Our charter is now expired. I am currently licensed as an attorney and fully understand Releases, and such. What I do not have is any information on the coverages of BSA National procured insurance, the type of coverage (risks insured), who is insured, policy limits, and deductibles. That insurance may not cover abuse and molestation claims. And if it does, who is insured? Unit leaders (who are not alleged abusers), Units (not likely legal entities), chartering organizations, and the local councils? Thank you.
  14. My unit has entered and uploaded its rechartering individuals' info, but no rechartering agreement of any sort has been signed by our Catholic Parish Priest. The Diocese wants to use its facility use agreement and our Council wants to use BSA's facility use agreement. And there is a standoff. And so, relevant parts of an email to me by my unit's COR:
  15. I agree. From the TCC individual council analyses, some councils are scheduled to contribute a third or half of their unrestricted assets and others perhaps only 20% or so. The TCC analyses would do well to also show the percentage of contribution to unrestricted assets. It roughly appears to me that the larger councils are contributing a smaller percentage, and I wonder if those councils are going to be the survivors with the councils contributing a much higher percentage are targeted for merging out of existence. "We need a war chest in the surviving councils." I understand that ther
  16. And, in my area at least, from United Ways. Grumbling among other local charities that they were being unfairly shorted because of United Way money going to service phantom scouts.
  17. Formerly (3 years ago) a budget 5 times larger than now, and staff cut in half to about 8. Seems grim to me.
  18. You do understand me precisely and stated it much better than I. No offense was intended. My intent was that "no matter what award survivors receive, YP reform has to improve/bolster/enhance/ensure that such abuse never happens again." (I'd note that I sometimes use non-legal terms in my posts because readers may not be versed in the nuances of legal terms-of-art. I used "compensation" to connote a money judgment/payment. "Award" is technically more appropriate, but more generic and to a non-lawyer, connotes things much more akin to a medal or ribbon-clearly not my intent. To a lawyer
  19. ??? ALWAYS behind the circumstances human minds can concoct. Statutes always have gaps in their coverage, and that is why we have courts which try to fill those gaps
  20. Oh, well, yes.. I have long made the observation that the law is totally unable to conceive of the infinite varieties of situations the human mind can create. The law is ALWAYS
  21. From a different point of view, I was only addressing a number of posts and did not want to get bogged down in answering each at length, repeating myself, losing whatever audience I have (maybe only you, faithful friend). I wasn't addressing legitimate solutions to sheltering assets. They exist, are legal, and maybe even acceptable to National.
  22. Yep, agreed. I have always held the position that the law (legislation) is inherently incapable of imagining all of the possible combinations and permutations of human behavior, and so laws never "comprehensive'," that is, covering everything. And THAT is why we have courts-to apply laws (inherently insufficient) to situations the laws just don't quite cover. (Trust me, NOBODY likes to pay legal costs. For any reason or any purpose. (smile))
  23. Your's is a good point. The American system of jurisprudence is based on the idea that opposing parties in a case, present their opposing positions and arguments in support of them in open court or documents, and then the judge "adjudicates" by making a judgment and rendering a decision. The judge's decision will tell you about the judge's thinking. You'll have the decision before you'll have insight into the judge's thinking. Not so helpful, but it is our law. A judge rarely just pontificates from the bench (during a hearing) about how the judge is thinking. But people being peop
  24. Your comment just strikes me. The "flip side" is that there are some survivors who are not interested in "burning it all down." And why would that be? (I'd understand if 100% of survivors wanted to burn it all down.) I suspect because one of the goals of the TCC-that "YPT be enhanced and upgraded so that abuse never happens again." Essentially, a tacit recognition that there is not enough money to adequately compensate us, but we can demand ONE THING that compensates us for the pain in our souls-that it never happens again to other children.
  25. Omni is merely in the business of doing "ministerial' acts. It posts documents, indexes, tallies votes. It is a clerk. It is not making policy. Judges make policy, sometimes consistent with other judges and sometimes not.. It sounds as if the only % on the books and contained in bankruptcy law is 66%. Omni is merely reporting that the vote it tallied exceeds the stated statutory requirement. We've heard of judges using anywhere from 75% to 95%. Omni, as a clerk, is not in the position to "pick a percentage." Judges do that. Omni's representation of "approved" is irrelevant.
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