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  1. There is the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin. Devils Lake in Wisconsin is a neat place. Asolo brand boots and trail shoes. I've bought a dozen pairs over the years, at least, for myself and my sons. My unit adults t about another 6 pairs, upon my recommendation. And their kids another 4 or 5 pairs. Start there. If boots, trail shoes, don't feel very comfortable in the store, they are wrong. Keep trying. Hiking poles. Always TWO, not one. But, learn to use them. They are not some affected bauble to look cool. They maintain balance, which saves you a TON of energy trying to
  2. My unit always strikes out the release by a line run through each line, initial the block of lines, make a copy for the Troop file. No one has mentioned the practice-even Philmont. But we have our evidence if issues arise. I've heard pros mention that even if folks don't sign the photo release that, "There are ways around that." Lovely. We are all just sheep to be sheared against our wishes.
  3. My comment was directed at my concern that program would not look like what it was-and negatively so. But, I think you may be suggesting that the failed administrative aspects of Scouting will be gone. One can only hope. Either way, my friend, it is a hideous mess. War, and litigation, are like that, civilities and pleasantries, the grist of diplomacy, devolve into slaughter, cruelty, devastation, and death. The tempest settles and clears, and the survivors pick up the pieces, and build anew. I've quoted Churchill before, and this quote specifically, but I will repeat it he
  4. Yeah. Things measurable by physical count, attendees, easy. But how does measure commitment of soul-loyalty?
  5. It will not be anything like we are accustomed to recognize.
  6. I figured the LC contributions would need to double. Maybe a bad bet on my part. The LC contribution is pathetic.
  7. Yep. A third to a tenth of their actual liability? My guess as to the range of their exposure. Save your company $3.2 billion, get a designated parking space.
  8. It depends entirely on whether this objection has been subject to a hearing on the merits. If no hearing on the merits of the objection for 2 years, it is still live. Passage of time does not weaken legal arguments or the significance of legal truths. If it did, our Constitution may well have been supplanted by a limited warranty from Montgomery Wards.
  9. This is English? "Tom gets 6 marbles, Al, and his brother Art, if the wind is from the Northwest, on the third Tuesday of July, get 5 marbles going to the brother who has the best of three Rock-Paper-Scissors match..., otherwise, those marbles go to..."
  10. I don't think that the financial carnage is over. The judge may end up having to choose which organization the judge leaves hanging-BSA or Catholic Church, or...??? I also suspect that even if the LC's get a third party discharge, if any major defendant is left facing state court suits, the LC's and BSA, though no longer liable for damages due to discharge, will still have to respond to subpoenas in state court cases as occurrence witnesses, endure discovery, etc. All the while incurring defense costs. "Death by a thousand cuts." I think that BSA and the LC's only avoid the role of
  11. Having 3 sons and having attended at least half their summer camps for the full week, and the rest for half a week, and 4 Philmont treks, Scouting is not inexpensive. It is a very expensive program and requiring a huge weekly time commitment certainly if one gets drawn into District or Council level work. I grew up in the program having an older brother who earned Eagle and went on a Philmont trek. Scouting was all I wanted to be involved in, and wanted my sons to participate in, and I participated with them-virtually every campout but 2 or 3. I did not watch them from the stands fo
  12. I have always paid full price for my attendance at summer camp not being interested in scouts and their families paying my way. And I am self-employed, and the sole income producer in my business, and it costs me not only the camp fee, but also all my office overhead, and loss of all billable time for a week. About $5,000 a week.
  13. Ah ha! That explains a lot. I cannot imagine any attorney, at any time, under any conditions, recommending that a client not file an objection by the due date unless the "deal is inked." For if the perceived deal falls through, the time to object has passed and client has lost its right to object. I can not imagine that any attorney in this particular case would consider the "deal inked" unless it is the Judge's ink on an Order confirming the Plan, or whatever Plan comes out of mediation. I would expect the TCC to file an objection simply to preserve its ability to obj
  14. The Plan as put to a vote, or as changed so far to date, or are additional Plan changes anticipated? And why no objection by the TCC? Also relying on a prior objection, or does this signal an agreement of some sort?
  15. Councils appear to be independently, state-chartered not for profit corporations. I do not believe that they operate totally independently from National. I believe that National dictates major decisions to the Scout Executives and they advise the council president and executive committee of the executive board, and the Council moves in lock-step with National. Apparently, ALL of the local councils agreed to pay the settlement contribution determined by National. Maybe there were battles behind the scene, but 100% agreement? In an organization with so many moving parts?
  16. My small council is already large donor, prominent corporate leader controlled. And they have not a clue. One cannot appreciate the importance of tradition unless one is part of that tradition.
  17. Are Council financial statements prepared in compliance with GAAP? Anybody seen council financial statements prepared in compliance with GAAP? I have not.
  18. Well, the local councils are in a horrible situation, just now with National STILL HERE, so if National goes away...? And National DECREES to local councils, does not "ask."
  19. So, you challenge someone in an adult beverage facility to "Step out into the alley," and get the worst of it. Mulligans are for golf courses, not alleys. Bankruptcies are alleys.
  20. I do not understand your comment. BSA has no PR problem over child sexual abuse? Or something else? BSA filed a bankruptcy over child sexual abuse cases. That is a PR problem to me of monumental significance. And that is likely true, but does not take into account that BSA actively accumulated and sequestered all documents pertaining to alleged child sexual abuse. So, that the 3 G's were public issues, it is clear that BSA worked actively to conceal the biggest, existential threat to BSA; child sexual abuse. Had BSA not concealed the child sexual abuse claims, it
  21. I checked-National Supply does not offer Scarlet Letters. Not uniform approved.
  22. Nobody cares. Sell. They ARE threats. I do not know anyone who responds with sympathy to threats. Threats raise hackles. BSA National, before filing bankruptcy, had the absolute BEST data on the number of abuse cases alleged against unit leaders, scout youth, local councils, chartering organizations, and so on. And all the details thereof-National insisted that all council files on abuse cases were sent to National. And BSA National, in light of, or in reliance on, that knowledge, filed a Chapter 11 reorganization in bankruptcy. BSA National lit the fuse on the b
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