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  1. Apparently, the exceptions are hidden in the footnotes to the principles. It would be easier to follow if all the footnotes were to be revealed at once. "And, as he gradually realized that Watergate was a criminal conspiracy: 'The cliche about the other shoe dropping is no longer used or useable. We are dealing with a centipede. Shoes will continue to drop.'" -The Voice Of Reason: Eric Sevareid's CBS Commentaries, by T. Harrell Allen, p. viii.
  2. I was doing the print job math when it was mentioned that the Plan was over a thousand pages. Whew! 165,000 reams of paper. (I worked in a print shop decades ago.)
  3. There is no defense for National in how it handled all this. And to conceal information from an expert acting on National's behalf, where that information, if provided, would clearly have changed the expert's testimony-that is a lie by concealment. A lie nonetheless.
  4. Hallelujah. And very complex. About 14 levels of rank the cub and boy scout programs. (Arrow of Light might be 15) Many requirements for achieving each rank. Merit badges: required, elective, alternate required merit badges. Many merit badge requirements. (Some requirements for required merit badges have 90 time requirements-DO NOT MISS THOSE!) All manner of non-rank awards, achievements, certificates, training. (BSA lifeguard, kayaking, OA, etc.) Lots of advancement record keeping. Scout account and unit financial record keeping. A single program whe
  5. Aren't attorneys entitled to several days to review documents prior to a hearing? That they get notice of a hearing and a list of the matters to be heard? Holding a hearing on documents filed just minutes previously sets a horrible precedent.
  6. And what penalty if an attorney violates an ethics rule? If the attorney gets to keep the 40% fee, the attorney likely does not need a law license any longer, huh?
  7. "Oh To Be A Child Again." -Jimmy Rogers. "One and one make $7 billion dollars..." At some point we will have to go back to being adults and to divvy up $7 billion dollars. (At least in our own minds.)
  8. Gives me whiplash and all the other baboons look down on me when I try to teach them shorthand..
  9. HEY! I've spent a lifetime with raw knuckles and still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  10. Sounds like the Judge did lose control of her courtroom. Lots of things are going on in this courtroom that are very strange. A word or two of negative feedback from the Judge after an attorney has had their say could do wonders to reign in further argument (and pleadings) along the same lines. With so much at stake, maybe not. No matter the outcome at trial level, attorneys MUST get their pleadings and argument into the Court Record to preserve it for use on appeal. Just because a Judge listens patiently, does not mean that the Judge accepts what they are hearing. At some po
  11. Well, I'd give him an Honorary Notary Public, and for the appropriate fee, status as a "Member in Good Standing of the National Geographic Society."
  12. That makes perfect sense. A lawyer "not being prepared to speak" who reads from a script...Hmmmmm... Who does he think he is fooling?
  13. Law is like a game of chess-except that the number and power of the pieces change constantly. I remember a M.A.S.H. episode where Hawkeye and Trapper were playing a game with cards, some chess pieces, and some checkers. Somebody asked, "What are you playing?" "Double Cranko." "How do you play?" "There are no rules."
  14. We're 7 days into more bankruptcy drama-you had your chance to get into the EIN mud wrestle tussle-it ended days ago.
  15. So, the Coalition attorneys want to wrap it up and get their % fees because they realize that they truly can "get by" in America on 40% of $1.88 billion-so why wait?
  16. So, the significance of this is that the BSA admitted that its valuation of all of the claims is $24± billion, and that BSA admits it is offering $1.88 billion? 7.8±%
  17. Yes. I think you are right. It ain't over until we've come to the end of forever.
  18. Disturbing that the Judge would ask such a question because it cannot be answered with finality IF, after the answer is given, other conditions are allowed to change. Negotiation is an iterative process. Demand, response, amended demand, amended response... If it is interpreted as the Judge's solicitation for an amended response, fine, but if interpreted in the sense of, "You insurance folks just can't be pleased, no matter what." Well, that is where I see a problem.
  19. I agree with you entirely. The model (reasoning and justification) for contingency fees does not fit National's bankruptcy. It seems to me that an attorney could file 500 claims and then do nothing-just let the big players duke it out and wait for a paycheck at the end.
  20. You need not apologize to anyone. You have concerns, you are expressing them, and others understand your concerns or just don't get it and pounce on you. This is a hideously complicated situation. I doubt than anyone truly understands it.
  21. You have my confidence. And your loyalty to Scouting Movement is clear to me. We are all passengers on a crashing plane hoping for a soft landing. Illegitimi non carborundum. A saying quoted to General Joe Stilwell.
  22. I once saw a guy sued by a bank for over $2 million. His defense fees to his attorney approached $50,000. The bank agreed to pay the him $5,000 and to drop the case against him. The client was ecstatic. "They admitted that they were wrong." (Having spent a net of $45,000 to get the bank to make that admission.) The human element of the law trumps legal argument all of the time. People change their minds, and then the entire legal outcome of a case turns on a dime. Some poster previously noted that the Harvard attorneys had no appreciation of the human elem
  23. It can be a huge amount of money, no doubt. But in the strange math world of the law, it makes sense. (Not that I agree with it entirely, but there is a logic to it.) In contingency cases, the lawyer evaluates a contingency case based on the amount of time the lawyer anticipates will be expended, AND the costs that the lawyer will advance to handle the case. ("Advancing costs" means that the lawyer is paying for the costs of court filing fees, service of summons fees, deposition fees, copying costs, experts witness fees, travel expenses of expert witnesses, office staff payroll, office
  24. In my state, a corporation simply cannot simply cease operations, wind down the business, and dissolve. And run and hide, escape, and get away unscathed. Corporate liability continues for 5 years, I think after dissolution, remaining liable and responsible to respond to subpoenas (legal process), litigation, etc. .
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