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  1. Correct the ones doing the investigation are at council and national level. CC are not supposed to be doing this and are not given a copy of the report submitted to national. So this CC telling me that she was told I had to give her a copy was absolutely not correct.
  2. I called national and spoke to them via their hotline. The Committee hand book doesn’t specify how to deal with YPT infractions since they are not really the group to investigate a report. The Charter Organization Rep handbook is the one really supposed to be involved with council and resolving diputes along side the organization exec. They are also the ones who are supposed to make sure that they appoint those in the committee and troop that will uphold the scout values since they indirectly represent the charter organization. In all my years they have never had an say as to who is picked for
  3. To conclude my son’s were wronged by this Troop and its organization. They agree that it is ok for grown men to bully kids. This council has wronged them by not listening to their story and choosing to turn a blind eye… not to question. The organization rep wants to NOW meet with me and too little too late. We are moving to another troop. Going to get them through their eagle as soon as possible. Sad that 9+ years in the pack/troop and working with multiple SM only to realize that it was for not.
  4. The scoutmaster would not have brought it to the committee since he was the issue. I called the CC to inform her of what the scoutmaster was doing so the CC could try and fix the situation. The CC did not the camp masters and camp staff stepped in and corrected the SM. Then the CC with out the Organization Representative/Exectutive held a meeting with select parents and committee who were not involved to vote on the situation with only the SM/ASM story. Not how its supposed to be done as per National. Conclusion they retaliated against me and booted me out of the committee and blocked me fro
  5. To answer your questions : 1. They did not question any scouts mentioned in the report since the CC & CE do not get access to the report filed with council. And they CC nor the DE spoke to my children. 2. The incidents reported involved another child for the first offense and he had a talk to by the CC and DE 5 months ago and he was to be monitored. Second was against my son who is SPL . 3. was to my 12 year old. 3. The only event where they prefer they all match is Woodruff. At all other events they wear whatever is clean. At this particular event my son had on a non tr
  6. Well I am in shock. The CC retaliated and without informing me removed me from being secretary of the troop. These folks are disgusting.
  7. Unfortunately the CC did not act as they should have and the DE said it was investigating the situation. The DE later was hostile and refused and sided with the actions of the CC in them holding this meeting with the parents and SM. I called national and they told me the CC and DE were in the wrong and that I was correct in not giving the CC any information since it involved a minor. It is confidential information. There was more than enough evidence from those at camp, voice messages, texts and photos of the incident. The real issue is that 2 grown men do not have the right nor authority to i
  8. correct. The SM just was against the pink troop shirt. Same color used by the old SM. Just the new SM is anti pink. The only time they try to all match is when they go to Woodruff and they wear a neon yellow. But that is not always the rule.
  9. Yes. After today my son’s have decided to go to another troop. Its sad. My son has been SPL for 6 elections and no one has wanted the responsibility. To answer your question it was both the Scout Executive and District Executive that gave us the brush off.
  10. Oh, I am not attending the meeting. It is just a witch hunt. I contacted the national help line and they said that the incident information is confidential since it concerns a youth. What she is doing is wrong and to contact my local Executive. We did and he gave us the brush off and said he’s not listening to anything nor acknowledging our emails. We went above him and he refused to speak to us. So I now emailed the help line with help on the matter. Unfortunately I think it will come down to us leaving a this corrupt troop. It is just sooo frustrating that if an organization has in place mea
  11. Correct its a troop shirt. Just pink. They have the same shirt in blue, navy, purple, white, yellow, green…. all colors.
  12. My son had a purple shirt the day prior with not problem. The following morning he put on the pink shirt. That caused the SM to become irrational and a bully teamed up by the ASM who mocked my son in his responses. I just don’t know how far up the line I have to go and who will protect me from the “trial” they are wanting to hold tonight exposing my children to the entire committee and parents. A YPT report is supposed to be confidential.
  13. Yes you are correct. This has been repeated behavior. I’m just confused as to what to do next. First offense was reported to chairperson and Executive. They decided to give a warning. Second offense was reported via hotline and they were told that he was scared of retaliation by SM at the coming campout. Third offense was reported to national and they sent report to district council who has NOT given information to the committee chair. Even in the new Ethics training for the new Citizenship in Society they tell you that any sort of bullying will not be tolerated and should be reported. But w
  14. This is not the first time he has been reported because of his actions.
  15. The shirt has the same logo as all the other shirts. The scouts wear all versions of the shirt and they at times just wear BSA t-shirts. As per YPT you are never to intimidate, isolate, humiliate a scout. The scoutmaster and assistant both did this to a 12 year old over the color pink. YPT handbook wants you to report bad behavior. But the report is also to be confidential. The committee does not have a copy of the report but tried to tell me that I needed to send them a copy of it as per council. But council told me they have no knowledge of sharing the information nor speaking to her. My so
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