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  1. Anyone know if the Independent Reviewer is to be paid on top of the $10,000-$20,000 per claimant who selects Door #3 (where Carol Merrill is standing)? I assume so. If so, how much?
  2. My bad! That’s what happens when I lazily read tiny print on my phone while trying to use chopsticks at my favorite hole in the wall Chinese restaurant! Ya miss stuff! 🤦🏼‍♂️ I vote for her. Oh, yeah. We don’t get to vote…
  3. No child sexual abuse noted: Personal Injury: Successfully mediated cases involving complex catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death, workplace injuries, nursing home negligence, product liability (including multiple defective medical device claims), motor vehicle, toxic torts, municipal and governmental tort liability, Dram shop/liquor liability, and premises liability “Complex catastrophic” might do the trick.
  4. https://www.jamsadr.com/reagan/ No child sexual abuse noted: Personal injury, including, but not limited to, automobile accidents, breast implants, premise liability, product liability, underinsured and uninsured motorists and wrongful death.
  5. Was there mention that this amount was being used to fund something specifically? I don't recall offhand. Thanks.
  6. FYI. CHILDUSA has good resources, generally. https://childusa.org/reducing-the-stigma-around-being-a-male-survivor-of-child-sexual-abuse/ https://childusa.org/addressing-the-stigmas-of-sexual-abuse/
  7. I may post these on the "To the Abuse Survivor" thread, as well. https://childusa.org/reducing-the-stigma-around-being-a-male-survivor-of-child-sexual-abuse/ https://childusa.org/addressing-the-stigmas-of-sexual-abuse/
  8. Which specific individuals and/or departments do you include in this housecleaning and for each, why? Looking for specific acts, omissions, decisions, areas of complicity and the like that drive your desired sanitization.
  9. 1000%. Also, I'm not saying I'm right. Again, just rambling around in my wee noggin, bouncing off the bone with so much room to roam up yonder!
  10. Might be looking at "bird in the hand," (too many) "miles to go before I sleep" and "make the (BSA Chapter 11) world go away, and get it off my shoulders..." situation.
  11. I've been seriously pondering this and trying to cipher it out, especially the "some or most" part. Some? Fer sure, fer sure. Most? Hmm. Rounding (bc I just don't remember), there are something like 52,000 closed state claims. Among the 28,458 who didn't vote at all, don't you think a good majority are from closed states? Dunno. Regardless, it doesn't evince a ton of motivation and it takes just that to wade into the state court route. We have to factor in the big risk/little risk of state court and the tick-tick-boom of the clock. Trial prep and marching toward a jury or a late in the g
  12. I'm the boss of no one, often not even my own little self, but I hope we can leave this gently. As this process has meandered on, so too have our emotions, minds, bodies, souls and spirits. I've said it before, but I feel like I've been drugged and dragged through the tumbleweed town tethered behind a wild stallion. We're all weary, but I do think we can understand one another's perspective. We have to stay the course, stick together and give grace. Eagle1970, I hope you hear John's heart. He is for we Shades of Gray folk and his decision to hold steady with his plan rejection vote shows it. D
  13. In case I was vague, the LCs/SEs I mentioned reviewed all the redacted claims that implicate the LC.
  14. Deleted. Per the document when issued by the TCC. I don't recall hearing about or seeing an update with corrections and/or fields completed that were misplaced or blank. The information summarized in the attached charts was exported by the Boy Scouts’ professionals from the filed sexual abuse claims. It has come to the attention of the Tort Claimants’ Committee’s professionals that not all the information was exported error free. The Tort Claimants’ Committee intends to address with the Boy Scouts’ professionals any information discrepancies in the claims data to help in ensure th
  15. I think we would have to define vetting, including what method(s), by which entity and when.
  16. I couldn't figure out the logic on two fronts. One, the lack of such identifiers in the POC, if that was the case. And two, the failure to note it in the summary of claims wherever it was listed by the claimant. The information is requested within the same question. The POC at Part 4H, page 7 of 12, it asks: What was the name and location (city, state, territory and/or country) of the organization that chartered or sponsored your Scouting unit, including the organization that hosted meetings of your Scouting unit, during the time of your sexual abuse (e.g., church, school, religious insti
  17. Same. St. Mary (or Mary's) and we met in the school, so it could also be the identified CO. I inquired about an assessment of correlation and was told none was done. Was hoping for city at least. I made the request when the document was first made available. Perhaps they did some more digging. Who knows. In my case, I clearly identified the CO with city, address, pastor, current name after mergers and every related person I could think of at the moment.
  18. Exhibit 4, page 27. Don't know if there's been an update. https://www.pszjlaw.com/assets/htmldocuments/BSA Summary of Sexual Abuse Claims.pdf
  19. I understand. I would never suggest you or anyone of us has. Just trying to help, not pour salt. I trust you know my heart. I could've left it alone, but was trying to explain what I thought was meant, though not said. Perhaps my mistake.
  20. By “highest value” I don’t mean to suggest lifting time-bars. Sorry if I gave that impression.
  21. "Winning the lottery" is a common idiom to mean getting something unexpected and perhaps somewhat randomly. The random part - state of abuse and legislative action to open a SoL window - I think is operative here. Please, let's not turn on each other as survivors. Words matter, but I think this was truly intended as idiomatic and not literal. It hurts being in a closed state and it's hard not to feel slighted. It's not the fault of our fellows, however, and let's keep that in mind. Also, I don't think JLSS likes the 20k pay to play at all and will open up the entire TDP process to a
  22. Right. Agreed. I hope you didn't take my opinion to disparage anyone who chooses to wear the pin. I try to be clear, but may have missed the mark. As above. That was my point and would be how I would do it. Have, hold, but not routinely display. I might do the latter if asked to speak or present as a BSA CSA survivor, which may well happen.
  23. HaHaHa, Mr. Expert Percussionist who plays every note to perfection while alone in the dark! I want your pole planting instructional video and I want it now!
  24. I'm not sure who gave you the advice, but I don't think it was warranted. Good on you for going the extra mile. Based on the glut of anecdotal evidence, I come to the same conclusion. How many, I won't hazard a guess. But c'mon man. Does anyone think the tort machine with call centers and aggregators felt the need to get this 100% right on the front end? These intake folks received bonuses for making and exceeding their daily signups, for the love of pickled herring. We're not talking about selling popcorn, cookies or insurance policies. Head shaker. Yup. (See above.)
  25. Help me understand. I'm not sure I do. Thank you kindly.
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