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  1. https://www.wave3.com/prnewswire/2021/10/22/reject-vote-no-plan-say-boy-scouts-america-sexual-abuse-survivors/
  2. Yes it is. Whew. I redeemed one of my shameful moments. (See above.)
  3. Interested to hear if he had any history. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailyfreeman.com/2021/10/20/rip-van-winkle-council-scout-leader-charged-with-periodic-sexual-conduct-with-juvenile/amp/
  4. I’m not the arbiter of this, but I’ll note Mr. Kosnoff tweets with attribution to this forum. TCC town hall promotion is a public service. You can ask/post anything you want during their town crier events via Q&A, their site or email address. A guy I know found this in his email inbox. Curious. Greetings, You are receiving this message because you submitted a question to the Coalition during one of our recent Update Meetings. We were not able to respond to every question during the meetings. If we did not respond to your questions or we did not address them during the live
  5. With respect, that is a cyclone device that creates centrifugal force that draws in the particles put in its path. Clearly no match for the good old fashioned Hoover.
  6. Note on this from the world of psychology and physiology, which we all pretty much know from our own study and my rants. Fear is an emotion/state that is a reaction to a threat, real or perceived. It typically produces self-protective responses, including increased flow of adrenaline and cortisol. Some of us fight. Some freeze. Some flee. And, many of us forget. When fear is used to intimidate someone toward danger, rather than away from it, this on its own fits squarely within the definition of abuse. If one lies to convince, lures with promises and instills fear to motivate, that is some bad
  7. I encourage all to go to this post on YouTube and leave your comments.
  8. Oops. I forgot. Seriously. Please insert “Hoover” for all such references. If I could do a search and replace, I would. Sorry.
  9. FYI! I think Mr. TK has noted this, but from an official Forum poster. Read this and weep, Mr. Rothweiler!! Just heard from a little birdie of my same type of feather that… Thursday's TCC Town Hall.... will… feature Michael Johnson taking questions from John Humphrey and Dr. Kennedy to further elucidate how ridiculously WEAK the youth protection part of this plan is. Ken & Brownie’s one seat on the board plan of salvation is pointless, meaningless and no measure of redress. Neither this plan nor that celebrated non-Phoenix will stop the abuse. Tune in all ye who hear m
  10. Ok. So, as I have seen and expect from future town halls hosted by the TCC and Coalition of Abused Attorneys for Payoff, I think these are some keys: 1) apathy from some, perhaps many, who just don’t vote; 2) the potentially significant number who grab the $3500 exit ramp and take the Snagglepuss path to resolution, the calculation of which the judge is likely to reduce by some factor; 3) the high motivation to vote “Hey’ll NO!” by the likes of us survivors on this forum (and Kosnoffites); 4) the ongoing absurdity of the Ken & Co. Late Show, which I believe is bombing
  11. Is there a TDP-type claims matrix in the case? I’m none too familiar with the case. As in, who gets how much and based on what calculus? Or, is it Evie Stevie? Also, is the insurance portion an established contribution, ala Hartford’s turd or TBD as to hoped for funding?
  12. I think that shoulda been an “are,” but at this point, since I can’t edit, it is what it is. Which is, such as it is, an “is.”
  13. Anyone have info on how to watch this presser? Sorry. I put this over on the other bobbin when it shoulda been here. My bad. Send me to the wood shed... Follow up from the AR press conference. Just skimmed through this. Oh, the irony. The Coalition is shielding itself behind an anon Eagle Scout who makes his case for the future of Scouting. BSA is shielding itself behind the Coalition. “See, they represent all these survivors and they like it!” Do “they”? I don’t think so. Not even the Coalition really knows who their “they” is, do they? https://arktimes.com/arkansas-
  14. Yes. I think critical to this point is the examples given by The Stang (who was on fire, btw). One, the MN Diocese where competing plans didn’t get approved and they immediately proceeded to make a deal more favorable to the survivors. Did they go 7? No. Better deal for survivors. Point made and taken. And, two, BSA struck a desperate turd of a deal with The Hartford, later discovered it was an albatross, tried to bail, the judge said no, and in the cross-fire The Hartford saw just how despised the deal was. Result? They miraculously came up with more money. And quickly. Did they go to court a
  15. Follow up from the AR press conference. Just skimmed through this. Oh, the irony. The Coalition is shielding itself behind an anon Eagle Scout who makes his case for the future of Scouting. BSA is shielding itself behind the Coalition. “See, they represent all these survivors and they like it!” Do “they”? I don’t think so. Not even the Coalition really knows who their “they” is, do they? https://arktimes.com/arkansas-blog/2021/10/21/as-sex-abuse-victims-consider-a-settlement-boy-scouts-of-america-weighs-in https://arktimes.com/arkansas-blog/2021/10/20/some-arkansas-victim
  16. Hasn't that train left the station??? 😜 Yes, and it left in a hurry.
  17. And that’s, “the rest of the story.” Maybe that is the story. Also, my wife, with all her years and experience in insurance and risk management, often tells me she wants a number and she wants certainty. How much cover, how much reserve, how likely and strong is the claim and the batch (if applicable), and when do we expect this to be determined. That has great value to the insurers. I’m a no-nothin, so I can’t say what it’s worth to them here, but a lot more than Peter Anker is letting on.
  18. We’ve looked at that. I believe he was asking for the quick and dirty math (the only brand I do) after breaking out the 58,000 odd “time-barred”, tossing each $3500 and having the balance of fellas divide the kitty evenly. I believe... I’m not even sure of the number of closed state claims, but I use that number in my little brain. Why? Because it stuck there after being slung from a now unknown source. (I tink the number he seeks is baked into the iconic, pop cultural question referenced above.)
  19. As a legal mind, I think what you are saying is it has no probative value. It has value, just as a Doe child sexual abuse complaint must be given the benefit of the doubt (though a much higher bar to file a case...I know. We don’t need to run that rabbit.) As to whether it sways or influences you on the truth and veracity of the statement, that’s a different matter. My point in highlighting it was to point out the ridiculously transparent (and strategically foolish) move to forward someone who is anon, banging the BSA drum SO LOUDLY and then slot him as lead-off in your survivor testimon
  20. No. Apologies. “You” was meant to be a generic reference. If “you” please and prefer: “If one doesn’t get it, one never will.” One size fits all…”if the shoe fits.” As a preacher once said, if you throw a stone (convicting message) into a pack of dogs, the one who whelps got hit. NOT saying that’s you. Further, my statement is 100% accurate. Emotional understanding and empathy are either learned through exposure and/or personal experience with deep pain or challenges, or innate. Some are, some ain’t. Some can, some cain’t. That’s all I’m saying. So, does one get it? That is the question asked
  21. Does that mean she will act with alacrity? David Molton called and asked me.
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