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  1. 85.72% Accept. 1816711345_DI9275SupplementalNownes-WhitakerDeclaration.pdf
  2. Let's see if you hear from your attorney. It is the best source of information and the least problematic for you and others here who can offer an opinion. Has your attorney been responsive in the past? By what method did you contact Omni?
  3. I asked Omni and they said they'll have the final report the 10th. She also said she's not reading 3000+/- exhibits (with untold sub-exhibits), only documents specifically referenced during the trial. She was very displeased overall. She had a 20+/- second pause at one point, looking up into her brain apparently trying to determine what to say. I would love to know what things were passing through her mind. Did I say she was very displeased? I think he refrained since he's said the same general thing three times, always adding, "This is a case about abuse survivors!" I think hi
  4. Yes, that's a simple summary of the requirements, but they keep talking about it being limited, designed for the high-dollar claims that are the most severe and horrific, and not a lot of claimants will pursue it. Clearly, as described in the Zalkin/Pfau brief, this is intended for the well-vetted, open state claims that were or could be prepped to go into the tort system. "Abuse claim is in statute." Those 3 elements that make up the narrow definition, I believe. I just want someone to say that. Continuing to say "most severe...most horrific" and high-dollar claims is just a shroud. I get it
  5. I still want to know who created this supposedly narrow gate and how they are defining "most severe" and "high value." What one may see as (physically) onerous may not have the highest level of economic damages or the same statutory framework for maximizing/limiting non-economic and punitive. People like me who crashed mid-career in their 40's and had significant loss of income, etc., might not have had the "most severe" abuse, whatever the [blank] that means. Honestly, I don't know. I am NOT categorizing abuse because I hate the very thought of it. This type of injury (tort) is personal and c
  6. Anudder half mill. [*drip*drip*drip*] https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/dbcf37f0-5d86-4b6c-9ef0-bdfda2a24b42_9170.pdf
  7. If you want to understand the view of holdout firms representing abuse claimants in open states with financially sound defendants (who now support the plan), read this. On the side, I think Sir Thomas Patterson is one of the smartest attorneys on this case. That is my opinion from watching him and reading his filings. Is he the only Rhodes Scholar among them? Dunno. I'm bettin', but what do I know... https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/195daa83-e7db-494d-9c7c-05d2c09c293f_9156.pdf PS - I still want someone to better explain the IR process, specifically as to the
  8. Precisely, and on a frequency the average mortal cannot detect. I’m messin…
  9. Ok. We all have to admit this is a funny word. Experts like to coin stuff when they don't like what else is available to them, Cronbach or no Cronbach. I'm teasing, but use it in a sentence this week and see the reaction you get (unless you work in quantitative analysis, mathematics or the like).
  10. Bam. An equal opportunity skinning on live Court TV. It is simply inexcusable they would think it perfectly terrific and endearing to say that sort of [blankety blank] with all of us watching and listening. Makes me pretty cranky pants.
  11. Thanks for the "most." I assumed that allows present company to be excepted? (There are at least three of us present and relatively accounted for.)
  12. I would like the 411 on how and why that went down. Where’s Paul Harvey when you need him?
  13. Define or quantify "seldom," please? I do think BSA is conspicuous by its absence on this list. We know they to some degree (I don't know what) requested "No Publicity" on cases. The most damning is the historical fact made popular by our much missed colleague, CynicalScouter. Keeping the existence of the IV Files from Dr. Menniger while he was supposed to be doing an organization-wide risk audit of the organization is very telling and problematic. That was in the 1980's if I recall correctly the date of his testimony. Agreed. This, we cannot afford or abide. We have to
  14. I've not chimed in on this point for some time and have developed a new response. Let me try it out. Please don't freak out. I'm trying to illustrate what is being said and what I've said in the past in a different way. Many moons ago I used the phrase, "soul murder." Keep that in mind as you read on. Let's say you have a national organization with an acute dilemma. It has a "low" overall percentage incidence of a particular pediatric disease, but it is still widespread, i.e., many locations. This disease creates lifelong physiological and psychological impairments to the children afflict
  15. This has to be wrong. It’s Thursday. Please tell someone not to further tilt the axis of my universe. I’m far enough out of balance as it is!
  16. I think I said something to this effect long ago at my point of entry into this Scouter.com universe. The whole thing feels like kids doing heart surgery with garden tools in a tree house at the rate of $1000 per hour per kid. All the neighborhood kids are lined up around the block to climb the rope ladder and get in on the action. (This assessment is not my logical brain speaking, rather the lizard part. I understand the complexity, it just feels utterly ridiculous and immoral.)
  17. The problem of "future claimants"' plagues the resolution of mass tort bankruptcies.2 Mass tort injuries, such as those caused by asbestos exposure, can entail long and variable lag times between the exposure to a harmful product and the resultant harm? As a result, some claimants may be unaware of their injury at the time of a company's bankruptcy reorganization.' Moreover, the total number and magnitude of future claims is subject to great uncertainty Any resolution of mass tort claims in bankruptcy (or via the legislative creation of a mass tort trust fund)6 must ensure a "fair distribution
  18. First one to read and give a full report receives that old OA pocket patch I've been raving about. Enjoy all four hundred and twenty-four pages of it. DEBTORS’ (I) MEMORANDUM OF LAW IN SUPPORT OF CONFIRMATION OF THIRD MODIFIED FIFTH AMENDED CHAPTER 11 PLAN OF REORGANIZATION FOR BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA AND DELAWARE BSA, LLC AND (II) OMNIBUS REPLY TO PLAN CONFIRMATION OBJECTIONS 84842171_BSA-ConfirmationBrief-D.I.9114.pdf
  19. From your post to JLSS ears. BUT, the payments must come from the people doing the billing and they can't turn around and pass it through to the Debtors' estate. Strike that. I want the Coalition to pay me, and a round for all my friends! C'mon boys (and gals)...!
  20. This is going into my presentation to the Settlement Trustee or Neutral. We can adjust the figure for inflation.
  21. At the center of this bankruptcy approach to mass tort resolution is the idea of the future claims representative (the "FCR"), a court-appointed agent named to represent then-nameless, faceless future victims of claimed tortious acts already committed by the corporate debtor. https://www.chapman.edu/law/_files/publications/CLR-3-frederick-tung.pdf
  22. Say wha? There must be a misplaced comma, no? COMBINED TWENTY-SECOND MONTHLY APPLICATION OF JAMES L. PATTON, JR. AS THE LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE FOR FUTURE CLAIMANTS AND YOUNG CONAWAY STARGATT & TAYLOR, LLP AS COUNSEL TO THE LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE FOR FUTURE CLAIMANTS FOR ALLOWANCE OF COMPENSATION AND REIMBURSEMENT OF EXPENSES FOR THE PERIOD FROM JANUARY 1, 2022 THROUGH JANUARY 31, 2022 The amount of time spent by the Applicants during the Fee Period is fully set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto. The hourly rates set forth therein are the Applicants’ normal hourly rates of compensati
  23. Pah. Indeed. I was poor and had no choice but to glance and quickly skitter from that table of bling.
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