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  1. Greetings, all, and Happy Christmas/Blessed Holidays. My wife calls this approach to life and morality, "relative godliness." While many here would not like to associate themselves with the cultural shift toward a subjective application of "truth" and "what is right," the willingness to practice subjective and relative responsibility and accountability shows itself rather often (in some). In Scouting, I learned to account for myself, standing apart and ready to "be counted," distinct from what others have done around me. I did what I did. That is what I must be held to. "Wait, say yo
  2. Better to catch the 3%, but will the fingerprints catch what the background check won’t/didn’t? I hate this statistic. “The fingerprint scans will only show if there is a criminal history record. For an offender to have a criminal record they must first be convicted of a crime. Only 3% of all predators are ever convicted. Background checks will not catch roughly 97% of predators. Why? Because there are many steps that must happen for a conviction to occur. Each step only reduces the chances the predator will be charged with a crime.” http://www.o.com/blog/2019/8/22/quit-relyin
  3. I watched it too, also after consideration and preparation. For once, I am going to have an opinion that diverges from my brother John. As always, the survivors were excellent and their retellings, vulnerability and powerful force of presence unassailable. Patrick Boyle was very good and it was great to see him on camera presenting the process he went through in researching and writing his critical book. Kosnoff was a throwaway for controversy sake. Added little. The MJ v Big Mac face-off? Meh. It was so obviously a predetermined narrative and story arc that I lost respect for t
  4. You may find this of interest. It is BSA's response to the non-settling insurers and certain claimants' requesting to pause the Trust process, per the looming spectre of Purdue. Dist.D.Del._1-22-cv-01237_240 (1).pdf
  5. Paragraph 13 of the Youth Protection Non-Monetary Commitments in the Plan, which the Trustee now oversees: Volunteer Screening Database a) The BSA will work with the YPC to assess how the names of adult perpetrators of child sexual abuse in Scouting and other information can be made public or used in connection with a database accessible to other youth serving organizations. Specifically, the BSA agrees to work with the YPC on a protocol that makes confirmed past child abusers in Scouting, and future confirmed child abusers in Scouting, publicly known. b) The protocol w
  6. Here is a taste. Please forgive any wonky formatting on the cut and paste. BSA has issued various publications available to scouts, parents, and the general public. The Boy Scout Handbook typically contains the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. It also contains a description of troop leaders. The Seventh Edition of the Handbook was copyrighted in 1965 and reprinted in 1967. It states: "First, there’s your Scoutmaster. What a wonderful man he is! He spends hours figuring out how to give you fun and adventure in your troop. He takes special training to learn exciting new things for you to
  7. “Bowing almost to the Scoutmaster” is not what I said or implied. It is passive aggressively very patronizing and demeaning.
  8. May I see the written materials that support your assertion, comparable to the published BSA manuals and papers distributed in the 60’s and 70’s which I referenced? I’ve posted excerpts on other threads, but a can drag them out again. I’m not speaking theoretically, in broad brush societal “bad ol’ days” terms, as I see you doing. I’m talking quite specifically and factually. When you can do this, I’ll take your comments as evidence vs personal opinion and generalizations to fit a narrative.
  9. I sort of don't believe we're ploughing this dirt again, but there is little I don't believe about this situation after enduring the last 1294 days. All of the societal norms and reporting jumbo mumbo gumbo aside, no other US YSO, save the the Catholic and LDS Churches, elevated men to the position of adulation and deference BSA did. Period. Both of those words are key; children and parents were instructed to elevate to pedestal height and be enormously trusting of Scoutmasters, in particular. Still, it spread across all uniform-wearing adult leaders. You may say, "Now hold on a minute th
  10. Bless you for your compassion and empathy, but as a CSA survivor this is a little much and wading into troubling. If you would consider dialing down the imagery and potentially triggering language, I would appreciate it. Yes, I know. Some of us speak of our abuse and the impacts, but I think we have earned the right to do that; it is not musing or speculation. Thanks a bunch.
  11. Months away and it seems like only yesterday. The more things change, the more they stay the same. "It's like deja vu all over again." I have some thoughts but want to shamble around in this dream state for a bit.
  12. Q: I recognize the Council merger wrangle is largely precipitated by the financial crunch due to the case, but this conversation seems to have taken us well off the bankruptcy discussion path. No? The wander has gone so far as to find an "I quit if they do that" bench for Vol Scouter. That sounds depressing for Scouting. Let's talk happy talk like how will Judge Houser direct the sussing out of potentially fraudulent claims or how onerous might the questionnaire be or place bets on how much the trust process will cost or if the Coalition gets their money or not or if the STAC can function col
  13. Yes. I’ve heard from insiders 3-4 years, always with an “ish” or +/- in the footnote. I doubt that’s tracking with the closing date for the Independent Review. Who knows. Not moi.
  14. I reckon after blowing some ham-sized holes in the bottom of the Good Ship Lollypop she is rather disinclined to come aboard. Those in the know predict she either significantly cut back the number or let the vessel sink into the muck.
  15. Happy birthday. Your presence here, your wisdom, knowledge, cool head and steady hand have been a gift to all. I appreciate you. I'm glad you like your present. We searched for a long time and, when we saw it, knew it was the perfect gift. We tried to wrap it but it was just too unwieldy and oddly shaped with lots of pointy edges. 😬
  16. I stand amazed. Only 1156 days to get here. It just flew by like so many lovely butterflies. Ok. Strike that.
  17. I appreciate that. When I first walked up to your "campfire," I would not so much have expected to hear this from many of you, three years hence. There is also comfort and appreciation in that. Some have continued to beat us about the head and shoulders, several of you have become friends. I do not regret those first weeks and months, and also learned a great deal from you and saw the compassion and concern ease then flow out of many Scouters here. Nah. Not at all. To paraphrase Mark Twain, you only know if you can trust a man by trusting him. I take your sincerity at face value and t
  18. Yes, I am glad of it. As for survivors, our "moving on" means reprocessing our claims for the Settlement Trustee, undergoing the scrutiny process, arguing our case if need be, and waiting many months or years for the envelope that could be wee Lilliputian size. Don't forget about us. Fortunately, we will have YP representation from tip to tail and a Youth Protection Committee perpetually at the table. There is more than a little solace in that knowledge but recompense is not unimportant to many (most?) of us.
  19. In case you don't see or click the embedded link mentioning survivors. https://www.bsarestructuring.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/BSA-Open-Letter_4.13.23.pdf
  20. BSA's new Youth Protection Exec, Glen Pounder. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-boy-scouts-of-america-bsa-announces-appointment-of-new-youth-protection-executive-301801497.html https://childrescuecoalition.org
  21. (Can't link to the full article bc of paywall.) BREAKING: Boy Scouts Ch. 11 Plan Upheld On Appeal By Vince Sullivan A Delaware federal judge upheld the Chapter 11 plan of the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday, saying he found no fault with the bankruptcy court's conclusion approving the plan to channel more than 82,000 claims of childhood sexual abuse to a $2.5 billion settlement trust, and that appealing insurance companies had not shown any clear error in the order confirming the plan.
  22. The signature block has 3 options that can be checked above the signature to identify the party executing the POC. They are: (1) SA Survivor; (2) Survivor's...executor or Authorized Representative; (3) Other. I added my wife's name, residence and email address to my file in the form of a very simple amendment, since she is my designated executor under the trusty ol' will. I just enjoy adding digital sheets of paper to my ShareVault drawer.
  23. I reckon that's misplaced hope, my friend. The TCC filed papers more or less in support while noting their annoyance that the Coalition made it sound like they did it all and won the day. Clearly that was not the case.
  24. I have no expertise, but the sections of the code I read (back when) indicate the request for reimbursement of expenses when the party claims and makes the case for a "substantial contribution to the settlement" are sought from the debtor's estate. That makes sense to me because that's the kitty from which the TCC and other professionals have been and are paid. The next part is not so easy for my wee brain to grasp. These requests are for fees paid to secondary firms that represented their clients (Coalition, Pfau...) in the effort to "make a deal" with the other constituents (BSA, insure
  25. Ahem. We are here, kind sir. Silence is not absence, avoidance or disinterest. (NAM and membership numbers and charging into the fall of 2023 just aren’t conversations we care to engage.)
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