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  1. Definitely not serious. Again, where is that tongue in cheek emoji when you need it?
  2. Hm. I wonder if this person was "encouraged" to write this letter. I am not prone to conspiracy theory, but this would add flavor to the screenplay.
  3. Was going to post about the Osprey we saw last season down in GA. Lo and behold. Check out the article. https://thebrunswicknews.com/news/local_news/jekyll-replaces-osprey-platform-ahead-of-nesting-season/article_71fea0a3-d5b0-5174-855f-a6c14e98bc06.html
  4. Sorry to hear it. Sound like you've had a very diverse collection of pets. When we lived more north, the Cooper's were my favorite to watch, but by far the most aggressive and agile. We had one in the Chicago area that would crash straight into an evergreen shrub, talons extended and snatch a songbird. Watched it 'dance' in the driveway taking off with a very red Cardinal one day. Prior to last summer, I don't recall any hits our Bluebirds in the back of this house, but I had poofs of Blue mid-summer. I'm now starting to suspect the Sharp-shinned. Has anyone seen a Barred Owl defend its (her)
  5. I realize I’ve asked this before, but thought I would try the old material in front of a new audience. By any wild chance might someone have a link or digital copy of a Charter Agreement from the 70’s or 80’s? I’d be much obliged to see it, if so.
  6. What type of Hawk? Any impact between them? Sounds like not. Good thing. The pup jumped at the bird? Trying to get the full image. We live several houses away from about 250 acres of woods, then another similarly-sized tract over a two lane road. We have a small strip of it behind the house. Very small, but there is a creek which is attractive to all. We've had a pair of Barred Owls (which are so fun because they are often out in daylight) and pair of Red Tails since we moved in. Lately, with the cold rain and nasty weather, a Sharp Shinned has appeared in the Cypress tree near the bedro
  7. Asked and answered, as follows: "The voting deadline is March 7, 2022, and then Omni’s voting report will be filed March 10, 2022."
  8. Yup. It's the get on board with the new plan ballot. Did you read that thing? Yikes, right?
  9. My sleep deprivation is bleeding over and apologies for lack of clarity. My "I reckon" was meant to say I have no idea, but I would sure think they'd want to know before the hearing starts. I don't know how many votes they hope to see flip to accept, but it's not tens of thousands. I am happy to ask the folks at Omni how they see the ballots being processed and tabulated. We've become close personal friends. PS - A lot of these votes will come via master ballot from the state court firms.
  10. Translation: With in = within Love = live Good grief = check your work, Doofus Magoo.
  11. That’s a great title for a book or documentary on men and aging.
  12. March 14th I reckon. since that’s the hearing start date. The vast majority of claims (as represented by the negotiating firms) are in agreement.
  13. First off, I am NOT telling my wife you spent 10 hours cleaning your garage. That’s on her bucket list (for me to do) and I’ve so far been non-compliant and pretty much deaf to the clanging of the bucket. Actually, I think I tipped that bucket over and stuck it in cement that is no longer wet. Well done, you. Cause of injuries? The Scouts certainly weren’t from farm families. I know of young people in their late twenties/early thirties who bought small houses in strategic places a few years ago, built out garages with full untitled, AirBnB the house and the garage and live traveling aroun
  14. Question: Why can't we know how these claims breakdown by open state, open state with in window claims (or timely filings), love within the current SoL and closed by Shades of Gray? I think we should have access to that information as claimants floating around in those numbers. Yes? No? Who cares...?
  15. For any who are interested. The new ballot. Plain English. Second-grade level. Two-minute read on the treadmill. Enjoy. Revote Ballot_Redacted.pdf
  16. For any who are willing, I would appreciate knowing if survivors hearing my 'voice' are pro se in the case, as in you don't have an attorney representing you. I know there are a few of us here. It's estimated there are 4500 overall. Again, as you desire, also like to know open/closed and Shade of Gray if closed. Only for those who care to reply! No pressure. Zero.
  17. @BobbyRo, are you referring to the Survivor Working Group that was initiated by the Coalition of Abused Scouts for Justice and which, along with the TCC, negotiated with BSA for the enhanced youth protection measures now contained within the amended plan? This conversation got my attention because I am a BSA CSA survivor with a deep and abiding interest in YP. I think everyone would love to understand your reference points. Thanks.
  18. I grew up there. It’s my side yard. Slept in the snow banks as a kid.
  19. You’ve not yet seen either my hair on a windy, humid day at the beach or my trifocals.
  20. Started with 2+ miles this week. Reasonably decent and relatively sore. Light hiker process continues. The Asolos are very, very nice. Spendy, but worth it if they’re just right. Looked at a pair of Keen’s. Debating if I need over the ankle, as both of mine are weak. Blew out the left one playing basketball in my 20’s and it’s not been right since.
  21. I’m gratified and honored, though sorry, you have joined me in reciting one of my favorite mantras here on these threads.
  22. Hm. I watched the faces of every attorney I’ve heard talk about this so far, including Jessic Lauria, Eric Goodman, Ann Andrews, Ken Rothweiler, Rich Puchulski, Jim Stang, Sir David Buchbinder, Mr. Patterson, a TCC insurance professional and several others. Excepting Mr. B, they know what is going on here. He confessed to having spent 7 hours reading 1000+ pages to be ready for the hearing without full understanding of what he read. As he noted, he’s a professional who has been reading stuff like this for a few minutes. Survivor claimants? Not so much. When attorneys tell claimants (wheth
  23. Agreed, but if I don’t understand the details, view of the various advocates and detractors, up/downsides, potential machinations and application to all claimants (as well as my case) the lack of control and grasp is deeply destabilizing to me.
  24. I think these and still open cases will be the majority taking the IR track. Of what nature is the evidence? The discovery was independent corroboration? Of what nature? It was said at least twice at the hearing. Perhaps they were trying to downplay the preferred class nature before the judge. She didn’t like it at the previous hearing. It’s a high risk endeavor. You can drop to zero. Also, as I understand it, time bar will be a complete defense to recovery. Black. White. No Shades of Gray. This is an open state path posing as “most horrific” and “most serious.” I want someone
  25. You said you’re in an open state. Do you also have a window within which you filed or tried to file, prior to 2.18.2020? It’s not readily apparently, but there are classes within classes. I’m trying to figure out who will be opting for the IR and how many. That goes to the potential rollover of excess awards back into the Settlement Trust. (For reference, there are 27,000 claims in statute, which includes live claims in non-window states.) PS - Attorneys for the Debtors and TCC said the IR will be limited to those survivor claimants with “the most severe” and “most horrific” cases. This i
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