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  1. Amen to all that with a footnote. The Youth Protection Committee called for in the new YP terms is a critical component in the go forward world of BSA YP. I think it's not only critical to the BSA, but important as a model for other organizations. Why? Because at least half of its members must be BSA abuse survivors. They will have a hand in every aspect and phase of BSA YP. I'm hoping and praying that the members put forth by the TCC and SWG will be tenacious, thoughtful, capable, detail-oriented and united in their voice. If this all doesn't come tumbling down like so many Jenga towers, watc
  2. Check under your bed and let me know, if you would please. I figure either that or you use it as a pillow.
  3. Thank you, TCC. This was very helpful. Of course, I have 9.62 additional questions, while scratching 18.38 of them off the list.
  4. I’m sorry, as well. I’m working on my effort to get back to some semblance of shape. Decided to work on balance, core strength and some old people stretching drills I found online. Another gear question. I have my old, well taken care (as in, little used) Osprey Atmos 50 and my youngest son appears to have left his 35 here. I am wondering about a day pack. I’ve heard several of you talk about working with the full gear/pack setup, but am taking all comers on thoughts and suggestions. I don’t mind spending money on this and was about ready to order one of the Osprey day packs. Several rat
  5. Final Voting Report for Class 8 Claimants - Accept/Reject by Local Council. (This is the full vote not the re-vote, to be clear.) 9032.pdf
  6. It would be fun to post photos, if that is permitted.
  7. I don't believe that's the choice. If the Plan is not confirmed, there is always the dicey BSA only (Toggle) Plan. As many have said, they can't be forced into a 7 and would never choose it.
  8. Very cool. I dream of a Goshawk in full view one day, F-22 Raptoring its way through the woods. The Harris's Hawks we worked with in Scotland were incredible. A female Barred fought off a Raccoon approaching her nest and that was a dandy. They have my favorite call, as well. Sound like monkeys when they're all worked up.
  9. I'm not sure that's accurate. It's a number that can be compared to other numbers which makes it relative, but not subjective. In relative terms, when you consider the overall exposure of the insurance carriers, the awards given in other child sexual abuse settlements and bankruptcies, and the roughly $33,000 per claimant in this case, it is grossly underfunded. It has to be seen in context. I believe that is the point. No? It's like saying, "You gave the neighbor kid how much to mow the backyard? $500? That's ridiculous! My brother pays his guy $25!" What is not stated is the man's "backyard"
  10. It's a Scouter-led forum. Congratulations! You earned your badge. That's so funny. I am the same. Got it from my dad. He was utterly fascinated and all six of his kids and their offspring are, as well. Now, my wife even does it. All the time.
  11. Asking to better understand the above paragraph. Same. Before I wade in, it would be good to have clarification of what the attorney sad. I see nothing that creates that limitation.
  12. John Lucas of PSZJ and Dr. Kennedy are releasing a video, likely tomorrow, walking through the three paths to seek an award. That made my day. Now I can stop with the Beautiful Mind decorations in my office. Maybe.
  13. Are there any revelations on why there was contention over one vs. the 'tother?
  14. Definitely not serious. Again, where is that tongue in cheek emoji when you need it?
  15. Hm. I wonder if this person was "encouraged" to write this letter. I am not prone to conspiracy theory, but this would add flavor to the screenplay.
  16. Was going to post about the Osprey we saw last season down in GA. Lo and behold. Check out the article. https://thebrunswicknews.com/news/local_news/jekyll-replaces-osprey-platform-ahead-of-nesting-season/article_71fea0a3-d5b0-5174-855f-a6c14e98bc06.html
  17. Sorry to hear it. Sound like you've had a very diverse collection of pets. When we lived more north, the Cooper's were my favorite to watch, but by far the most aggressive and agile. We had one in the Chicago area that would crash straight into an evergreen shrub, talons extended and snatch a songbird. Watched it 'dance' in the driveway taking off with a very red Cardinal one day. Prior to last summer, I don't recall any hits our Bluebirds in the back of this house, but I had poofs of Blue mid-summer. I'm now starting to suspect the Sharp-shinned. Has anyone seen a Barred Owl defend its (her)
  18. I realize I’ve asked this before, but thought I would try the old material in front of a new audience. By any wild chance might someone have a link or digital copy of a Charter Agreement from the 70’s or 80’s? I’d be much obliged to see it, if so.
  19. What type of Hawk? Any impact between them? Sounds like not. Good thing. The pup jumped at the bird? Trying to get the full image. We live several houses away from about 250 acres of woods, then another similarly-sized tract over a two lane road. We have a small strip of it behind the house. Very small, but there is a creek which is attractive to all. We've had a pair of Barred Owls (which are so fun because they are often out in daylight) and pair of Red Tails since we moved in. Lately, with the cold rain and nasty weather, a Sharp Shinned has appeared in the Cypress tree near the bedro
  20. Asked and answered, as follows: "The voting deadline is March 7, 2022, and then Omni’s voting report will be filed March 10, 2022."
  21. Yup. It's the get on board with the new plan ballot. Did you read that thing? Yikes, right?
  22. My sleep deprivation is bleeding over and apologies for lack of clarity. My "I reckon" was meant to say I have no idea, but I would sure think they'd want to know before the hearing starts. I don't know how many votes they hope to see flip to accept, but it's not tens of thousands. I am happy to ask the folks at Omni how they see the ballots being processed and tabulated. We've become close personal friends. PS - A lot of these votes will come via master ballot from the state court firms.
  23. Translation: With in = within Love = live Good grief = check your work, Doofus Magoo.
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