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  1. I believe you're correct in your assumption and think that's a great idea. That said, I have no idea what a pin is. Is it the digital version of an old school bulletin board thumbtack with which we would put notices in the hallway?
  2. Very good point. Hm. Hopefully others will continue to be attracted to the thread title and venture in. I really hope so bc it's one of the most gracious and humble posts supporting us I've seen over these months.
  3. Thanks for all these references. I know there are others helped by your direction and I encourage them to go to the source documents, as well. Good luck to them with that approach. They have a passel of powerful states to take on, if they try it. I don't think it will go well with them, either in open water in the smaller pond of this case. I say, "Nonstarter," but they will swing at it anyway.
  4. Thank you for posting. Truly. This is the best thing I've heard in a while and it has boosted my flagging spirit! You have made a brave move and, though I don't know you, I'm proud of you. I most sincerely hope for additional healing and forward progress. "Baby steps" and "Just for today," as they say.
  5. The insurers have mentioned time-bar defenses and this chart from the BSA says something, too. As they have said publicly, the TCC is deeply committed to seeking awards for all survivors and I have confidence they will fight for that. As to the application of time-bars, we shall see. I have legal arguments against the application in my case...I will keep battling.
  6. Line up in terms of numbers or subject to defenses and, thus, attempts to reduce awards due to the running of the statute(s)? Or, line up in terms of face value? Yes. Same with my state. I was working with the legislative sponsors prior to COVID locking them out of the capitol. We had planned a summer study session and were literally on the phone the day I was in Delaware for the TCC selection process. Now, it's back in limbo.
  7. Would you consider reposting this on the main Chapter 11 Part 175 thread? Well, Part 3, but...Please feel invited to edit the mention of me, as I'm asking so all survivors who visit that thread will see it and no other reason. Your call, of course. Many may not find it here. Thanks, again.
  8. Thank you. I am not afraid to say this made me cry. In addition to the DMs I've received and some of affirming commentary, this makes the effort to stand in amid the cyclic barrage(s) worth it. Again, you have my gratitude.
  9. Again, "schools" vs one single organization is apples to turnips. Also, I'm sure you're aware of the variance and scale of difference in safety between public schools in Memphis and, say, those in Pleasanton, CA. Compare MI State with Elon University in NC. Which level of "school" do you mean? How many have on duty law enforcement and/or metal detectors? Our oldest son went to middle and high school in a pretty affluent counties and school districts and had them. That's a bit of a deterrent. These are simply not relevant or apt standards of comparison. As you also know, I'm sure, school counse
  10. I'm not sure what the point is because: 1) Are we taking the world - with far different standards and imbedded cultures of abuse - as the "acceptable" baseline or reasonable element of comparison? 2) Are the legal systems in those countries set up in such a way as to have rigid standards and penalties - criminal and civil - for proven cases of abuse or has they had hundreds of years of "winking" at sexual abuse, even if their laws are similar to the US? The sex trade is rampant in some of these. 3) Are we comparing nations to one organization with both a history of abuse and the
  11. Based on this document, 24,308. Still, 2-3x the expected number at the outset. Also, this doesn't mean the other 82,458 somehow disappear from the creditor/claimant ledger or vaporize as if they didn't happen.
  12. What do you mean by "if, legally"? BSA survivors? I would sign up for this. Sorry if this is getting back into improving YPT. Maybe I should go to that thread, if it's still holding together.
  13. Good deal. Most may not be aware, but there are more than a few survivors who are active Scouters. What becomes of them? Imagine what this is like for them right now? Agreed. I said much the same thing a few times. Not sure that matters, but want to confirm my agreement. That would make it hard to believe in the sincerity of any resolve that comes our way. Maybe that's why the TCC consistently reminds us to "Remember, this is just a business transaction."
  14. Why do you say that? Is it because the BSA would not want the air, ground and spirit of the woods further "contaminated" with tales of sexual abuse? I am not being attacking or snarky, it's just the only reason I can come up with in my little brain. That and, possibly, fear of bad press. I'm really trying to understand why someone might feel that way if it provided a measure of healing and some small recompense.
  15. I'm going to look into this a bit more. Thanks for the info. Yes. The TCC acknowledged they recognize some assets are restricted. Oddly, the AHC cited to some of the camps the TCC excluded from available assets as ones the TCC sought to include. The AHC may need to pay closer attention.
  16. I wish that, too, if there is some way to do it. In the meantime, I will continue to press for cold, hard cash at every turn. I'm an odd duck (news flash!), but I actually went to my primary camp to scope things out and confirm my recollections after I filed my Proof of Claim. I happened to be in that neighborhood and went by myself. It was bittersweet and complicated, but affirming. Everything was as and where I said it was. I had even drawn and submitted maps with my POC. Until I did that, I had nightmares about having gotten things wrong, all rooted in the constant self-doubt that come
  17. This is simply meant as a counter view presented by other victims. During preparations for the Miami mediation, it was suggested here that the parties meet at a camp or HAB. Some responded adamantly that the very last place on earth they would ever want to be is at a Boy Scout camp, office or facility of any kind. For many, this would be incredibly triggering and traumatic. I'm sure others, like you, would enjoy it tremendously, which is great. Just wanted to provide that bit of info from posts waaay back when.
  18. As to a mediated settlement, I have none. I think Jim Stang's comment about NY was more a matter of "less negative," since the TCC wasn't wholesale excluded from certain discussions, per the Miami runaround.
  19. Based on the TCC's town hall last week and the new fairly oblivious filings over the weekend, I see no evidence, smoke signals or cloud formations indicating there is any prospect of a pending mediated settlement. I supposed there is always a very, very remote possibility, but I highly doubt it.
  20. Curious to see how this is done. I guess they will have to be sworn in and all, with the opportunity for others to examine them? If the hearing is on, and I hope it is, this will be a "bring your toothbrush" event, I reckon.
  21. For those who are keenly aware, even pretty much aware, of the state of your LC's assets, how does/will this feel if the AHC is saying the "bulk" of the assets are legally restricted and you know that not to be the case for your LC? Admittedly, their language is intentionally very squishy -- "all (or almost all") and "many," so I guess they can wiggle it however they want. Convenient. I just want to see the BRG dashboards next to the internal financial statements for the LCs implicated in my claim. I've previously brought up the point of the actual constituency of the AHC and still wonder whos
  22. If I didn’t engage in hyperbole may I stay by the fire? I’ll tend, monitor and keep clear.
  23. PS - I wrote this. 1 + 2 = Bingo. Process and Compliance Monitor + Expert Consultant (who has zippo interest in being a monitor, they’re substance experts) = Excellent Team. See how easy that is. We are straining at gnats... Adding a note at risk of causing heads to exploit. Tim Kosnoff (aka, he who shall not be named) has spent a long, successful career representing child sexual abuse victims. Thousands and thousands and thousands of hours listening to children tell their ugly stories of who, what, where, when and how. Why is inexplicable, other than selfishness, craven appetite, evil an
  24. Not sure how that assumption was culled out of the TCC’s demand (as it’s being interpreted), but two things: 1) Some of these lawyers have decades of experience handling sensitive CSA cases and are dedicated, brilliant, compassionate people. They are as qualified as anyone, except maybe... 2) This is the man the TCC engaged to work with them on the Proof of Claim form, perhaps among other things. These are the sorts of professionals we’re talking about, people. Let’s give some credit. The victims and our representatives are not Neanderthals, nincompoops, knuckleheads or nitwits. You
  25. Plan approval? Respect the wishes of the victims? Improved public goodwill? Basic smart PR move? Oh, yeah. What about greater youth protection?
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