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  1. This is probably the most sentimental hiking and camping location of my life. I did it with Scouts and otherwise. Along with two best friends, we did it a couple times. One of the two was killed in a head-on crash in the summer of 1976. He was a very close friend, fellow Scout and his dad SM across town. My friend died along with his parents and younger sister. My other friend and I returned the next year to memorialize him. I've not been back. Coldest bath I've ever taken was in Devil's Lake.
  2. I can't think of many places that even have highly knowledge people anymore. REI is the only one that comes to mind.
  3. Here's an odd thing about creating a justice and award metric based only on timing and geography. Timing (as opposed to time) and geographic limitations are malleable. By the flick of a pen a governor can sign a law presented to her by the state's legislature that says, "Our state is now 'open' for BSA CSA claimants who, on 2.18.2020, were not 'claimants' (as you say)." That what was not, now is. [*SWISH* & *FLICK* & *POOF*] States have opened since the commencement of the case legitimizing those who you rightly identify as previously SOL-barred. If the case drags, on I believe other s
  4. Per the announcement in the link, the BSA settlement and the new YP Non-Monetary Commitments, I would say it's a very good bet the UMC will be one of the CO members on the Youth Protection Committee. If so, that will go a long way to create a tight protocol for their YP through active and ongoing collaboration with the BSA YP Executive and Youth Protection Committee. I assume everyone can access the documents I mentioned.
  5. Is there a data picture illustrating any concentration of type(s) of sponsoring organizations across the cases? Do they center around law enforcement or first responders? The few I’ve read all did. Curious and not accusing or pointing a finger. Looking to answer a question.
  6. I don’t do well wearing a mask, after having had adults put their hand(s) over my mouth in abusive situations. I didn’t realize how problematic this part of my trauma was until COVID. Good points. I prefer not to drive 9 hours to hike, of course.
  7. Yeah. I’m definitely not a road more traveled person, if I can help it.
  8. This is such a problematic area. Take a 60+ year old man abused at 8 while at a distant camp. He left left Scouting immediately thereafter may not now much of anything other than what happened to them and some of the setting. I've thought about this a great deal after I wrote something to the effect that, "surely you know where you lived, names of some of your fellow Scouts, and etc. That may be a small minority, it may be a goodly number. I really would like to know how many people manipulated this system, including attorneys and claims aggregators. They have abused the system and all of us a
  9. It’s a fair piece, but nothing drivable is out of the question. (I am not flying in a mask, thank you.) I’m nine hours away from the point the map id’s as the trailhead.
  10. Doing an Amazon "Try before you buy" on this model. Now, I am forced to do something several times within 7 days.
  11. Not me. My GA Peach. I still sleep at my fishing shack with the heat off in subfreezing (inside) temps. Just bought a cot for a run at the screen porch when it looks to be sub-20 here tomorrow night. My bag is the same one I bought at REI in 1976. It's a gorgeous Camp 7. Been all around, including Okpik. It's had TLC since it was born. That is below 20 and not sub -20, to be clear and not to mislead. I'm not yet ready for that 40 degree dive again.
  12. Narrow with plantar fasciitis supports. New balance have been my shoe for decades. They stopped making my number or changed it a lot. I’ll see what I can find. I am in a very hilly neighborhood with easy to challenging natural trails nearby. We walked 3 a day in the neighborhood until the colder weather deterred my wife. I used to do the park with my (then living) dogs several times a month. That was a good bit ago. 5 flat for sure. Have to build back in our neighborhood. Good advice, all. I am very competitive and tend to push. With the trauma issues, I’ve battled eating disorders and ex
  13. My bet? We’ll never know. They will quietly sneak off the trail via the $3500 spur and go their merry way. There will be valid survivor claimants that exit stage left, as well, not wanting to deal with this any more. Clarity will elude us.
  14. I know this is like asking for opinions on the best BBQ and other highly contested subjects, but recommendations for light hikers? I wore Merrills for a while then the last and sizing got off (and my feet bonier) and they became uncomfortable. I’ve given away the last two pair I’ve had. My Gortex boots are well-preserved Montrails and I still like them a lot.
  15. I still would like to read the white paper and source materials on which these scales were built. We’ve been told these categories were created in consultation with the most experienced child sexual abuse state court attorneys. I believe it, but please show me. This is a complex, politically-charged and speculative calculus. We deserve to understand it. Wasn’t there something called a Disclosure Statement back when. Hm…🤔 My primary abuse was in Gray 3, with smatterings in Grays 1 & 2. I think I should get to pick a jurisdiction and move all my chips to that shade. 😬
  16. I know! Debtor counsel can waive their fee until this is over and give the balance of the 10% they didn’t offer up (as PSZJ did) to fund the trust. Problem solved, no? If I were in the development office of BSA I know the first calls I’d be making once this is a wrap.
  17. I promise I'm not lurking, but found this thread by virtue of the title. When I attended the NOAC in 1977, it was my first exposure to the trail and TN for that matter. I went home with a desire to hike the trail and lifelong allergies, which I had not previously experienced. I had to schlep tissues everywhere bc the hankie gets gross after a while. So, here I wake up and I'm 60. In the interim, I've have had 9 orthopedic surgeries, umpteen injections and procedures and multiple RFA treatments (on everything from L5-SI). Among the surgeries were a knee replacement and 2 each on both shoulders.
  18. Yup. I don't think the key votes move from reject to accept without the significant multiplier on the "high value" claims. On the notion of high and low value claims, I saw my psychiatrist this week. Of course, we were talked about the case including the range of potential awards. I thought she was going to fall out of her chair, throw something and/or pull out her hair. She was aghast. I know, I know. There's no money. 55,000+/- of us are Shades of Gray and should be happy to get something rather than nothing. Forgetting that, this is how people in the real world, not to mention those wh
  19. Yup. I asked this earlier. It jumped out immediately. Where did this come from, pray tell? AHA! From my mouth to Mr. B's ears. "I've never heard of a $10,000 filing fee." Me either.
  20. Yup. I asked this earlier. It jumped out immediately. Where did this come from, pray tell?
  21. Pretty good news piece and a better one. https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2022-02-10/bsa-reaches-deal-with-official-abuse-claimants-committee https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2022-02-10/boy-scouts-reach-bankruptcy-deal-with-attorneys-for-sexual-abuse-survivors
  22. I've thought a lot about this too. I've gone over the terms several times. The YPE and YPC appear to be tied at the hip. With my attorney's eye - only one and not two so I can hedge if I'm wrong - I think there's something perhaps not visible to the naked eye. It's imbedded and inherent. One would hope there will be a batch of motivated, vigilant, intelligent and very engaged survivors on the YPC. I see nothing that says they will be bound by confidentiality, unable to scream bloody murder in the town square if things go afoul of their expectations and directives toward a fully-integrated YP f
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