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  1. I appreciate the invite and will give my forty cents. I am feeling generous as the season, and maybe even hope, can spring eternal. As some who've read my innumerable posts and droning know, I had reengaged with Scouting in the late fall of 2019. Then, February 18, 2020 struck and I was sucked into a vortex. A manic blackhole of slashing emotions, manic involvement in this process and a gnawing desire to do something that would afford me a measure of control. I think my survivor status and media commentary got me dismissed from the LC Executive Board. That is an unconfirmed, though ratio
  2. If anyone would like me to weigh in on this, shoot me a DM. I may otherwise not see any reply. I stumbled onto this thread based on the name. I don't want to step into this if you want it to be a discussion among active Scouters. I respect that desire, if so. If no one hollers either way, I will take that as my answer. I do appreciate the topic. It's thoughtful series of questions and could be a very deep and multifaceted discussion.
  3. A friend contacted me privately, concerned I've not been posting. He knows I am on all the hearings and was checking in on me. Honestly, Eagle1993 does such an excellent job I had little to add. My attempts at comic relief are often not well received (by some) and get shut down. Literally. Last time, I crashed the internet with an incouous though highly relevant observation about the repetitiveness of the presentations and arguments. We shall see what happens this time as I attempt to be serious. For the first day in, let's say, 787 days I feel nothing. I hear nothing. I have nothing to resear
  4. I believe Ms. Lauria said a "foundation," but I didn't hear any elaboration. Could be wrong. I'm highly skilled in that area.
  5. Footnote: I have been advised by counsel that there is a key Chapter 11 rule we may be overlooking. It is as follows: In bankruptcy court, every single solitary thing may very well have been said already, BUT every single solitary thing may not have been said by everyone. In an effort to avoid any and all possible omissions, reruns are to be expected. Nay, required. Please accept my recitation of this rule as a moment of levity.
  6. Right. Not yet. I add it as a footnote. Partly a self-interested notation.
  7. Are you excluding from your assessment the Roman Catholic Church entities referenced in the March 17 term sheet?
  8. Boy Scouts Abuse Settlement Attacked for Preventing Future Lawsuits April 7, 2022 by Steven Church https://amp.insurancejournal.com/news/national/2022/04/07/661698.htm
  9. "Needs to" being the fudge factor. Mr. Patterson's interpretive "needs to" dance and Ms. Wolff's will look very different when performed live on stage. I won't even mention certain pro se parties. This here block-o-issues is slated for three hours, 1.5 to each side. Say wha? Third Party Releases and Channeling Injunction (Including Definition of Abuse Claims, Jurisdiction and Authority, Substantial Contribution Arguments, Contribution of Insurance Rights to Trust, Direct Action Rights, and Due Process)
  10. Well, we have a wedding Friday so that overflow option will be walking down the aisle. Patterson, Kornfeld, Brady and Round 2 of Pachulski up after lunch. Far from over with the supporters. Mr. Pachulksi said he will take a long time on the STAC.
  11. Well behind. Pretty soon we will have chewed up the entire allocated block with just the supporters. If they take 4 hours, the objectors are entitled to equal time, righto?
  12. These attorneys/firms, the leads having switched firms in the midst, have been on this case since 2019. Anyone have an estimate of the income stream of 2019-2020 vs 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and surely well into 2023? We used to call cases and deals like this "lawyers' full employment acts." Conversely, when will we know the amount PSZJ will be contributing to the Settlement Trust? They've committed to return 10% of their overall fee and sticking it in the piggy bank, which pink piggy is not nearly as large as she should be.
  13. Yup. I was directly in front of her. She was ice cold. Sorry to say that in advance of the big wedding, but that was my sincere take.
  14. Add to it the girlish gleam in her eye and happy smile. Seriously? Also, this bride to be was not her stepdaughter when this case was initiated. Just sayin'. I'm very tempted to write a letter to the court. C'mon, man. My disgust is showing, again. At the very least she could have acknowledged the reality of survivors' attenuated quest for closure and made her announcement with a measure of apology.
  15. Closing out this week's edition of BSA TV's Series, "As the Bankruptcy Turns," I enjoy neither the cliffhanger nor the sinking feeling in my gut. One is not necessarily related to the other. The gut dive stands alone like the cheese, which continues to get more binding.
  16. Q2: Why does Tanc keep his computer/camera in a dresser drawer? If you're not watching, you don't get it. If you do, you know exactly what I mean.
  17. Q: How much training did it take Ms. Wolf to develop her talent for asking a 10 second question over the span of one minute or more, especially after her witness answered that very question two seconds prior. Good grief, Charlie Brown. It's like watching paint dry, and I'm taking about six layers of oil impasto.
  18. Likewise, for multiple reasons: 1. I am ready to stop poking myself in the eye, banging my head on the table and punching stuff. 2. If BSA does not exit and formal BSA is dismantled, small 's' scouting will not die. Without an overall umbrella and COs like UMC who have signed on to enhanced YO measures, we go back to kids in the woods with adults. Now, however, there are no formal oversight bodies (BSA, COs and YPC), practices, protocols or reporting procedures. I don't think the vast majority of people countenance this reality one teeny tiny bit. 3. Tens of thousands of BSA sur
  19. Agreed. She didn't like the IRO upon first hearing, wondering why everyone didn't have access to it. Mr. B loves the $20,000 price tag. Not.
  20. I believe we're now on to next week, based on everyone's calendars.
  21. I think not. Jason Amala (of the Pfau/Zalkin cohort) badly damaged the prospect of accessing the upside recovery during his testimony, as well. As to the expert damages report, I find firms who charge $2500+ if you have good documentation to hand them. But, no one will do it for me as a pro se plaintiff/claimant. Tell me they only work for attorneys. What am I, chopped liver? (Don't answer that.)
  22. Raise your right hand and repeat after me. The insurers are looking for good counsel and have gotten a judge to waive the education and bar exam requirements. You're in! Sidle up to the bar, my friend.
  23. Who, pray tell, is selecting these witnesses? Trial by committee appears to be a recipe for all manner of stroganoff, some of which with spoiled sour cream, others with cardboard noodles. Wowzers. Witness prep and doors blown open on direct is miserable lawyering. These are painful to watch. "Hurts so good," though. (That will be my single JCM reference. Promise!)
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