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  1. I don't think that the BSA is just using religion to support the exclusion of homosexuals. I think public opinion also is a big factor. To explain my opinion let me offer this: When I was in middle school we had a female gym teacher who was always "checking" on us girls in the locker room. Now keep in mind that all young people go through shy stages and changing clothes in public isn't very comfortable during those times. After many years of this teacher at the same school it was found out that she was a homosexual. Parents were angry, girls were upset. I for one would not be comfortab
  2. Eaglescout2004, Since noone else will I will offer you my support in your decision. We all work here to try and give our young men the tools to make their own decisions. If you are happy with the decision you made I support you 100%. The SM was in the wrong to be one on one with you in a back room and obviously this made you uncomfortable. He knew better. If (when my son ages a little) my son did the same I would not tell him he was wrong. What you did was to stand up for your self in a non confrontational way. And you reported the problem. A lot of our youth today would have just k
  3. 1. A good head on their shoulders (this will make sure they pack what they need) 2. Character ( to make good decisions) 3. Personality (to keep it interesting) 4. Good Morals (to make sure the good decisions are the right decisions) 5. A good sense of humor (for when all else fails) 6. Optimisim (so the glass is always half full and weekends are always sunny -- only works when #5. is a back up) 7. A Plan B (for when #5. wears off) 8. A Home to come to (when ever, where ever, no questions asked) 9. Support (someone who knows they can do anything) 10. Independence (Parents who
  4. My council shop requires the form. I had no idea till I went to get the patch. I am not sure why there would be some who require the form and some who don't. Maybe just another way of making the norm hard to follow as one shop worker said we didn't need it but was quickly corrected by another. Anyone know when the form was created? Is is new or old and being fazed out? Kristi
  5. I feel for you. We have had the same problems and I hate to say it but opinions change (even on this forum). For example, when I first described my situation here I was told the OLD CM had to go, then it changed to people thinking I had a personal vendetta against him. So I have quit complaining here about his actions. I would, however, like to make a suggestion based on my own experience. Find out when your roundtable is and go to it. You will find a fantastic support group there and maybe the answers to your problem. My Cub Roundtable Commish has been a fantastic help to us and has p
  6. Are all councils doing a special CSP for the 75th? If anyone is interested I can get ours at the scout shop for $5.50 each, only 500 are being sold. I will pick up any for folks who want to send for them. I would also be happy to scan mine in to send the image. Kristi Cantor PO BOX 1111 Kodak TN 37764
  7. Just to stir the pot . . . You will all be happy to know that a student can join the band without knowing how to play an instrument. After all, that is what they teach. When I joined many years ago I couldn't even read music. They taught me to read and play music and also how to stand outside at attention in a downpour of rain. Ah, the good old days . . . Maybe that is the problem. The ACLU might just be afraid that if we get the boys interested that they would "learn" about God and would then be allowed to join. Just stirring the pot. Kristi Kristi
  8. you can find the answers you need in the guide to safe scouting or online at: http://www.scouting.org/boyscouts/resources/18-260/chart.html Kristi
  9. I did this at our crossover this year and it was such a hit that no one took any photos of the actual burning neckerchief as all were too busy watching. I still have my script if you want I can email it to you. One thing though, I used Acetone and it worked very well. I also removed the Webelos patch. Kristi
  10. I wasn't aware that there was a weight limit to woodbadge. Are we to be checked in as carry on or go under the plane? ;-) Kristi
  11. Leave it to Beaver! Well said. I agree 150% so there is nothing more for me to add. Kristi
  12. I think this is a moot point. Ok, lets do something about overweight scouters. Now after we run them off, lets do something about overweight scouts. Now, after we run them off, lets do something about too thin scouters (after all thin doesn't mean healthy) and too thin scouts. Gee, room is getting kinda empty. Bald isn't really healthy, too easy to sunburn, out they go. Do you see where this is going? No one can really set the perfect example of the Scout Oath and Law. I mean really come on, there was only one truly perfect person on this planet and he died for it. I would love
  13. Sorry to be dense but what does my homeowner's insurance have to do with it? We don't meeet at my home and we don't have any acitvities at my home. We meet at the CO. Does this mean that I am also relying on the CO's insurance? Kristi
  14. Sad part is, even the SE's don't get to race it. (sigh) Anyway, my son loved the idea but he builds cars just to build cars. He still has high hopes that his will win and be on display at the museum but he also understood from the begining just how big this could have become (could, not did). He wanted to build one for it and if it didn't win he was still going to take it for show and tell and put it on his shelf with his other cars. The real winners will be the museum with more cars to race. If it had been announced early enough the boys could have done the theme at the pack and di
  15. I disagree with people saying the yellow shirt should be tucked in. I am 5'2 and 115 lbs and I can't keep it tucked in. It is hemmed way to short and I have the regular size not a petite. If it won't tuck on me then I really don't see how anyone could expect it to tuck on a fuller figured woman. It just doesn't seem like it is meant to be so I very seldom wear it. I also own a tan shirt and it tucks just fine so I usually wear it and yes It is always tucked in. Why can't we have a longer hem line if supply wants us to tuck. Kristi
  16. Wow, finally a response. Yes there is (this year only) a National Pinewood Derby. It is in celebration of the 75th year of Cub Scouting. National sent out info to the Scout Exec. in January so that each council could devise a way to select each council's entry. Each council is only allowed to send one car that is "Emblematic" of that council. The Scout Exec. will then take the car to the annual meeting in Dallas TX between May 26-28 and the cars will be raced by volunteers in a closed session (so no my son can't watch). The cars will also be judged on design. The winning car for speed a
  17. Ok, Please don't take this the wrong way as I am trying to get my pack back to following the program and see the methods of scouting as a clear path to achieving the aims of scouting. But, to play Devils advocate . . . Methods are simply that, methods. You could have a disease and the doctor tell you that there are 9 methods of curing it and method 3 is the one for you. Just because there is more than one method doesn't (in all cases) mean that you have to follow all of them, unless of course it is a "method to madness" Having said that I can see where some folks would think that just
  18. My son's car was chosen to go to the National Pinewood Derby for our council. I am going to take him to Dallas for those dates. I was wondering if the boys will be allowed to watch the race or if it is closed. Anyone know? I am going anyway as I have family there and plan to take him to the Scout Museum since all the cars will end up there. Kristi
  19. Simple answer would be the medical form from the BSA. Have them have a physical and if their doctor oks it then you probably won't have a problem. Kristi
  20. There were 2 Tx courses listed on my schedule. One is in Nov and the other you missed by a couple of months. That being said, my schedule is for the Southern Region. I can give you the fax number for the souther region ( 770-499-8146). You could fax them a request for the information for the dates and course you need and see what response you get. Or, you could check with your DE. All my info came from my DE not the camp director. Most camps have the DE as the Admin so he should be most helpful. I will also shoot off an email to Donna Carr who was in charge of my course to see what she
  21. I just returned from the one in GA. I was looking at my schedule and the only one upcoming I see for TX is the one in Nov in conroe Tx. This may be due to the fact that I work with Cubs and you may work with Boy Scouts. Could you give me some more info? Kristi
  22. Scrabble is now 75 years old too I think. Kristi Edited part: Was invented in the 30's but not trademarked untill the 40's (This message has been edited by cajuncody)
  23. Are you sure about that? I just took Baloo and I was told that it didn't need renewal. My assistant took Wlot and was told the same thing. In fact, she was told that her previous Baloo training was still good and that was taken over 8 years ago. Kristi
  24. I found this link on the web. It says that the Radios started in the 1943 Cub Scout book. Here is the link and part of the article: http://www.bizarrelabs.com/crystal.htm Set four: Cub Scout set This is a set which appeared in the 1943 Wolf Cub Book, part 1, pp. 75-77. The text is verbatim. It may be public domain by now, but assume for now that the Boy Scouts of America hold the copyright. There is also a nice gif image of the set from the manual. If you have trouble getting this, let me know and I will see what I can do. How to make a simple CRYSTAL RECEIVER A-Dry a card
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