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  1. As I was looking through my scout prayer collection for a field trip prayer I came across one that seemed just right for where this thread has been and is going. I am going to put it here so some may want to skip the rest of this message. Kristi Scout Law Prayer Dear Lord, Bless all those everywhere who contribute to shape the hearts, minds and bodies of young people. Let us remember what they have taught and apply it daily. When facing deceit and dishonesty, let us be Trustworthy. If we see hypocrisy and faithlessness, let us be Loyal. Where disregard of others and m
  2. don't forget the first ever National Pinewood Derby. If my son (fingers crossed) gets his car chosen to go you can bet we will be there with bells on. Kristi
  3. I do not know if this is what you were looking for but it would seem to fit. From my personal collection: Dear God, give us thankful hearts. Keep us from complaining. Help us get along with each other. Keep us cheerful when things go wrong and our plans are upset. We pray that we may grow in love and understanding of one another. Amen Kristi
  4. Ah, the good ole U S of A. Where every man is innocent until the media gets ahold of it. With all the media hype you would think that this man had been caught in the office closet with a Cub Scout by the police with video cameras and expert witnesses standing around taking notes. Nothing has been proven, no trial has been had, but thanks to "Good Reporting" (sarcasam intended) we are all reading his guilt, not as alleged but as tried and proven in print. Now, this is not to say that I am standing up for this man, I don't know him and I wouldn't want to if this is proven true, but come
  5. I have my Baloo info as I just completed it last month. Do you need Appendix E Cub Scout Pack Campout Planning Calendar or Appendix F Cub Scout Outdoor Program Checklist? Let me know which and where to send it and I will scan it in and email it to you. Or check out http://www.buckskin.org/Resources/Forms/Forms.htm Look at the bottom under Cub Scouts. Kristi(This message has been edited by cajuncody)
  6. In a previous post Lynda J wrote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recently at a Round Table we had a dad comment that Scouting needs to market itself like sports. But to the point that there is "No Second String in Scouting and that no one sits on the bench." I hope it is ok with Lynda but I spun this off into a spring recruitment flyer for our pack. If there are no objections I am going to have it printed. I loved it. I will try to paste it here but the pictures may not come through. The clip art was of different sports, family
  7. I don't think it has to end at the school end. The Key word is "OR" For Wolf it is "In second grade or age 8" So that means that until he enters 3rd grade or turns 9 he can be a wolf. Summer is the between for grades so you could use his age. Kristi If I am wrong please be gentle.
  8. I can only give you my district numbers that were read at our district banquet. For the last complete scouting year we had 1800 scouts and of them 17 received Eagle which was explained by the man with the numbers at 1.7%. Not sure if the numbers include cubbies or not. Just what was said. Kristi
  9. Since my last couple of posts were "down" thought I would add this. The CC that we now have is asking to be trained. Is there specific training for cC? Finally, someone who understands!!
  10. Laurie, You have just given me a valuable lesson. Never take someones word for it, always check to be sure. Outgoing CM told me they needed the COR to sign them and I just accepted that as fact. I do still need the COR to sign our money earning permit though and he just doesn't have time. I also have 4 new committee members registrations to be signed. I am running out of time on the Money earning app though and I have sent 4 copies home with his wife from the school and they have never come back. It is frustrating to be trying to rebuild something and have a couple of people who jus
  11. I need a COR that I can get boys registration signed to turn in. I have 4 boys who have been meeting with us since the begining of the year and they are not on the Charter because the COR hasn't found the time to sign the registration forms. So I guess I need to tell these boys to come back next year when this man has more time? Or maybe I should check with another interested party who has more time and is more acessable and is in the same position with the CO? I actually like the COR as a person but need some boys registered. I also need someone who doesn't expect special treatment.
  12. Hi again. I have formed a functioning committee and had them approved by the CO and COR so now I am stepping back to the right side of the line that I crossed. Now that I am back within my realm of power I have a new and interesting question. How does a pack go about getting a new and more involved COR. Over the past few weeks I have found our COR to be difficult to contact and to busy to get anything done for the pack. On top of that he has a son who is a bear who never comes to the meetings and only shows up for parties and pinewood derby. AT pinewood derby they brought a questionable
  13. But that is the problem. We don't have a CC and the COR just found out he was COR when I called him with the info on the charter. The CC listed on the Charter moved out of the area. The COR and the CO don't know what their responsibilities are. I am working with the DE to educate them but I really need some support from other members of the pack. I can't do it all my self, nor would I want too plus as you all have pointed out it isn't my problem. If we don't get a committee quick and get rid of this guy we may not be able to pull out of this downward spiral. Of course I could go back to
  14. I agree, he could do some good somewhere else. However, here in our pack and community he is not well received. He is very controlling. He serves as a camp site host at our council summer camps and does very well with boy scouts since it is boy run. He is an Eagle Scout so he knows how the program is supposed to runbut just doesn't do it that way with cubs. With money missing though it has soured alot of people. Add on top of that the constant interuption of our meetings and the fact that he said "Since I am no longer CM that makes me CC right?" to a group of parents at the last meeting
  15. Ok, maybe I was a little vague. I am not a den leader any more. I am on our pack charter as the CM. The former CM is no where on our charter. The committee members listed on the charter left 3 years ago with their boys. The former CM has been doing everything. He retired, passed the pack to me at our blue and gold. THe DE told me that the merit award was for his work with Day camp, that was even stated at the award ceremony. This is no great and fine leader. We have pack money missing. We have adults who wittnessed him spending pack money by a pack check on personal items. He has ne
  16. Neither the COR or the CO appointed him. We didn't have a committee so I have formed a temp one with the adults we have available who are willing to help. I was hoping by getting a committee we can get on a better footing with the CO and not lose our charter. The former CM is the biggest reason we may lose it. I have asked a parent to fill in as CC until we progress (great parent with 5 children 1 wolf, twin future tigers and a year old boy with a sister thrown in to keep it interesting). He could bring longevity to the position and can get along with anyone. Plus with that many children
  17. I did get the keys. The equipment and money are still MIA. He talks for 30 min at every meeting instead of letting us have den meetings. We don't have "pack meetings", the boys never sing or do skits we learn in dens. Many many other problems. We are now down to 12 boys. 2 left last week because he is still here after retiring. He doesn't respect the church where we meet. He has interupted their meetings out of spite when they use the room we usually do . He has been rude to parents and boys. He is just not what a CM should have been and runs everything himself. No committee in the
  18. Our former CM (yup still the lousy one) announced at the last meeting (just jumped right in) that HE had made a "bracket" for our race. It is like football teams use in a championship, you know, a bunch of lines eliminating teams at each championship game. I said thanks but no thanks that we would be using the Near Perfect N system so he asked the parents would they rather know right away who was still in the race or not know the winner till the end. They all want to know right away who is still in the race. But if we use his bracket it will be a single elimination, not even double. The s
  19. How much can one pack endure. Last night was the district awards banquet. Our "former" CM (yeah the lousy one) was given the "District Award of Merit" for all of his years of service and running Day camp for 5 years. He goes up there and our district commish says that "He retired as the CM and is now serving to the committe of pack ___" DOH!!! We don't want him, he was not asked to serve on the committee and I am still putting a temp committee together. Why does this man think he can just name himself to the committee?? Why can't he realize that the CO doesn't want him? Why can't he re
  20. Well, being from TN where Frist is also from, I can tell you that he actually does support the BSA. AND he has already announced that he isn't running again. He is considered by all of us here to be a fine person. He is also a doctor and it was well publisized when he helped an accident victum on the side of a Florida road while in office. He also does alot of volunteer work and donates time to work in 3rd world countries helping those who can't get medical care (even against the wishes of other federal offices). I can neither confirm nor deny wether he himself was a scout but if he wasn'
  21. Here is a petition that I received from a local scouter regarding this. Kristi Because you have already signed our "Save the Scouts" petition > and support the Boy Scouts of America, we wanted to alert you > to key legislation that would prevent organizations like the > ACLU from destroying this proud organization. > > + + Key legislation about to be announced! > > The "Support Our Scouts Act of 2005" is due to be announced > any day, and would ensure that the Boy Scouts are treated fairly > by guaranteeing their right to equal access to pub
  22. I would be happy to call the activities people at council but they refered me to the SE as HE was the one the Derby info was sent to and He is the one who is supposed to take the car. He didn't pass the info on to the folks incharge of activities. He pushed it to the side of his desk. Kristi
  23. I need the contact info for the ACLU. You see there is this kid at school and he almost always is the last person picked for sides in any game. This has to be discrimination and since it happens in school it has to stop. We should sue the school and have a computer randomly assign numbers to kids and pull them for any and all team sports or games. This religious cult of choosing sides should stop now or someones feelings are going to get hurt. I agree with those who think the ACLU is picking on the BSA. Why? WEll no one here has posted one story of the ACLU fighting the schools who ha
  24. Council, hrumph, council is on my list right now, more so than the SM who wants no ladies on camp outs. Here is why Heard about the National Pinewood Derby this year? No one in my district had including the Round Table Commish. Wanna know why? SE received the flyer but couldn't "find" a sponser or a place to race so he just didn't bother. Now all packs have already built their cars and District races are coming up and I found out about the national race. Plenty of people are ticked that we weren't informed, plenty of packs would have provided a track and somewhere to have the race. No
  25. Where there are boys there will always be a mother. I would like to think that there will never come a time when my son will not need me but that just isn't true because I spend a good part of every day teaching him self reliance. A boy led troop is a marvel to behold and I have high hopes of one day seeing my son in one (oldest is a wolf) but I won't be content to just hear about it when he comes home. The problem nowadays isn't that parents are too involved with their kids, it is just the opposite. A lot of Parents only learn about grades when the report card comes home. Not me, I am at
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