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  1. okay.. emb021 tonight I will stop at the store and buy a cubscout emblem to put on the knot.. on his Boy Scout unifomr he will wear 1 purple knot, with 1 cub scout (tiger) emblem and 1 webelos emblem. this shows that he earned the religious medal twice. thanks...
  2. Thanks Michelle.. Guess I need to get that cub scout pin too. I was told the purple knot is one award, then the next would be adding pins.. so by him having 1 pin on it meant 2 actual awards.. I guess the person that told me that was wrong... Julie
  3. We are chartered to our parents.. We have not Chartered Org. I was chosen by the XO.
  4. The COR is on the recharter and I do pay a registration, and am a member of the committee. I have specific roles in the pack... I have a position patch on my sleeve.. not many CORs are active in the units from what I hear.
  5. I have one uniform. The pack # and COR is on the uniform. I have both blue and silver loops.....
  6. so he has to take his religious knot & webelos knot pin OFF his uniform?
  7. Funny.. I am the COR for our pack and a committee member, I was told from Council that "legally" I can not have other registered roles in the Pack. We have den leaders that are committee members as well (parents dont volunteer).... ALSO the Executive officer also can carry more then one role in the pack. This is from the recharter i just completed.
  8. 1st of I have been the COR for 4 yrs for our cub Scout Pack. I do wear a uniform.... this is the query I wear the Pack#, Anniv# and COR patch on my left shoulder since I am attached to the Pack I was told since I am a COR I carry a vote on the district level and should where Silver on my shoulders. ..... Then recently someone told me that since I have the Pack # on my sleeve I should be wearing Blue not silver... THEN the discussion started between others.. saying if I am wearing Silver I should not have a Pack # on my sleeve ?! but then Since I am affiliate with the pa
  9. The religious knot... (1)hmmmm My son earned it as a tiger, and again as a Webelos. Wearing of the knot shows he earned it once, and then a small webelos pin in the middle shows he earned it a second time ?! is this wrong? (2) okay so as I understand it, there is no need for an AOL knot until he is a scouter, and I just need to sew the AOL patch onto his Boy Scout uniform.. correct? Thanks for all the responses...
  10. This is online, but even when I bought them for our boys AFTER earning them it had to be verified before we could get the pins! CUB SCOUT SPORTS: ARCHERY A Cub Scout Sport for Camp Only Archery belt loops and sports pins may only be earned through council or district sponsored programs. Quality camp programs will offer an archery shooting program that allows boys to meet the requirements for earning the archery belt loop. In a program where boys come for more than one day, councils should offer activities that meet the requirements for the archery sports pin. Dens and packs enj
  11. we have Webelos crossing over next month, as well as earning their AOL. Do they wear their AOL patch when they cross over OR do they wear a knot? If they wear the patch WHY do they sell a knot? Also everything I read says this is the only award the boy can cross over with, but what about the religious awards (knots) ??????? Thanks!
  12. 4 of 5 earning the AOL, so each of those will get the Arrow with award painted on the shaft. each boy graduating will get a leather pouch with "memories" in the bag....smaller bags of dirt from meeting place, and other little items...
  13. FScouter, I agree completely with you... I understand that it falls on the shoulders of the parents, but they too need to know and understand that this is an award for participation.. doesnt it also require a % of the pack in order to qualify?! Rules and policy are set into motion for reasons it is not for me to question them (not all of them) it is my job to ensure that everyone does everything they need to do to earn awards etc, if they dont then they dont get the patch/pin..
  14. INTRODUCTION Cub Scouting is a year-round program, September thru August. As such, it is the responsiblitiy of every Scouting unit to ensure a quality Cub program, even during the summer. During the months of June, July, and August, Cub Scouts and their families can participate in Scouting activities that are educational and fun. A full summer program keeps a pack healthy, parents interested, and Cub Scouts eager to register for another year. Participating in these Summertime activities also gives the Cub Scout, his Den, and the Pack an opportunity to earn the National Summertime P
  15. The best place to find this stuff... http://www.geocities.com/cybercubber/
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