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  1. (Cajun steps to the bat to take a swing) IMO the Social and Economic Forces of a community do have an effect on Scouting. I am not just refering to buying equipment or uniforms either. If you look at 2 cub packs, lets say pack A is a high income group and pack B is not. I would wager on Pack B getting more out of scouting simply because this group of boys does not get everything handed to them. My boys are the pack B group. We may not be in uniform or have camping equipment but the personal accomplishments seem to mean more to them. For Example, at our Pinewood Derby District meet we
  2. Great answers! I just love this forum. I can get many answers here in the time it takes me to look up my current CMs phone number. AND I can usually get the correct answer the first time with out hearing I'll look it up and call you back or talking to voice mail. You guys are great, plan on seeing me around for a long time! Cajun
  3. Am I right in the assumption that the Tiger Cub belt totem is retired once a child moves into a Wolf den or may the boys still wear them on their belts? Cajun Looking forward to our first den meeting tonight!!
  4. Home Depot and Lowes are great. I even have some kits left over that I put in my Cub stash. That way if I ever need a last min. fill in I can just pull out the stash and see how much we can do. I have also requested (and received) donated scrapbook items and stickers for my Tiger Cubs Scrapbook project. IMO it never hurts to ask and if I get told no, well I have heard it before and will hear it again so it doesn't hurt my feelings at all. Cajun
  5. Since everyone now knows that Most of my den funds come from me I thought I would start a thread with some of the more thrifty den meeting ideas I could find (these are actual meeting projects from my Tiger year). 1. Don't over look Homedepot and Lowes. They have kids workshops that you can attend as a den or if you ask nicely they will give you the left over projects to make at your meeting. Lowes also supplied the aprons AND safety glasses for the boys to keep. Lowes also supplied a project for Day camp on very short notice when our BB Gun and Archery instructor decided not to show.
  6. I can do that! I have a PO Box set up just for that reason. Please help the boys of my pack by sending any uniform parts or pieces to Kristi Cantor PO BOX 1111 Kodak TN 37764 I was going to add my pack number and all but figured that may not be safe online. That might be too specific info. All items are needed and will be put to good use. We are a cub pack so we need the blues and the tan/olive for the Webelos. Thanks ahead of time for making a difference in a childs life. I also have a meeting today with the manager at the local McDonalds. I am talking with
  7. I never said I "Can't" get my boys in uniform. I am working very hard, I have set up a uniform closet with my pack but it is as of now empty. I have been to every thrift shop in a 25 mile radius and have called every other one in the phone book. None had any uniforms but all took my number. I have had one PM of an offer of help to which I have responded. I know I am fighting a uphill battle but atleast I am fighting. As of now I only have 2 in partial uniform. I have even contacted folks on ebay about future uniforms that come available. I have notified my DE of my plans but haven't h
  8. First off, most of these where there is a will there is a way posts are making my top list of peeves. Pet Peeve number 1 ---I (Cajun) am a SHE not a he. (But I am willing to over look this for the time being) Secondly, If I go into my meeting tomorrow night and announce "FULL Uniforms will be required from now on." I would lose every single scout I have. My son included. We don't require them because we can't afford them. You might see some folks in High dollar Nike in other areas but EVERYONE ( not half, not a third, not five eights), Every single one of my scouts either wears
  9. Good thing I was not near the cut off, I just can't picture myself as a 16 year old senior in high school. Cajun
  10. I was going to just lurk but I had to respond anyway. Uniforms here are a luxury. Some of my scouts don't even have nice shoes or ,in the case of 1, blue jeans that have a button and will stay zipped. We are in RURAL East Tn, in the mountains, the Sticks, or BFE if you prefer. We are the "Country boys" of scouting. Most of my kids have camped but never had a tent, cooking over a fire is just cooking to them. Half of my Den receives federal or state assistance and you can't buy a uniform with foodstamps. While I would love to see my scouts in uniform I don't hold my breath. I am trying
  11. I too am having problems seeing a 6 year old as having completed First Grade It gets even worse as you go. That would put the future high school graduate at a very young 16 if my math hold true. This must be wrong. Cajun
  12. My 7 year old is also a Wolf. BSA describes a Wolf as "an 8 year old or a boy who has completed First Grade." (A Cub Scout who has completed first grade (or is age 8) works on 12 achievements to earn the Wolf badge.) Now on that note, my youngest will be an 8 yr old wolf because the timing of his Birthday puts him in Kindergarten the same year he turns 6 as he won't be 5 by the cut off date but turns 5 in January. (This adventure with him begins with Tiger Cubs - a program of exciting indoor and outdoor activities just right for a boy who is in first grade and/or is 7 years old.) Kristi
  13. This happened to me on our first Go See It with Tiger Cubs and I will never forget this moment. We were a small den and only 4 boys came on this go see it. However, siblings are always welcome so we had 5 siblings with us that day in the woods. We were on our hike in the Great Smoky Mountains when I (as den leader) found a deer track in the soft mud near the creek. I was SOOOOO proud of myself for this. I was having a blast and the leadership was making me feel very good. As I stepped in the mud ( muddy shoes were a small price to pay for showing the boys a deer track) and leaned down I
  14. I may not have been clear. This is not a scratch and win. The scout will have a card with scratch off dots and will say "would you like to donate to our pack?" The "donor" will then scratch off a dot to see how much to donate from $.05 to $2.00 they get the coupons for donating. So right there we are asking for cash donations and then as a "thank you" giving coupons. These cards may be seen at : http://www.wowfundraising.com/scratchcards-fundraising.php Cajun
  15. Hi all, me again! My pack has decided to stop selling candy bars and go with a scratch off card this year but IMO it violates policy. In another post here abouts someone stated that you can not ask for donations. This new scratch off card is just that. From my understanding the boys ask someone to donate the amount uncovered by the scratch off dot and then give them a coupon sheet. Are we skirting policy by giving the coupon sheet? To truly skirt the issue shouldn't the boys be "selling" the coupon sheets for the amount uncovered by the dot? And finally, are any of you familiar with the
  16. Hi and welcome to the group. You have come to the right place for answers or speculation. I am new here also but have at least one year of den leader experience and I am getting ready to move up to Cub Master next year. I will offer you my advice but others here may have better opinions. First on a side note typing in all caps is considered yelling. It is hard on the eyes and in some net groups it is as rude as slamming another member. Now, on to business. If I were in that pack my answer would be the pack fundraiser. If a child 's family couldn't come out of pocket with the correc
  17. cajuncody


    Hi and welcome to the group. You have come to the right place for answers or speculation. I am new here also but have at least one year of den leader experience and I am getting ready to move up to Cub Master next year. I will offer you my advice but others here may have better opinions. First on a side note typing in all caps is considered yelling. It is hard on the eyes and in some net groups it is as rude as slamming another member. Now, on to business. If I were in that pack my answer would be the pack fundraiser. If a child 's family couldn't come out of pocket with the c
  18. As a future CM I had to try my hand at this too so here goes: "There are good ships and wood ships and ships that sail the sea, But the best ships are friendships and may they always be." Irish and a little longer: It Couldn't be Done Somebody said that it couldn't be done But he with a chuckle replied that "maybe it couldn't" but he would be one Who wouldn't say so until he had tried. So he buckled right in, with the trace of a grin On his face. If he worried he hid it. He started to sing as he tackled the thing That couldn't be done, and he did it.
  19. DANGER DANGER, DANGER Will Robinson {spins dizzily and falls to the floor,} Phone the CC say that you have talked with the DE, ask the CC if the COR is attending the District Committee Meeting? Mention that the COR is invited to this meeting and really ought to attend and that maybe the CC should mention that he or she might mention it to the COR. Wow I don't even know what half of those letter combos stand for. That was more information than I could process at one time, It took 3 reads but I copied it and made a file just for it. That one post alone should keep me busy
  20. Thanks for all the help, I was looking at the Great Smoky Mountains page but kept getting broken links or out of date info. I called the council and spoke to the "hired help" which was anything but helpful. I did finally manage to get a few phone numbers and have left messages for everyone. I also just received an email from the den leader for Webelos, who also has no training, and she said that we have a new DE and gave me his phone number. I have dates for training sessions but no one knows what they are for or where they are at, I also now have a time, date, and place for Baloo trai
  21. I had to stop laughing before I responded. I know its not really funny but . . . I have been unable to find out the when and where of any district roundtable, the next one or otherwise. I did find out that there was one held back in 2003 though. thus is my quandry cajun
  22. I am still looking for training as a future new CM and just realized that my council's website still has 2003 info on it. I am begining to wonder if I have gotten in over my head due to lack of local support. I did manage to find some dates but no locations for the training. Wow, what a bunch of winners have I joined? How much training can I do online??? Help me in Tennessee
  23. First off, Thanks a bunch for the info. I have already done the online Child safety training and just completed the fast start training CD for all the different types of cubs from Tigers on up. There is Baloo training at the end of the month in my area along with Webelos and I am planning to attend. I just didn't know if there is a specific "CM" training for newbies. Secondly uniforms seem to be a problem along with apathetic parents. I don't blame the parents, we get no notice of changed events and our round up letter went home on the day of the round up. As you can guess, we are a
  24. Hi all, I am new here. I spent last year struggling through as a Tiger den leader and next year I am taking over as packmaster, big jump for the uninformed. I have a couple of questions for you all. First, is there any info on getting sponsors to help with uniform costs? We live in rural east TN and most of my cubs are "financially challenged". I have a hard time keeping cubs if there is any costs. I bought all supplies our of pocket last year and would love some help this year. Any ideas would be welcomed. Second, my packmaster this year is supposed to be training me but he seems
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