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  1. What bothers me is that this boy is a member on paper only. He doens't come to the meetings, I haven't seen him advance in rank, he doesn't come to hikes, camps, or service projects. I can't even put a face with a name because in my entire time I have never seen him. He doesn't even come to the race but up untill last year his family were the "reigning champs" and always won all the races (Best of show, speed, sibling, and adult classes). He doesn't help with his car and is not even allowed to touch it. The only time you hear his name is at the race and you may see him at a party. this i
  2. Unfortunatley little Johnny and Dad don't come to the race. They send the car with the CM and he races it. If it wins the CM takes it to district. I don't think Johnny even gets to touch the car. It is always too perfect. It is all about winning and the awards. If you don't come, why race? Kristi
  3. Just going to go ahead and vent: Just talked to current CM and he said that "Little Johnny" and his dad were already working on their cars to beat my sons and my own car (we blew everyone away last year) this year at derby. I have no problem with competition, heck "Bring it on!" I had a blast last year. My pinewood pet peeve is that "little Johnny" and his family have attended maybe 1 meeting since September. I say 1 because I can remember none but he may have been in the group at the Election party. I don't think he should be allowed to compete. This is wrong for our other boys who ha
  4. I run the uniform bank I started for my pack but we currently don't have any available. Please try http://www.euxnetwork.net Ora helped to put one of my new leaders in a shirt, Very good to deal with. Kristi If the link doesn't work send me a private message and I will send y ou his email addy. Kristi
  5. I received this from my sister and plan to use it with our pack (with minor changes for a couple of inappropriate phrases. Kristi Below is an article written by Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated. He details his experiences when given the opportunity to fly in a F-14 Tomcat. If you aren't laughing out loud by the time you get to "Milk Duds," your sense of humor is broken. "Now this message is for America's most famous athletes: Someday you may be invited to fly in the back-seat of one of your country's most powerful fighter jets. Many of you already have ... John El
  6. I think that a Cub would like it because I keep it fun and get involved. I think a parent would like it because we are always learning something new and I get involved. So: Fun, Learning, and involved leader . . . works for me! Kristi
  7. Trevorum, I appreciate that you don't agree with me on that point. It was a poorly chosen example. I should have said that it would be a poor example if the CM could not show proper reverence. Thus my quandry would have been how am I to teach my son proper reverence if an adult leader that he looks up to can not show it. Thank you for pointing out the flaw in my ill conceived email Kristi
  8. I read through this over the course of a couple of days and kept from replying because I could see the set up. I wanted to add that how could I expect an athiest to teach my son proper behavior if he doesn't bow his head during prayer. It is sometimes hard to get a 7 yr old to remember that and if he pointed out "well our CM doesn't why should I?" I would be upset with leadership. Now, the reason I am replying is off topic but a valid point. Why at the end, when the gloves came off and Mhager resorted to name calling and showing his true nature (no, I don't think a Christian would have
  9. At our roundtable last night our District Training Chair announced that there will be a new training opp for the youth in troop leadership positions modeled after the woodbadge course. I will post details as I get them. I sure do hope this goes nation wide. Kristi
  10. Thank the powers that be that my 7 yr old is not reading these posts. "Mother, may I play my PS2 all night on a school night?" "No, you may not". What message am I sending to him???!!! Kristi
  11. Hee hee, I even have my Campaign Hat. It's not as if I can ask my boys to wear a uniform if I can't do the same myself. Plus, I like the hat. Kristi
  12. Me again! I need a ceremony for crossing over 2 boys inside a church. I would like a "show stopper". Since this will be my first act as Cubmaster I am hoping to really start off with a bang. Please send me suggestions or web sites. Kristi
  13. It is still alive here but nearing its end I hope. both my son's have the duel thingy that goes on the arm but it seems that Wallyworld has plenty left over from Christmas. Usually that is a good sign it is on the way out. Kristi
  14. I bought the last thing needed for me to be in "complete" uniform. I had been using a web belt that looked like the CS belt with the exception of the buckle and width. I was at council yesterday turning in my assistant's University of Scouting registration so I went in the scout shop and bought the belt. I said "Finally, my uniform is complete" and the lady behind the counter said "Oh, you already have socks too?" DOH! So I bought the silly little green and red socks. Complete at last . . . for now. Kristi
  15. A waterproof container of matches and a cooking stick (or 2). Kristi
  16. I think a visit or two with a local cub pack would help. It is always fun to watch the newest scouts going at it with wide eyed wonder. Get away from the adults and let the little ones show you what you are missing. Kristi
  17. http://www.marthastewart.com/page.jhtml?type=content&id=channel189343&catid=cat333 This is close, a change of color and decorations should give you what you want. I think I will try it too. Kristi
  18. In regards to getting duplicates of rank patches: Our scout shop will sell them to you as long as you have proof of them being earned. I recently picked up my son's Wolf Badge (CM forgot to buy it) and all I had to do was get a copy of his current rank at the front desk of council. Quick and easy. Kristi
  19. http://www.transpor.com/ Seems like it would be a good thing to add. I would buy it. If it would work that is (edited Part) Kristi(This message has been edited by cajuncody)
  20. Good to see that I did ok with that. The post I spun this from talked about having beer on campouts and keeping it put up till the boys were in tents. In my opinion if you are keeping it put up till the boys are in tents then you know good and well it shouldn't be there. Kristi (my husband was not in a uniform and has no part in scout leadership, I sent him away anyway as he was sitting with us)
  21. I have a great fundraising idea. I would pay good money if CNN would stop showing the heart wrenching stories of: man searching for pregnant wife and child woman searching for child swept from arms child searching for parents and all of the other equally horrifying stories of survival and loss. I feel for these people but there is just so much that I can take. They don't need their stories out there as much as our news networks put them. Give them some dignified time to mourn and let me go through the day without picturing my own child being swept away (and thanking God that it
  22. Well, that is one way to make them popular. Maybe we could get Brittany to wear one too. Kristi
  23. I was reading through some old threads and wanted to post in regards to alcohol and scout activities. Last year was my first year and I am married to a truck driver. We were at the "field of dreams" for our scout pack on the 4th of July at the local baseball stadium. The scouts went on the field with the players for the national anthem and then we all sat down to enjoy the game. Imagine my shock at seeing my husband sitting there in the stands with a beer. I pulled him to the side and told him I thought that was a no-no in front of scouts and sent him to the concession area to finish it.
  24. I am a big fan of the "uniform price is too high" party. I am trying to outfit financially challenged volunteers for my pack. It may seem to some that parents should be able to pay their own way but it is hard here in rural East Tennessee. Kristi (Anyone have a tan 2xl to donate?
  25. Thanks, this is my first year running one on my own so I need all the help I can get. I will give this a go! Kristi
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