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  1. I hear your suggestions loud and clear, keep them coming, this is great. So, we all agree that Twilight Camp sounds like something for over the hill campers. What should we call it then? Give me some fantastic names to choose from! Kristi
  2. Wow! That is exactly the kind of advise that keeps me coming back for more. I didn't think about the email like that. Well, good thing I haven't sent it yet. Keep those ideas coming! Kristi
  3. How could I sell my camp to you if you had been there before and really was not impressed. New leadership will only sell so much. What would it take to personally win YOU over? Kristi Email sent to other packs in my district today: Greetings to everyone. I hope you are all enjoying your summers. I am sending this email to all of you regarding next years Twilight Camp for our district. As most of you know I will be the Camp Director. As most of you also know our camp is not what it could be. With about 300 registered Cubs in our district we are looking at maybe having 30 at
  4. Greetings, I am going to become the Camp Director for our District Twilight Camp next year. This camp is dying. Out of 300+ Cubs in the district there are only 20 registered to attend and the camp is next week. I will be working the camp this year as a volunteer. My question is to all of you, what can I do in the upcoming year to develop interest and increase numbers. I have planned on a blanket email to all Packs introducing myself and asking what they want to see in the camp and trying to bring about those changes. I have also visited a very well run and popular camp in another di
  5. You have found the magic number. I also got my card immediatly. I asked at our Day camp why I did when others didn't and was shown the council print out. If you don't have your membership number when you take it online a printout is sent to your council where who ever is in charge of the charters and such has to match up your name and info with what is in the system to find your number. Then she can print you a card or in the case of our daycamp the print out was sent over and the "Queen of all things paper" had to match names with the list when verifying the course was taken. Simple ans
  6. There is a troop from the area of one of the other missing cars that is willing to make phone calls to try to locate the cars. I am going to call National back with this info today. I just wonder if they would want the help. Kristi
  7. I have posted photos at www.photobucket.com of his car. Just type cajuncody in the search line and it will pull up photos of the car. Thanks for getting the word out on this. Kristi
  8. The only info I have right now on who might have attended is that the cars were supposed to be brought in by the SE's. I really appreciate all of you asking for me. The Scout folks in Irving are trying to complile a list of who was there and send out email's to those that have email and snail mail to those that don't. I think that with all the divirsity on this forum that maybe you all are my best hope for speeding this up. I really hope that someone will find that maybe a box of cars has been overlooked somewhere because only my council or the museum folks should have had any right at
  9. Carry a small bag of treasure (beads, coins, stars) and reward good behavior. I also award different things during the day such as anything off the wall (but still appropriate) that one of the campers would say that would make everyone laugh. Search the web for quick jokes that are theme related and use them as a pick me up for the boys (ie: this year we have Cubs of the Caribbian (sp) so I used "Why couldn't the cub scouts go to the pirate movie? It was rated ARRRGH!") Also make sure you know what is needed in the handbook as it can be used as a plan b in case of bad weather. Most inpo
  10. I was told that most every council was represented at the breakfast so if any of you could check with your council it would be a help to my son and the others. The really sad part is that my council has gotten my son a "LARGE" trophy for his accomplishment. He was so upset yesterday that they had me go ahead and tell him it was on the way. His response was "So What? My car is gone and nobody will ever get to see it." Now he knew from the start that his car wouldn't come back and it also seems that he knew the biggest reward in this was his car going to the museum. It is hard to think ho
  11. FScouter, Thanks for that tip, I hope that is what it means. It is hard to think too clearly with an upset cubby in the background expecting you to find his car somewhere in the US using only your good manners and typing skills. Fuzzy, I hope you understand my misunderstanding of your post. The whole situation is getting to me. Kristi
  12. Gee Fuzzy, I am sorry to say that I am put off by your post. I surely hope you are not refering to my son who is only 8. If he is big dumb and silly for being upset that someone (an adult mind you) took his car that was supposed to be on display in the National Scout Museum (which he was very proud of and wanted to go see) then I am not really sure that you need to even respond. Please clarify your post for me so that I will know if my anger needs to be redirected. I thought Scouts were supposed to be Trustworthy. "RajunCajun"
  13. Greetings all, I need your help. AS most of you know my son won best of design for the National Derby held at the annual meeting this past month. We took him to see his car in the museum and they have a spot for it to go on permanent display. However, someone from the breakfast held the day after took his car as the cars were being used for table displays. His car and about 24 other cars were taken even after it was announced that they were to go to the museum. The hope is that it was a simple miscommunication. My son is heartbroken and in tears. My family is upset. If anyone know
  14. http://photobucket.com/albums/y278/cajuncody/ Photos of the car can be seen here. It is amazing that he can be so artistic but his handwriting is horrible. Kristi
  15. Um, I didn't notice that, but there is a problem. That isn't me in the photo but it has my name. It is my son, just not me. It is my assistant. Gee, I was showing that paper around all day at church sunday and nobody told me it said that. Hm, maybe we can get a correction.(This message has been edited by cajuncody)
  16. I would be happy to email a photo of his car to anyone who wants to see it. Simply pm me with your email addy and I will send it out. Kristi
  17. It seems they were admitting a mistake, and those sometimes happen. It even says the ones in the "Boy Scout Requirements 2005" are correct. As many pages of different things that are published by national I would have guessed worse mistakes than this have happened. Quote from web page : "Please Note: The Boy Scouts of America accidentally published the wrong requirements in the 2005 Scholarship merit badge pamphlet. The requirements listed below are from Boy Scout Requirements 2005 which is correct." Kristi
  18. I have heard that some of you consider the national pinewood derby to be bad form. This was the article that my local news paper did on my sons car. It was one whole side of the front page of the Faith and Family section and the other side was facts about Boy Scouts. It was considered to be very well done by everyone at our first ever district Fishing Derby. Here is the body of the article: >>(Edited part) I meant to add that I think the article will generate alot of interest in cub scouting in our area. It never hurts to have some good press and we have already received a few
  19. Yes, but in all fairness some of us come here to learn the rules we have overlooked and if we can get a simple "It is against rule xyz on page 123 of book a" it really helps to move things along quickly. But I do agree that sometimes it really stinks to hear that something we think would be great fun is not allowed. Kristi
  20. I have no experience at all in this but when I read it a thought popped into my head. Have you checked with the NRA in your area? They donate to local school hunter safety programs in my area. Kristi
  21. Frogger921 wrote: " We let her through because another leader who had been w/us for 3 years lives two doors down and was friends w/her. Unfortunately there was more to her story then any of us knew. " I don't quite get this. How can you have let her through? I didn't think that background checks were done at the pack level and I don't think that National would let you second guess their background check. Is this a registered leader? Kristi
  22. Welcome and pull up a log to the fire. We love to talk Scouting here also. Just watch out for politics, folks here can talk your ear off. Kristi
  23. Also, check with your local churches and after school programs. We run two spun off dens at local Boys and Girls clubs who would otherwise not get to attend meetings due to parents working late. Kristi
  24. We love camping. We take the boys to a local KOA camp that is only a couple of miles from where they live. It gives them a taste of camping but with the ability to go home. Cub scout camping is not extreme, it is about the cubs being introduced to it within limits. Make it short and sweet and do it often. Kristi
  25. As a former Wolf Leader, now CM, I have to say that this may not even be a problem. Maybe the parents just need to attend the den meetings and see what is going on. For example, in our den we covered the Feats of Skill requirement fully in one meeting. It was a blast and the kids loved it. when it was all said and done, none remembered exactly what we had done but fortunatly for us most of the parents stay for meetings. We have done other requirements just a quickly including Duty to God where our den had a guest speaker. My boys didn't want to slow down, they wanted to earn, earn, and e
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