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  1. I have it on good authority that the new uniforms are a couple of years away. Put me in the minority(?) that likes more division between cub scouts and boy scouts. Not a big fan of Webelos being in the tan shirt. My boys are both well above average size for their ages. The older one made it all the way through Cubs with 1 blue shirt. His tan shirt should get him a few years of use (until the new one comes out). I also cannot wait to get more of the red out of scout colors. Not a fan when I was a Scout (red beret era). Why do they not have patch blankets and such in blue for the
  2. One of the best ones we did a few years ago was the leather slide kit available at the Scout Shop. It is basically just a square of leather with a leather lacing. You roll it into a tube and lace the tube closed and voila, a simple, effective (stays on well) slide. Even better, if you have access to some leather working tools (our local scout shop would loan them out to units with a deposit) the boys can put their initials, rank logo, or native designs on the slide.
  3. No need to be co-ed. The girls just need to have a girls division of Boy Scouts. Wait, we did that and then the ultra-feminists decided to invade the program. Seriously, Mom, if you run your own GS troop, you have quite a bit of autonomy to ignore the national political aspects and have a program that teaches values. I would be careful about the GSUSA camps, though.
  4. The only way to have a good GS experience is to get lucky in finding a leader or to be the leader yourself. My older daughter was a Brownie in 2 different Troops, 2 different states. Both were very underwhelming to say the least. My wife took over as the leader to 'save' the Troop and now they actually do things, they are becoming girl-run and membership is growing. It appears that a GS Troop functions much like an autonomous Cub Scout Den or Boy Scout Patrol (depending on age of girls). I was shocked to be told about limited space, but now I understand (not that I like it). There is
  5. Welcome. Mrs. T went to HS at Bonanza in LV, UNLV class of 87. Mom-in-law still lives in the Valley. I lived there for 7 years. I cannot imagine summer camp in Southern NV. Reno and Tahoe are very nice and more human friendly! Enjoy the ride!
  6. So we should have a program that teaches boys to do the right thing and then if the rules do not mesh with what we want to do, we should complain about the person that pointed out that we are not following the rules? Rather than trying to find ways to circumvent the rules and calling names, we should work to follow the program for the betterment of all of the boys, Webelos and Boy Scouts. How about you take time to thank the "legal beagle" and ask him to help you devise a plan to help the boys get the Webelos experience in the proper way?
  7. The CM 'works' for the CO. Ultimately, contrary to many CM's opinions, the CC is the 'head' of the Pack and must follow the rules of both the BSA and the CO. I agree that the CO should thank the CM for serving and help the kids through it. Without knowing the details I would not begin to guess what is 'right' but I sure wish in our old Pack that the CO would have removed the CM. He did not understand the way BSA was supposed to work. He just wanted to be 'in charge'. He walked all over the CO who was not assertive enough to put him in his place. As a result the Pack continues to
  8. Unless these kids are in High School, even 9pm is too late for a bedtime. Children need much more than 8 hours of sleep at that age and going to bed at 9 or later seriously reduces the likelihood that the kids are getting enough sleep. Maybe the solution is to teach the kids and parents about the effects of not getting enough sleep. Perhaps you could alternate meeting times or days of the week. I have found that weekend meetings are much more productive and can avoid much of the sleep deprivation issues. Sure, it is your choice when to have the meetings, but if nobody comes is it
  9. I used to be a waist-up only leader. I tried to wear look-alike green dockers for formal occasions. I complained plenty about the old pants, and as soon as I saw the new pants, I bought some and I wear them. I have no problem with the shirt and I wear the bolo or the necker for formal occasions. I always wear a BSA hat with the uniform. I even wear the socks.
  10. It seems that many scout camps have indoor facilities. If those are OK, I see no reason that a pop up tent is not OK. Sure, there will be some camp sites that will not be able to accommodate, but for the most part it is not much different that being at a camp with platforms under the tents and cots inside them. As for leave no trace, a popup tent camper has a smaller footprint than most tents. It may be gauche to tenting=camping purists, but don't let small minds prevent you and your family from enjoying camping together with your Pack. I'm pushing 50 myself, and I certainly w
  11. I am watching the process as I type. What I have learned is that the 'issues' being raised about Judge Alito are even more minor than I first thought. The 'Vanguard' issue is about a mutual fund. Mutual funds are specifically excepted from the laws about judge recusing themselves from cases. Also, when he realized his mistake he approached the chief judge of his circuit and asked for a new panel and/or a new trial. (It was denied as unnecessary) The CAP issue is even more silly. The problem with CAP is that they have multiple points of interest and Judge Alito chose to put them
  12. I would say 2. You can't have a buddy system of 1.
  13. It seems it is very important to keep the CM and the checkbook separate. I would not even recommend having a husband/wife team as CM/Treas (or vice versa). While none of us are likely to assume the worst in people, when you put people in a position to be dishonest or careless, you may get it anyway. I really like the idea of having all checks written in the meetings. We are still trying to get the CM (who still thinks he is CEO/CFO of his own 'Cub' company) to refrain from spending money without the prior approval of the committee. I think it is best if the expenditures are first pl
  14. Catholic scouts can earn a rosary patch (I guess any could techically earn it) from the National Catholic Committee on Scouting. I suppose other religions may have some special awards in addition to their medals. I would recommend that each scout earn the religious medal that is associated with his faith as well. BTW, the rosary patches are big (6"?) and have 4 colors or more. Very cool patches. One for each year and they rotate through the Mysteries.
  15. I guess I would have them participate in the ceremony, but in a support role. Maybe something akin to a military 'crossed-swords' tunnel (crossed hiking sticks?) or something. Perhaps they can hold the AOL awards for the presenter?
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