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  1. Hi all. I was wondering what your favorite homemade/handmade slide is. since nearly all my den has neckerchiefs now I thought we could start to make some. I only need 2 more neckerchiefs (Wolf) to have my den complete. So, what was your favorite and how do you make it? Kristi Uniform Closet c/o Kristi Cantor PO BOX 1111 Kodak Tn 37764
  2. Membership card!!?? Are we supposed to have membership cards? Where do we get them? Kristi Uniform Closet c/o Kristi Cantor PO BOX 1111 Kodak Tn 37764
  3. I think I like it the way it is. It has gotten me a free drink or two and plenty of conversations started. While walking through Walmart with 2 cubs in uniform (all 3 of us) after a fundraiser I heard "Oh look! Cub Scouts!" from people young and old. I don't think we need drastic changes because what we have is easily recognizable to the general public. It would be nice however if the world scout crest came pre installed. I always sew it on crooked the first time. Kristi Uniform Closet c/o Kristi Cantor PO BOX 1111 Kodak Tn 37764(This message has been edited by cajuncody
  4. I would say the root cause was the parents not wanting the expensive uniform ruined on a campout. We went hiking this weekend and only 2 boys came in uniform. It was muddy and wet and only 2 boys out of the 6 that attended were in uniform. I don't hold it against the boys or council. I can't really blame the parents. Uniforms are too hard for us to come by to see them stained with red clay mud. Kristi Uniform Closet c/o Kristi CAntor PO BOX 1111 Kodak TN 37764
  5. I don't know if these would be good for cooking but we use them here for parts storage and other transport uses. http://www.bascousa.com/containers/paintcansandpails.html http://www.bascousa.com/containers/openheadsteelpails.html Kristi Uniform Closet c/o Kristi Cantor PO BOX 1111 Kodak TN 37764(This message has been edited by cajuncody)
  6. I can tell you that the reason we don't require scout pants is cost, cost, and cost. Most of my kids have problems finding pants that zip. The BSA Pants are just too expensive. Then again, so are new jeans or blue pants so my boys come in the best they have. Sometimes that is sweats. When I get donated uniform pants in I hand them out just as fast and then the boys wear them to every meeting. Kristi Uniform Closet C/O Kristi Cantor PO BOX 1111 Kodak Tn 37764
  7. I like that, may I borrow it too? Kristi
  8. Also heating the boot in the oven does double duty. When Hubby sees it I can tell him it is dinner and I get to go out to eat! Seriously though, how about waterproofing the suede type boots? Any good products out there for that? Kristi
  9. This year our popcorn sales stink! Why you ask? Well our current CM decided it was too much of a hassel so we aren't doing it. No vote, he decided. I just found this out yesterday while I was at the scout shop. Orders are due on the 12th. I found out from another volunteer, not my CM. No popcorn, no candy bars, and we are a broke pack already. We are doing the (words deleted for mature content before post) scratch off cards only it seems and I haven't sold the first dot. I have been laughed at and had door shut in my face. The coupons are lousy. What are we to do. Disheartened in TN
  10. Hi, Thanks for the update. We can use it all! As far as pants go I have heard the "complete uniform" line alot, in fact I heard it today at the scout shop while picking up some pins. My feeling is this: We had one boy come to the field of dreams with blue jeans that wouldn't button or zip. I can't ask him to buy pants but if I get some in I can give him a pair. I received a pair in a donations box a couple of weeks ago. He was first on the list for pants and he got them and they fit perfectly. Now I expect him to wear them and he does gladly. The other boys do their best, some wear w
  11. I am looking at district lines, not council lines. Kristi
  12. What I have learned is that I may not be able to change the world but I can change it for one boy at a time. Things that most of us take for granted can mean alot to a child who has never had anything. Old, used, hand-me-down shirts can light up a childs face the same way that a Christmas Present can. When a foster mother calls to tell you that "Joe" slept in his scout shirt it really makes you see the world in a much nicer light. When people send you uniform parts in response to an internet plea and do it without expecting praise, it makes me glad to be a part of it. When you see a young
  13. NJCS: He/She? With internet annonimity it doesn't hurt my feelings, now if we were face to face I might be offended. All To be specific our pack is supposed to "Serve Kodak" which is a small community that straddles 3 countys. We are in an area where 3 counties come together in a point. The schools I am thinking of are located close to the county lines also. I know for a fact that one of them doesn't have scouts at all due to a failed pack. The other school doesn't appear to have a scout program. Since we have plenty of room (read "few boys") we could use some more boys. I am awaitin
  14. Good question BobW. I don't have the answer to that yet. I have a call in to find out though. You would think that somewhere on Council website there would be a district map. But, alas, there isn't. Kristi
  15. I have found a couple of neighbors who bought a couple of shirts, plus the 2 large that came in the mail, that leaves me needing 2 small, 4 med, and 3 large. I am so thankful to everyone who has helped me get shirts (and other items) for my boys. I am proud to say that since my den all have shirts we are (drum roll please) marching in the Veterans Day parade this Thursday! This is quite an accomplishment as no den in our pack has ever participated in anything like this. I guess the parents were embarrased by the lack of uniforms. I am working on a website to get some photos posted for a
  16. Just had to drop a note to say that my boys are starting to look good. My entire den is now in uniform shirts and another 3rd of the pack is also in uniform shirts. We still have a few to go and I am still accepting (or begging for) donations. Thanks to the person who just sent 2 large. They were given out at the last meeting with one going to an out of state boy in need. We are spreading the joy. Thanks a bunch !! Kristi Uniform Closet c/o Kristi Cantor PO BOX 1111 Kodak TN 37764
  17. Curious, If we are still in need of boys and there are a couple of schools in our area but in a different County could we recruit them or would they be in a different district. Or would it really matter where they live, just where they sign up at? As far as I know my pack has always recruited at our school. There are 2 schools just over the County line (we are close to it ourselves) that don't have any scout programs there. Would we be stepping over a line in the sand to recruit them or would it be a more serious issue? Kristi
  18. Really funny thing happened last meeting. A new recruit's parent asked if parents were required to stay and our current CM and a Tiger mom told him "YES". I told him later that only Tiger parents were required to stay. Why would my CM tell him this? Kristi
  19. BW: I was just curious what people saw as things they "would" change, not how they have changed things to suit their purposes. I myself am trying to take my pack "back to the program". I am still relativly new to scouting (this will be my second year)so I don't consider myself knowledgeable enough to change anything. I agree with you. It isn't up to the pack, den, or unit to make changes. My question was like a hypothetical "suggestion box". Other peoples ideas give you a different perspective on them. You didn't say what one thing you would change. I am curious . . . Everyone: Gr
  20. At the risk of starting an all out war, I do have a question. I have seen alot of posts about changes that did or didn't work and if changes should be made. While I fall in the category of being too new to really know which is best so I must stick with the follow the program group, I really would like to know one thing. "If you could change one BSA policy / regulation or part of the "program" which one would you change and why?" Please give specific examples. And Please, Please, Please don't say the one about homosexuals as that is being discussed in dept elsewhere (and also lets not flip
  21. I think that someone here has "Bob Issues". I hate to jump in in the middle of a tift but here goes . . . I think that Bob is right. I am dealing with a failing pack and it is all due to not following the program. The pack has pretty much thrown away the book and is just getting by. I am hoping to bring this pack back to life. Want to know how? I am going to get them to start using the program. Right now we are just wasting time. The kids are bored by the CM talking every meeting for 30 min. We don't sing, we don't do skits. We go to our little rooms in the church 2 days a month and
  22. Wow Unc. You really have a good one there. I will be using that if you allow. The parents are going to be my big problem in making changes to my floundering pack come spring. Kristi
  23. Bob, I am becoming the CM this spring as the current CM is retireing. I am looking for opinions as to what to change first and how the change it so as not to lose the boys. I think I am going to start my den meeting once more per month. If I work them into it slowly they will have time to adjust. Kristi
  24. cajuncody

    Shirt Tales

    Hi all, I just got back from delivering a shirt to a needy scout. This boy is from a neighboring pack and needed a tan shirt. He is new to scouting and is (of course) from a financially challenged family. I also had for him a hat, belt, scarf, and a donated hand book. (keep the donations coming!!) He was so happy to have these items that he was planning to sew on his own patches. His mom offered to help but only received an "AWWW MOM!" from him in return. He took the items and disappeared to his room. I didn't see him again till I was leaving. He waved to me from his bedroom window a
  25. I am learning how things work, my question is what to change first and how to change it with out losing the older (though few) scouts. If I suddenly announce when I take over as CM "Okay everyone, we are going from 2 meeting per month to 3 (or 4) I am not sure how many will stay. The lunch time recruitment was the best we could do on short notice. I contacted the DM and he had flyers printed up overnight (no foot dragging there) and met me at school the next day to help pass them out during lunch to the boys. Our evening scout night received poor response due to the flyers not going home on
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