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  1. Spinning this off: We had our recruitment last night and did fairly well in Wolves and Bears but we really need to get some Tigers (can't help it) by the tail So, I am wondering if any of you have any suggestions on recruiting the younger boys. The stipulations on recruiting as set by the school are: no flyers sent home from school, no walk throughs, and no school talks. Pretty much recruiting with out direct contact. I plan to set up a booth at the PTA night and am going to try placing some flyers at local churches. Any help is appreciated! Kristi
  2. Here are the old requirements: http://usscouts.org/advance/cubscout/old/bear.html Hope this helps Kristi
  3. Ok, so you all know of my pack problems. Well I figured I could use the program helps to get us back in the game. The problem is that it doesn't do meetings for Webelos. Is there any such guide for Webelos Meetings? I need to "spoon feed" the program to the leaders so that can see what it is they should be doing. Kristi
  4. http://www.gogofrog.com/userdata/pack582 My first attempt. Kristi
  5. The Camps in October are council camps. Our Pack Camp is Aug 19 and the one in November (which may just be a fall hike depending on weather). The Haunted camps by Council are repeated due to large participation. January looks bare but there is a few things on the school calender for then and I didn't want to conflict. Thanks for all the advice, This is my first yearly calender. Kristi
  6. I did this with my cub pack last year and this year. Here is the outline I used. I also provided a fanny pack and all the essentials. Kristi Hug a tree once you know you are lost. One of the greatest fears a person of any age can have is of being alone. Hugging a tree or other stationary object and even talking to it calms the child down, and prevents panic. By staying in one place, the child is found far more quickly, and can't be injured in a fall. Always carry a trash bag and whistle on a picnic, hike, or camping trip. By making a hole [*] in the side of the bag for the face, and
  7. "I have made the point before that you can find justification for just about anything by pulling a Bible verse." Not only did you find someone to say the Bible may "endorse" Homosexuality but I found someone to say the Bible was written by Aliens! http://www.grandmastercorner.com/radiogeneris/aliens_in_the_bible.htm Wow! Does that make it true? Kristi
  8. I did google it and you are right, there is a home address listed on a web page . . . The former Cub Masters. That is why I set up a PO BOX. Point is well taken. Kristi
  9. I am not sure I understand. First off, the dates are only in the rough draft stages. Secondly, The only address I have given out here is a PO BOX or a general "East Tennessee" in the location box. If I hide dates from my Pack when will they know when to meet? Kristi
  10. ManassasEagle Thanks, I hate to look stupid, too late for that. Never was good at spelling. Kristi
  11. Can you wait till recharter? If so then the Cor or CO can simply not sign her registration. You could then do a "thanks for your service" type thing and no hurt feelings like would result from a "Please don't come back" speech. I can honestly tell you that I have been there done that within the past 12 months and it stinks. Kristi
  12. The back to Back camps are for pack and council events. Any camp that says "Buck Toms " is a council event, I also tried to label District events accordingly. University of scouting is our Pow wow. And opps, June was cut off, that is when we do our spring camp and District Day Camp. I admit that a derby clinic two months ahead may be a streach but last year my husband was helping boys cut cars 2 days before the race. We also get alot of complaints that certain boys (mine included) that have better looking cars. The cars look better because more time was spent on them. I figure if I ca
  13. cajuncody


    I am working on a calender for the pack. Th is is just a rough draft that I am going to present to the comittee at the next meeting. What do you all think? Additions? Changes? Most of all, does it sound fun? Kristi PACK 582 2005-2006 CALENDER August 19,20,21 Pack Family Camp 25 Roundup / Pack meeting 27-28 Family Camp - Buck Toms September 10 NLE Training 10 Do the Zoo 9:30 11 Good Turn for America Day 17 District Day Hike 17 Ijams Nature Center Webelos Forester / Naturalist Badges 20 Pack Meeting / Bike Rodeo 24 Baloo / WLOT 24 Wor
  14. I think it would have to be Bobcat. I know that Bobcat may sound trivial compared to First Class and Eagle but with Bobcat the boys are taking their first steps along the path that hopefully leads them through First Class to Eagle. Bobcat is like the first page in an incredibly great novel that keeps you turning the page. Kristi
  15. This was in the news, I would like to hear feedback from this group on the points it makes. Especially when one Scouter describes "rigorous Training" required before joining. Kristi BOWLING GREEN, Va. (AP) - Their motto is: "Be prepared." But as the disaster-riddled National Boy Scout Jamboree carries on following five deaths and hundreds of heat-related illnesses, event planners from across the country are wondering just how prepared the Scouts were. "That's the part that breaks my heart - there are things you can avoid and things you can't," said Phyllis Cambria, an event plann
  16. A little more info in this article. So very Tragic FRESNO, Calif. (AP) - Lightning struck a group of Boy Scouts taking shelter from a storm, killing the troop leader and leaving a 13-year-old scout brain-dead, authorities and the teen's grandfather said Friday. Seven others were injured. Ryan Collins, 13, was was being kept on a ventilator so that his organs could be donated, said the grandfather. "He would never recover or anything else," Bill Collins said. Collins said his grandson was a scout for three or four years and loved the outdoors. "He was a fabulous boy. He wa
  17. I am looking for suggestions for a kick off/roundup to hold shortly after school starts, something like Back to School, maybe "Back to Scouting". Any suggestions on activities, maybe a couple of belt loop stations, a sign up table, snacks, All suggestions welcome! Kristi
  18. At the shooting sports area I would suggest using your waiting time to work on a den flag. We would add a little each day and had a really impressive flag at the end of the week. Kristi
  19. Kudu I don't agree fully with the removing shirts as long as another one is under it, however it really would have compounded the heat issue to have added a severe sunburn to the mess. I live in an area that was seeing the high temps as well and will tell you that the sun was brutal. As far as the water issue I was merely stating what was said in the article because some post were insinuating that the scouts were being asked to drink from water buffalos. The water was available so there seems to be no fault to the BSA, it falls on the shoulders of the boys, units, and adult leaders to
  20. Kudu wrote > "...the Scouts were told they could remove their uniform shirts if they > had another shirt underneath - a rarity for an event as important as a > presidential visit, most Scouts said." It seems to me that no one was > overlooking the problem of the heat. Kristi - I quoted the whole sentence so nothing could be taken out of context, which you turned right around and did. With your quote it looks like I am all for only allowing boys to remove shirts if one is wearing two. The first part of the quote was the relevant part. Let me re quote that part a
  21. Good news and Bad news: Good news: All money was collected this week by myself and deposited in the bank. Bad news: This cost us our Webelos Den Leader/Committee member. Sometimes it feels like I am waking to school in 3 feet of snow up hill both ways carrying that brick lunchbox from another post. Kristi
  22. I recently met a den of homeschooled Wolves. The reason I remember is it was a unique situation. The school system in our county was out for Veterans Day and we were walking in a parade. This den was from another county that school was in session on that day but since they were homeschooled they were able to make the parade. They didn't have a spot reserved so we invited them to walk with us. My point being that homeschoolers don't have the rigid schedule of public school kids. They would probably have an easier time with field trips and such. I would have no problem with it in my pack
  23. Easy Backpacker, I didn't see anybody attacking. In fact it said in the article I posted that water and Ice were being handed out by volunteers "by the casefull". I think it was truly a case of leading a boy to water but can't make him drink. We had that same problem at daycamp here with our cubs. They were too interested in talking or day dreaming that it was hard to get them to drink. In fact our BB instructor told them that if they didn't need to use the bolo before they entered his range they hadn't drunk enough and needed to have a couple of cups of water while they waited until the
  24. I posted this under the heading High Heat, here is the article you reference. Kristi Hundreds of Boy Scouts Fall Ill From Heat Published: 7/28/05 BOWLING GREEN, Va. (AP) - The Boy Scouts marched onto the field singing, plopping down in the grass to wait for President Bush. But hours later, the news that Bush couldn't make it was drowned out by sirens and shouts as hundreds fell ill because of the blistering heat. About 300 people, most of them Scouts, suffered from dehydration, fatigue and lightheadedness Wednesday - just days after four Scout leaders were killed at t
  25. This is horrible for the scouts. So hot, yet so many determined boys. Hopefully today will be better, supposed to be cooler. Kristi Hundreds of Boy Scouts Fall Ill From Heat Published: 7/28/05 BOWLING GREEN, Va. (AP) - The Boy Scouts marched onto the field singing, plopping down in the grass to wait for President Bush. But hours later, the news that Bush couldn't make it was drowned out by sirens and shouts as hundreds fell ill because of the blistering heat. About 300 people, most of them Scouts, suffered from dehydration, fatigue and lightheadedness Wednesday - ju
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