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  1. "Your committee members need to step forward and start handling the administrative tasks, relieving the CM to concentrate on the program. Talk of replacing him because he cannot do the work of 6 people and is disorganized is not fair to him. " FScouter: What if the CM is having (has) a very hard time allowing others to do their job. We have a couple of very great committee members and a ACM who will do what we ask of them, but CM trys to "be a martyr" and take on too many tasks themselves.... We do not have the strongest committee to begin with, but when you try to do something and are
  2. Thanks this information is really helpful. What does everyone do for families with multiple boys in the pack (ie "there is NO WAY I can sell 600 worth of popcorn, to family and friends") We live in a very small town outside a larger metro area and apparently people only sell to those within a 3 mile radius I don't know how to handle that situation or is it "it is how it is and that is how it is...." And I don't get paid for this???? Thanks Crazymomo3 BL aspiring Ptrainer....
  3. Hello. We have a CM who started this pack on their own and did not have much help to start with. Now a few years later has a much more growing PC and very good albeit new CC. CM is VERY disorganized and has lots of family issues (to many to list) Big heart but really the CM positition is really too much for them to handle. Recruitment is way down and I suspect (have been told) it is because families are given information about the disorganization of our pack. I have taken on a leadership role and am the CM's Jack of all trades and some good changes have been made, but we recently lost
  4. Hello all. Longtime reader, First time post. Decided to register and take my questions to the masses.. We currently run indiviual accounts and it is a NIGHTMARE!!!(CM was "treasurer" and did TERRIBLE job with keeping up accounts, not to mention dividing supplies by 20 kids at .20 a kid!!(no General fund exists..) The treasurer (close friend of mine) is looking to collapse accounts. (This is to even field for all scouts) Has not been met with too much opposition save for a couple certain individuals who have the most money in their account and pledge to not "work their butt off" fundra
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