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  1. I think you took that the wrong way. I wouldn't raise my voice at all, that isn't my style, however I would let everyone know on my way out why I was leaving. I am not out looking for a fight but I am not going to hide over in the corner. The more out there in front of the group you are, meeting and greeting, the easier you are to accept (most of the time ). It is harder to bar someone from the meeting who everyone likes than it is to bar someone from a meeting who ticks everyone off or nobody knows. I would be out there making friends and influencing people and bringing them to the cam
  2. I am now on the list as registered for Woodbadge 2005 (one of the first 5 might I add). I am very happy and looking forward to this. Can anyone tell me what to expect (and by the way, if you say there is an evil SM hiding behind the tree telling me "No Girls Allowed" I won't be held responsible for my actions ) Are there any other forum members in East TN going? Kristi
  3. I don't want to go to the side to say Hi, I want to stand right here in front of the fire and say Hi all I want. I want to sit right here on my nice comfy log with my smores and tie knots right here with everyone else. There would be no way that I would stay home "All BAck of the Bus" while my son went camping unless I good and well wanted to. In all seriousness, I would go to the next roundtable and recruit all of the "scouting sisterhood" that I could and I would camp with my sons troop. Heck, I would camp with my sons troop even if I was the only female there. Of course I have neve
  4. See, if it were me, I would go on this campout come H*** or high water. Not only that but I would be sure to pitch my tent right in the middle of it all and would sing the loudest at campfire, toast the most marshmellos, and tie the most knots. Of course I would also invite the COR and the CC to sit at my campfire along with the DE. I would also invite other mothers to join me. I don't take kindly to people treating me that way. I would also schedule a meeting with the CC, SM, Cor, and DE to clear the air. If they don't want lady leaders that is one thing but it would be a cold day in
  5. >SR540Beaver wrote: The car that my son and I are finishing for our derby this weekend is cut so that each wheel has independent suspension for a smooter ride. The body is only about 3/8ths of an inch high. Springs are not allowed in pine cars, but this design actually uses cuts in the wood to make a suspension system. < Since I would never be close enough to race against you would you mind telling me how you do this and if it helps? Would love to show the boys how that works! Very educational idea. Kristi
  6. http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Rapids/8047/paint.htm#pwc Hope this helps. Kristi(This message has been edited by cajuncody)
  7. No, I wouldn't. We plan to open a new account at a different bank. I just want her on it so that we can easily get back records. I may be southern but I not stoopid (gentle southern jab aimed at only myself, no offense intended). I also need to see his reaction to being asked to put someone else on the account. We will see if he thinks he has something to hide. Kristi
  8. Any one going to Day C amp School in GA around the first of March? Kristi
  9. Ok, Here is where we stand. The coup has not started yet. The pressure is growing though and I have taken some steps. First, since our committe only existed on paper and our COR didn't know he had the job, here is what I have done. I have asked a set of parents to be our temp fundraising chairs as we are horribly broke (not even $2.00), they are thinking it over. I asked my assistant to be a temp advancement chair as she is always catching me on a technicallity, I have asked a school teacher mom to be our temp tres. as she is well known and trusted, and I have asked a very out going par
  10. See, here is the difference. I wouldn't have canceled it. I would have found an alternative meeting place. You could have had all the families check with other local churches for the use of a fellowship hall or checked with local lodges. I would have even used the local skating rink in a pinch. You could have checked with your local school about using the caffeteria. Many many options, canceling would have been a hard decision to make especially if the next pack meeting were booked. Kristi
  11. Ok, some clarification, Four years ago was when the grill and tents were bought. I joined last year and we had about $300 in the bank according to Him. We went from 70 boys doing fund raising 4 years ago to 12 this year. Our Tdl was with the pack 4 years ago and said I should make sure the tents, grill, prep table, and sleeping bags are returned and I was amazed. I didnt know about them. The money (4 years ago) came from an older gentlemen as a one time donation. We have been a poor community for more than 4 years and that money could still be doing the pack good if it were still in
  12. I need help. I need tons of help. I need all of you to catch the next flight to town and come in like the EPA to a major spill. So, now I am officially CM of the pack ( was announced at B&G) but the former CM still plans on running the PW Derby, Family Camp, and Day camp this year. He didn't give me the keys to the church and said "See ya at the next meeting". We have no money in the bank and 90% of our parents think he took it. One parent was with him when he bought a new BBQ grill, several tents, and sleeping bags with pack money "for pack equipment" but that was 2 years ago and w
  13. Amen to that. Now, about Dad built cars. My son's car always looks great. He puts many hours in sanding between adding paint coats. Did he cut it out? Nope, he still has all his fingers, however, he chose the design, transfered it to the block and helped hold the saw while cutting. It is a "fancy and difficult" design but he did most of the work. His father helped with the jig saw and the drummel. Does that make him a cheater? No, he has more time and work in it than his dad. He carries it room to room sanding it. He polishes his own axles and tires. He is a very artistic chil
  14. Operation was the name of the game and that would be a pretty good award. I would probably also honor the "news bringer" in some way too. "He's being stabbed" was a good way to describe the situation to be sure to get results. Kristi(This message has been edited by cajuncody)
  15. You know, I would consider my pack to be the most hyper boys of the school. But last night they made me proud. Before Crossover I told them that it was something they, themselves, would be doing in the future so could they show the boys that were crossing over the respect they would like at their crossover. Then I did a few min. of "Lets get it out of your system" and let them yell and scream with me egging them on (Is that the best you can do?). Our outgoing CM then gave his "leaving the pack speach" and passed on the CM title to me . His speech was long, 4 pages, but the boys were quie
  16. I feel your pain. Our outgoing CM told the pack when I announced the SFF dates that he didn't consider it important. We had 4 boys participate and collected less than 400 items. I plan to present patches for those boys at the next meeting. I did that for the Veterans day Parade also. I can't pull teeth to get them there but I can give them something to regret missing. kristi
  17. One Idea: small diam. rope, blue paint, gold paint, hot glue gun. Cut three small pieces of rope, color one blue and one gold leave the other plain. tie a square knot using the blue and gold pieces, glue together, glue third piece to the back in a loop and you have a neckerchief slide/woggle. Quick, simple, and useful. Kristi
  18. I have the solution for you. It is simple. Your problem and mine are alike. However I am to take over as CM next year. Here is my answer : (Ever see the Chronicles of Riddick?) I take a deep breath and simply say "Not my Problem" I know this sounds harsh but here is why. I have a den of 9 boys, one of which is adhd and another is my very hyper son. For the past year I have been running a quasi pack instead of a den. I always plan enough for everyone in our pack (now down to 12 counting my 9 wolves) but I couldn't do it on a den level and get everyones needs met. Hence the "not my
  19. Semper wrote "Pulling the troop trailer up the mountains in your Hemi-powered Dodge Ram = "Only $3.99 a minute..." He must have seen me in my Dodge (360 though, not Hemi) I had to stop and laugh out loud at that one. Kristi
  20. Many moons ago ( it seems like forever) I first came to this forum in a panic. I was to become CM of my pack this year and I had no training. Through the assistance and encouragement of those here I have learned alot, most of which I couldn't learn in training. I would like to say "thank-ya Big Big" ( for King fans everywhere) to all of you who have helped me during this learning process. My pack still has many problems and our current CM is staying till the end of the school year but on a better note I am proud to say that I am now a graduate of the University of Scouting, certified in CP
  21. How about for Webelos cooking campfire coffee you use the old Jolt Cola "All the sugar, twice the caffiene". Of course we all know that Tiger Cubs could use "They're Greeeeaaaat!" or any of the Tony the Tiger ads for that matter. For any of the programs the old Army slogan "Be All That you can be" would do just fine. Kristi(This message has been edited by cajuncody)
  22. I think I found the reason for the insanity. It turns out that Little Johnny is actually the COR's son. If he gets special treatment on this is he getting it on advancement? As I said before, I have never seen him at an activity or an advancement. Kristi
  23. I got mine on Ebay for under $20 with hat pin. Kristi
  24. I feel your pain! I have to say that atleast the boys show up for the race. As for my son, He is a wolf. My hubby lets him design the car and transfer it to graph paper. he then lets him cut it out and trace it onto the block of wood. My husband holds the saw and guides it and my son pulls the trigger. My husband uses the drumel tool for cutting and my son uses it for sanding. My son hand sands and paints his car. He puts about 8 coats of paint on with sanding between each and I must tell you it is pretty close to a "show room" finish. He puts alot of work into it. Kristi
  25. I know that I can't change it this year. However, next year, what would you all suggest changing? Kristi
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