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  1. 1 hour ago, yknot said:

    That study has some strange omissions, like the fact that the Amazon has also lost 20% of its acreage/habitat in the past 30 years or so, but the Bird Study badge, along with many badges and rank requirements, are desperately in need of updating and revamping. We truly do need more outdoors in scouting, and what is offered needs to be more relevant, up to date, and field oriented. 

    Agreed.  Overall, I think BSA is missing the boat on instilling a mindset of stewardship.

    Culture question...do you and your Scouts raise your Scout sign when repeating the Outdoor Code?  If not, what is the subliminal message?  (I know many who do not, and think it inappropriate to do so because it is not prescribed so in the Scout Handbook.)

  2. 9 hours ago, RememberSchiff said:

    Every species, on average, weighed less than it had when it was measured in the early 1980s, which the researchers say has no other explanation than a changing environment. 

    "No other explanation" does not equal cause.  It is irresponsible and illogical to make such a leap to say measured changes in climatic conditions caused changes in bird species. 

    They observed these changes and created a new hypothesis which posits the changes were caused by climate changes.  Great...now design and conduct an experiment to test that hypothesis...

    Be wary of bias in interpretation which pushes a specific agenda.

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  3. You cannot register as a Committee Member and Den Leader in the same unit...

    But, we all know people who fill both of those roles.  I assume this is for the Den Leader Training Award?


    If your member has been doing the job of a Den Leader (even while registered as an MC), and has fulfilled the training and performance requirements, then talk to your District Training Chair and make the case for them to get the knot.  Ask if the District Training Chair would approve the award in that case.  The answer may be "No" because of the "registered" requirement, but it might be "Yes, sure thing!" 

  4. Anyone attending this in GNYC??

    This merit badge counselor training will be required to offer the Citizenship in Society merit badge in the Greater New York Councils. Join us this Saturday, Oct 30th, 12-4 pm at our Council headquarters.  Space is limited, registration is required.   If you are not able to attend, future training will be offered. This merit badge will be launched on Nov 1, 2021, and we need your help in helping our scouts earn this merit badge.  Citizenship in Society will be Eagle-required by July 1, 2022. To inquire for additional details, please reach out to the GNYC DEIB Committee Chair Antonio del Rosario at teamantoniodelrosario@gmail.com.


  5. Greetings @Krad!

    Yes, a horrible situation you have been (are still going) through.  Not much more to add to what @T2Eagle has said, except...

    The statute of limitations for assault and battery in NC is three years, so, as I understand it, there may be no recourse through a  criminal complaint.  If this had been done at the time by your parents, then there is something the local council (national would let them handle it) could have done.  Without more facts, it is hard to tell...

    So, what is it that you want to happen now?


  6. 7 hours ago, SiouxRanger said:

    And, I just want to say, I rather vented on what I consider "insiders" on this forum, speaking in a partially obtuse code.  Speaking to each other.  It is hard to follow at times.


    7 hours ago, SiouxRanger said:

    So, I say again, everyone make clear references so the outsiders can follow along.

    You mean like

    "SCOTUS:   An enigma wrapped in a paradox, encased in concrete....Allen, Churchill, Alfred E. Neuman, Maynard G. Krebs, Bugs Bunny? (I get my mentors so confused.)

    I was just trying to distinguish the different concepts for folks.

    After the decision in Korematsu vs. United States, who can trust SCOTUS to follow the Constitution?"

    I didn't understand most of those obtuse (insider?) references, so I educated myself and looked them up...then proceeded not to whinge about it.

    Physician, heal thyself...

  7. 13 minutes ago, yknot said:

    Their rationale was that people who had something to hide would refuse to agree to a background check and self screen anyway so why spend the money.

    Before about five years ago (last instance I asked), registrars in several different councils confided that this was the case...

    Now, (and I do not know when this changed), Key 3 and a few others can see in my. scouting, Unit Roster, whether background checks have been completed for registered adults...

  8. 6 hours ago, PeterHopkins said:

    If we assume it's true that the presence of unregistered parents increases the accountability of the registered Scouters, wouldn't we get even more comfort as to the safety of the youths at an event, of those parents were background checked?

    Yes! IMHO, this falls under the "duty of care" umbrella for the registered adults, seeing as how 40-50 percent of abuse is by relatives (hence no tenting with parents after Cubs), and another 40 percent by acquaintances. (Final ten by strangers.)

    Too many adults I know want to use the checks as a crutch, though.  As if a person having a clean record indicates they are not a potential threat.  Background checks are just one piece of the puzzle...a "barrier,"  But, very often, abusers do not have a record "...and they know it."



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  9. Wow, the fact that there are several different opinions about the policies regarding unregistered adults here among us "experts" shows the exact problem I was highlighting to Johnson when he ID'ed me back to my local council as someone who was asking questions.

    For the record...unregistered adults absolutely can attend outings or overnight camping trips under the current policy, however, there must ALWAYS be at two registered adults over 21 on the outing.  That you or your local council may interpret this differently and impose stricter rules is fine, and that is within your/their purview, but the National policy, as written, allows this.  This is what Johnson was pointing out.

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  10. Hi @wearrepair!

    So, there are two things at work here...1) Membership in the Order of the Arrow, and 2) Membership in your lodge.

    1)  Once you are inducted, you are always a member of the OA (as long as you are in good standing with the BSA)  The OA Membership Emblem, or "dangle", is worn from your button to show this when it is not appropriate to wear your OA sash.


    2) You must pay yearly dues to be a member of your local lodge.  If you are not a current dues-paid member of your lodge, you should not be wearing a lodge flap, as your uniform is supposed to reflect your current standing in the organization.

    "With the exception of the Cub Scout badges of rank, members wear only the insignia that show their present status in the movement." per G2A&I

    Hopes this helps!

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  11. I will feel included, and like I belong, when they disband all Workforce Resource Groups and treat people based on character and individual merit rather than categorizing people according to skin color, sexual preference, national origin, heritage, religion, voting preference, gender, mental illness, income level, language, etc. etc. etc. 

    And, I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around this...BSA still has this officer, but laid off their Director of Youth Protection 10 months ago?


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