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  1. Beccachap


    What was the markup per dozen? Did you get any discounts from Krispy Kreme that added to your profits?
  2. Beccachap

    Chapter 11 announced

    I'll be all sorts of bitter if my dysfunctional council that we've all but eliminated from our lives demands a fee from us next year. Do we have to charter with the council in our zip code, or can we charter with any council?
  3. Beccachap

    New Committee Chair Intro

    Thanks for your kindness, Parkman. This made me smile.
  4. Beccachap

    Cub Scout Cooking

    I'm always nervous about meals and cross contamination. We have no peanut allergies, I'm relieved to say, because I'd just be breaking out in panic attacks about having a child at risk at a campout 24/7. Even if we eradicate peanuts from our meal plan, other families show up with what they show up with, and kids are kids (messy & dirty especially camping). I'd have to have a leap of faith that the parents were managing it, but we'd adapt as best we could to accomadate. We have food service gloves and an actual bucket of serving utensils to try and keep that down, but then we have children and distracted adults serving so... Ugh. I just don't know what I'd do. I think if I was a mother of a child with severe allergies I would write my pack off entirely. We're just too large, too chaotic, too many moving parts. But if a parent is zen enough to embrace us and prepared enough, then we could give it a shot.
  5. Beccachap

    Cub Scout Cooking

    Oh, I love a casserole. Tastes like childhood. This looks yum. I think the rotel will be no problem at all, unless you opt for the spicy variety. One thought - if you pull the chicken you may have larger chunks of meat which can be problematic for little ones. You may want to take extra care to ensure all meat is pulled or cut very small for safety. But going rotisserie Sam's chicken is genius. One question, what size dutch oven?
  6. Beccachap

    Cub Scout Cooking

    Every campout we use the same meal plan with small variations, but no, we don't make anyone try anything. We require everyone to buy it as part of registration, but no one has to eat it (everyone eats it though). We charge 3$ for age 0-4, 10$ for ages 5+. They get Sat breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack dinner, dessert, and Sunday breakfast. We have a small bin for Friday night late arrivers/families in disarray to do DIY PB&J, bananas, and graham crackers for dinner, because with family camping there is always greater potential for chaos and there is nothing worse than having a crew of hangry children running about at 10pm because things went sideways. We've found tremendous buy in from kids to try foods when they help cook and prepare. Peer pressure is magnificent too for kids to want to try new foods. There's nothing like sitting with a pile of kids all diving into their burritos and watching a new kid reevaluate their plate with a plain tortilla and a teaspoon of shredded cheese on it. Usually, they get up and go back through the line and add a few more 'exotic' items like tortilla chips and a little chicken. But if they starve, that's ok. We follow with a dessert that very few kids turn down so they get calories in them. I could care less about our Pack's general nutrition intake on a campout. I figure we offer what we offer, and anything that doesn't work out is between the parent and child to sort out. If the child is older and camping with other children / no parent, then they figure it out for themselves. They may ask for 4 poptart packs Sunday morning, but we roll with it. By repeating the same meal plan the Cubs grow more confident with each return to a meal/assignment. We have a handful of Cubs who infuse themselves with serving/preparing at every single meal, despite not being assigned. There is always some way they can contribute. That said, I design each meal to be a la carte. Burritos are not premade, but ingredients are set out and you make your own like in line at Chipotle. Using that design I almost never hear a vegetarian or a gluten free camper cite difficulty. Your dutch oven chicken spaghetti meal sounds intriguing. Perhaps you could share the recipe here? I think that's a great way to introduce meal plan elements to Cub Scout camping. Our community was mostly built through shared meals, so I can't endorse it enough. All Scouts (wolf and older) and parental types have assignments to run it. Through meal plan participation friendship and trust have been fostered throughout the Pack.
  7. Beccachap

    Cub Scout Cooking

    I disagree with this interpretation. Step 1, Webelos must plan a menu for a balanced meal, budget, shop, etc. They can do this in a den meeting with planning, then the next den meeting at a store with pencil/paper/calculator. Step 2 does not say that to prepare a balanced meal, you must use the menu from #1. Any meal preparation that uses camp stove, dutch oven, etc, if possible, should count. That said, going about it in a simple 1, 2, 3 step process and Webs delivering a meal would be great. We don't do it that way in our Pack. But any ambitious Den Leader who declares that is the way forward is always welcome to go that route.
  8. Beccachap

    Facebook Use

    Edit: I didn't read your post carefully - you mentioned a public FB page for yourself, not a 2nd account. Whoops. Go for it. I think it's a good idea. I've had a lot of success with our public FB page as a recruitment tool for our Pack. It's also linked to various area groups, like the PD, YMCA, local business who support us, etc. It's slow to start, but on it's own it's a recruiting magnet after a few years of building it up. I hope you have the same success with your leader page.
  9. Beccachap

    New Committee Chair Intro

    Thanks Malraux. We worry about this constantly and mitigate where we can. Our community is very strong and cohesive, so inside the Pack we're good. We make all meetings and financials transparent, auto-transfer style, and online-accessible. I record and document everything. Neither my husband nor I touch cash. I'm always trying to unload some or all of my roles (event planner, meal plan, PR mgmt/recruitment online, plus traditional CC roles. Roles offloaded: Health form mgmt, new member coordinator, quartermaster, all den leaders, fundraising). In addition to open monthly committee meetings, once a year I make us all vote on positions again, but it doesn't yield much if any change. That said, we don't take input from members. All volunteers have complete domain over their roles. If a member has input, we encourage them to take over the role and improve it for all, or offer to support the person filling the role so they can be invited to share their opinion on that role. Nearly everyone contributes in some way.
  10. Beccachap

    My kids love scouts, but....

    One bit of advice - do not do the transfer process in paper. If you want your children to complete their AOL before crossing over, pay to create new accounts for them online with national directly and log their achievements there, and even call the hotline later to merge the accounts with their previous scouting history. Otherwise you risk a transfer, then another transfer before the first is complete, and the whole AOL rank getting lost in the suffle. Of course your council may be run like a machine, but from what I've seen my dysfunctional council is pretty much the defacto standard. I was just laughing - albeit darkly - with my sons new Scoutmaster at Crossover last night that we have a 7 month wait ahead of us before the council will get around to processing his paperwork, and that's only if we are lucky and they don't loose it.
  11. Beccachap

    Commissioner role

    Ah, sorry, I should have been clearer. I don't mean kids who want to join, I mean kids who have already joined last fall and participate. At present I have a pair of brothers, Tiger & Wolf, who are seriously keen, but none of us seem to be able communicate to the father that they are supposed to be in separate dens to complete their own adventures. Both kids are way behind despite attending a large number of meetings because they don't go where they are supposed to go, but they are having a great time. So it's hard to redirect them, and the den leaders don't want to rock the boat with the Dad or with the kids who just eat up any activity right in front of them. They always show up 20 minutes late then just pile into the first interesting thing they lay eyes on. I suppose explaining this to the kids is the way forward, but both boys are slippery. They are 90 miles an hour, fingers in all the pies sort of kids. If they never get a rank they probably won't care anyway. We had another family who's child joined, then they got upset that they misunderstood the information about where to be/when for repeated events, despite using Facebook which translated event info into their native tongue. They kept saying that they heard from someone that they should do something different, then that lead them astray. Once they even cited me to my husband as being a source of misinformation. I recalled in that conversation having to repeat to them instructions for a swim adventure over and over to confirm we all understood, but of course they did not. The biggest frustration is that they profess - and believe - they understand English much better than they really do, and chaos ensues. Anyway, they got mad and quit, but oh well. We really tried hard.
  12. Beccachap

    New Committee Chair Intro

    We've attempted this process a few times with months in between, but the process fails before it completes. Have you been able to get it to complete? If so, any tips?
  13. Beccachap

    Information Booth

    https://www.scoutlander.com/PublicSite/home.aspx That is a free hosting service and we use that in conjunction with a pair of Facebook pages - one public page for recruiting and a private page for members.
  14. Beccachap

    Commissioner role

    David, I had one conversation with him where he appeared to understand and follow along. The second conversation the next day he couldn't string his thoughts together. I'm talking bizzaro, completely inconsistent thought. I mentioned his age as a correlative factor, not as a causative factor. No offense intended. Edit: The more I think about it you have a point. Evening mentioning his age was indicative of my being ageist, so I will work on that, starting with being aware of my shortcoming.
  15. Beccachap

    New Committee Chair Intro

    I'm a SAHM and I married into Scouting. I used to work in tech as a Computer Engineer so I have history working with and mitigating the occasional male who is stuck in the dark ages where women were supposed to defer to all things. I'm type A, extremely organized, introverted, and run a large metro Cub Scout Pack as Committee Chair (large for our district, but not large compared to rural areas). I run it because my kind, Eagle Scout, extroverted, procrastinating, mild mannered, and wildly optimistic husband is magnificent as a magical Cubmaster but significantly less magnificent with logistics. I don't do Scouting because I love it. I do Scouting because I love my marriage, my family, and feel compelled to support my husbands passion while our children grow up in the Pack. I have a difficult council, but I have significantly reduced problems they create for us by replacing nearly all Council events from our calendar, hosting our own private campouts, and going paperless for applications. We are tech heavy compared to others, but I genuinely marvel at how much effort they spend getting things done like payments, communications, etc, versus our automagical setup. I rail against the vestiges of the male patriarchal setup in scouting, and do my best to protect my daughter and son from having to hear that it isn't a woman's/girls place to wear the uniform when out in public. I have pent up frustration because my husband feels pain when I have to rail at situations, so I look for another outlet. Based on what I've written so far this appears to be a place where I let it out, so I do apologize to anyone that this may have hurt. I am sympathetic. But I also came here for an unfiltered view of Scouting and to improve my Pack. I have dealt with infuriating situations and have a backlog to process. I'd very much like to hear about others experiences and techniques/tips for dealing with problems like: - children who are very eager to Scout, but their parents don't speak the language and no one we know does either - instant catch phrases to make angry men stop talking when out in public with children - transfer applications without using my council