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  1. > kneejerk reaction I suppose it appears that way, and "tone" is a challenge in written form but there's more to it. Having spent four decades in the largest bureaucracy on earth I am used to putting with things i think are stupid. But if you build an organization around free labor you have a responsibility to nurture that labor force. We spent all of the Fall rebuilding our pack and raising money. My goal was that no parent would have to pay more than $30. This is a poor community. We almost lost the whole pack last year because we were led by higher income people who di
  2. I could live with it being an annual requirement. But it undermines recruiting when you throw surprises at your volunteers without explanation.
  3. I am being made committee chair. My YPT is good through Dec 5 2020. I am being told that our charter cannot go through unless my YPT is good through the end of the charter year So i have to retake it now Is this true? If so, i will seriously consider walking away. You cannot abuse volunteers with this sort of bureaucracy.
  4. Just thought i would report back on this thread, Last month the local Ruratans hosted a five mile yard sale down a two lane country road, I handed out a flier saying that i would take unsold items at the end of the day to be donated to the Cub Scouts. I got several calls and collected three pickup loads of mostly junk but it did give us a lot of stuff to put out. The location for the yard sale is near a storage company and I persuaded them to donate a 10X20 unit to the pack for 30 days. That really worked out great, people could just drop off donations there and then we were
  5. We received a few high value items i sold on ebay and we ran ads locally for appliances. I'm working on the flier for this years. it will be in a few weeks. You need a plan for storage and a plan for what to do with unsold stuff. This year I'm working a deal with a flea market seller to come pick up my unsold stuff.
  6. Last year i was a passive parent in my kids pack until I learned there was no money in the bank and i had to pay all the charter fees for two kids. So, i got committee qualified and held a yard sale. Two weeks from idea to execution- we raised over $1000 . Doing it again with a bit more planning. People are happy to donate their unwanted stuff to a good cause. You can create work for everyone with sorting, pricing, transporting and storage. Has anyone else done this? I'd love to hear other input. i'm flying without a net (and without adult supervision)
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