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  1. We purchased a 13th edition Boy Scout Handbook at our camp this fall. They were selling them for $5.00 That is what my daughter will be using on February 1st. ccjj
  2. These are what I found on a quick look....
  3. Going to look in my spare patch box this weekend. Hopefully I have one.
  4. ccjj

    JTE Commissioner Requirements

    I have been a UC for a while now. I try to visit each of my units monthly. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I will at least email, or call someone from each unit. One of my units says.....Don't call us, we will call you. Another will reach out to me, asking me to attend a specific event. Each unit is different.
  5. ccjj

    Merit Badge Counselors

    My former council had a rule that you could only be a MBC for 8 Merit Badges. With all the changes in the state of Michigan, I am not sure how this will play out now.
  6. ccjj

    Ugly Beading Ceremony

    I received my beads this past summer at our Webelos Resident Camp. I am the Camp Director and after our Saturday night campfire, I let the campers and adults know what was going to happen. I gave them the choice to stay and watch or head back to our dining hall and we would be there in about 1/2 hour. Most of them chose to stay and watch. They had the choice and it was a short but meaningful ceremony for myself and one of my staff.
  7. ccjj

    What do Girl Scouts do?

    My daughter has been a GS since she was a Kindergarden Daisy. Now, she is getting ready to start 5th grade and is a Junior. She also has been involved in Cub/Boy Scouting since before birth! She was the only one in her troop to attend summer camp this year. In the 5+ years she has been in GS, her troop has only camped in tents once and that was in the leaders back yard. This year, the girls are doing destination meetings. Their meetings will be held someplace relevant to what they are working on. Hopefully, this works out for them. Last year, we invited the girls to build a pinewood derby car and race it after our Cub Scout's race. They loved it! The leader found a badge from another state, and the girls all worked hard to earn it. I am hoping her troop gets outside more. My husband and I both have offered to help with anything outdoor related. Our Boy Scout troop has offered to let them use troop camping equipment if needed.
  8. ccjj

    why is your son a scout

    My son came home from school one day and said he wanted to join Cub Scouts. I asked why? He said because Josh is! Josh was his best friend and they did everything together. Both boys joined, and stuck with it even though both boys moved. Josh earned First Class before he got too busy with FFA and other things. Justin stuck with it and earned his Eagle in 2008. Our whole family is heavily involved in Scouting. If for some reason we stopped, I wouldn't know what to do! My 8 year old daughter is in Girl Scouts, but she tells everyone she wants to be a Boy Scout. She has grown up in the program. My son is now giving back to Scouting in any way he can. He is helping with trainings, summer camps (I am the Camp Director), and will do most anything asked of him. I am proud of my son! ccjj
  9. ccjj

    No Reference Letters – No EBOR

    Here, once the Scout turns in his completed Eagle Scout Application, the council sends out a form letter to the references listed. Since often Scouts don't turn in their application until close to their 18th birthday, there is no way that the letters could be back! ccjj
  10. ccjj

    International Scout Rally & Uniform

    We have attended the International Scout Rally since 2001, and it is an awesome experience. The Superhero theme was great fun. As for the Decades theme next year....I am still in think mode! So far, favorite themes have been Nursery Rhymes and TV Shows. I have not heard of being able to wear the Canadian flag on our uniforms. I don't think I'd want to, since I am not a Canadian Scout. ccjj
  11. ccjj

    Hello From Grand Blanc MI

    Welcome. You normally can find lots of neat ideas and advice on here. Sometimes....well, just read and learn. I think I may be from the same council as you! ccjj
  12. ccjj


    I am on Facebook and Myspace and have several Scouts and Scouters as friends. I initially created a Facebook account to see some summer camp pictures that a DE friend had on her site. I personally see nothing wrong with it. Others may. ccjj
  13. ccjj


    life is interesting
  14. ccjj

    Cash? Who carries cash?

    My husband carries a debit card and uses that. As long as he keeps giving me the receipts, all is well. He may have a couple of dollars on him, but thats it. I on the other hand, give myself an "allowance" of $25 per week. If by some chance I exceed that, then I use the debit card. ccjj
  15. Several of the Scouts in troop have either Facebook and/or Myspace profiles. I also am on both sites. I have connected with people I used to work with at church camp in the 80's, and most importantly, my oldest brother who I hadn't heard from in 17 years. Our SM has had a SM minute about the internet. He used it to talk about what is posted online, and how it can be used against people. It made some of the boys stop and think. I think that 5-6 boys of our 11 boy troop have profiles. The SM did say that actions outside of the troop can have an effect on how perceive Scouts, so be sure to think about what you post. ccjj