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  1. I just signed up a scout to join my troop last week and I paid his registration fee out of my pocket ($37.50) and bought him a manual. I just do not want money to be an issue for a scout to join the program and they will have a chance in Sept/Oct to sell popcorn to fund their own program the next year. Many organizations give introductory deals to get membership numbers up and the BSA should also. At some point, scouters like myself will have to give up bailing out national for their bad decisions to keep our troops/packs alive.
  2. This is an excellent list. Never a good idea to judge a generation as a group.
  3. First step is to determine who is your unit commissioner, then set up a meeting with him/her. Easy for me, because my unit commissioner attends the same roundtables and district committee meetings that I do. Sometimes we meet after roundtable, to be efficient with our time. Granted not all councils have their act together, but I learned what is required of unit commissioners in my district, so I make sure I am available to him and ensure he meets those requirements in regards to my troop.
  4. Much of this word for word gold standard for Journey to Excellence. 9 short term camps. 75% of the troop go to a long term camp. 2/3s of troop advance a rank. Recruitment goals. Etc. While I do attempt to achieve gold in JTE every year, it says nothing about character growth of scouts which is one of the aims of scouting. This is hard to measure, but much more important. JTE likely needs a rewrite to measure what is important. We (the Key 3) meet with a unit commissioner yearly and identify areas where my troop needs to improve (maybe needs more focus?). This document points to thi
  5. Rethinking program should be done. Scouting is too much like school, when the focus should be outdoor activities. Cub scout day camp is what got my son hooked. For my troop, work schedules of parents make it hard for them to volunteer. Father out of town frequently for work, we cannot expect mother left behind with multiple kids to volunteer for the pack or troop. Then the requirements the BSA loads on a potential volunteer is a lot! Parents that have children with behavioral issues are drawn to the BSA for its character development. Most volunteers are not ready for this. So a simp
  6. Another thought I have...since we know that background checks do not screen out 100% of the pedophiles and the BSA knows this fact also, is the BSA still liable for abuse that leaked in from an imperfect background check system? And if the BSA is still liable, then how is it possible to for the organization to eliminate 100% of the abuse, short of ending scouting?
  7. I did state this before: the BSA does take youth protection much more seriously today, than organized sports and schools. When I coached baseball and basketball, there are no two deep adult requirement, nor are players required to have a buddy to go to the bathroom, etc. All these organizations do require background checks, but we all know that these checks are not 100% fool proof and will not detect anyone that has not committed their first sexual crime (or multiple crimes if their victims do not report). It is bothersome to me that the BSA seems to get all the blame, yet very little en
  8. I always have a few scouts (out of my 11) that cannot participate, because of sports and jobs for part of the year. If they are SPLs, they are good at handing off the position to someone who can make the meetings/campouts. While a scout has limited participation, they do show up on occasion and contribute to the troop via a position of responsibility. Mostly it is training younger scouts first aid, how to cook, etc. The more I let the scouts run their own troop and let them make their own decisions, the more they get something out of the positions of responsibility. That is the spirit of the r
  9. BSA wide is every two years. My council requires it every year.
  10. There were issues on my.scouting.org in 2019 where many scouters took the YPT training, but it was not recorded. I had to send a screen capture of proof that I completed YPT to my council, so they can manually update the official status with the BSA. I had to do the same with 5 others in my unit, until the issue was fixed late in 2019. This year I could not recharter anyone that did not have YPT up to date, so for my council over 99% of the scouters are in compliance. There are a few scouters whose YPT lapsed after recharter, but they ceased involvement in scouting after recharter. (Thus
  11. That seems to me to be an impossible standard for youth organizations, in that many victims and their parents did not report to the police these criminal actions, so many child molesters fell through the cracks of background checks. Even today, the BSA must report to the police all instances, but if a prosecutor refuses to prosecute due to the lack of evidence or the victim's unwillingness to cooperate, nothing will show up on a background check.
  12. Or I can get you to pay the registration fees for adults and scouts in my troop, so we can continue to invest in the scouts' character, citizenship, physical fitness, and leadership. Or is that ceasing to be the goal in the near future?
  13. How much to you expect me and my scouts to pay into a victim fund? A thief steals my car from a driveway, so I sue my neighbors for allowing it to happen. I would be wrong to go after the neighbors instead of the actual thief. Even worse, I wait 30-40 years where all of the neighbors have died or moved away and I sue the existing neighbors.
  14. I'll keep pointing out the impacts on scouters and scouts not responsible for the abuse, but yet will pay the brunt of the bankruptcy. You can't get money out of dead people, so scouters and scouts are now being targeted, because we are the BSA today.
  15. How much of those costs to you expect me and my troop's scouts to pay?
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