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  1. All I did is point out is that the lawsuit will punish the scouts in my troop and punish the adults associated with the troop who invested time and money into the program. The wrong people are being punished.
  2. Okay, I'll put you on the side that wants my son to pay instead of those responsible. Higher fees, no summer camps to go to, etc will be the outcome of this bankruptcy, which will punish the scouts instead of those responsible. Come to think of it, I invested a bunch of time and money into the program, only to be used to bailout those responsible, instead of benefiting my troop.
  3. Has the person responsible been convicted of the crime and those that did nothing about it been convicted of being accessories to the crime? This lawsuit punishes scouts, not those responsible. That is how most people feel about that.
  4. Yes it is good to get away from politics and focus on what is important. (Ignorance is truly bliss.) While camping in the snow and cold last weekend, a group of my younger boys, who have been storming with each other for nearly 2 years, actually had a civil conversation with each other while warming up in the trailer. They were telling each other stories of an even colder campout they experienced 15 months ago. They went back to storming the next morning, but I see hope that the norming stage is coming soon.
  5. A small troop has a bunch of administrative tasks that falls on 1-2 people. Talk to your scoutmaster and committee chair to see if they have some easy tasks that they want to unload...and get a ticket on how to learn the task and complete it once. Brainstorm on what the troop needs help with administratively. If you are not a Merit Badge Counselor, maybe taking on a required merit badge or two.
  6. This is an example requirement that cannot be completed in a morning at a MBU. There are similar requirements for back packing meals and cooking at home. These cannot all be completed in a morning at MBU either.
  7. My opinion is that all the media ads (TV, Radio, Internet) looking for people abused by the BSA has impacted recruitment. My district cannot advertise in public schools anymore. Typical parent will not know that the registration fee is shielded from the settlement, though I am certain of indirect costs impacting the fee (such as higher cost of liability insurance). COVID-19 has caused a significant number of current scouts to quit. Those of us on the front lines that remain have already taken on a higher financial and administrative workload to keep the program going. If things do n
  8. Nobody associated with my troop will want to pay a dime towards any settlement, because none of us participated in the abuse. We're here to invest in scouts today, not to bail out scouters who were not held accountable decades ago. Making scouts sell popcorn, etc for such bailouts to keep the program running is just wrong.
  9. I have no problem with risks taken for those on backpacking treks into the wilderness. Learning about how to survive the elements is part of the experience. However, participants generally sign a liability waiver for the extra risk. So if I was given a two hour notice that a thunderstorm with heavy rain will impact my scouts' campsite, then do I tell them sheltering in tents is just fine, because the BSA is "okay" with it? (Actually the scout handbook says that scouts should look for shelter if they see lightning, hear thunder, or see dark clouds approaching. The handbook specifically say
  10. Maybe since I am a meteorologist, I take weather way too seriously, however, weather is a big part of PAUSE. Do we as leaders teach scouts by example to react to weather as it happens or do we think about the risks beforehand, ensure we have a weather monitoring and action plans?
  11. Weather in Montana is always perfect for camping If I expect lightning, I have vehicles 20-30 ft away from camp. Last Nov, we had to change our campout location from the mountains, because of expected poor travel conditions, but we still camped in snow and icy conditions closer to town. You are right that backpacking in the wilderness increases risks due to weather. No cell service, so no way to get updated forecasts. I think that is an acceptable risk and a worthy challenge as long as you are equipped. Lightning striking the highest objects in an area is typical. In a more develope
  12. If you are caught in a storm, it is a judgement call on whether to shelter in place in tents or head to a real shelter. If that happened to me, then I have failed my troop for not being prepared for the weather. If thunderstorms are mentioned in the forecast (even a 20% chance), I would be tenting closer to shelter or ensure vehicles are close to camp. Last week in the south, there was a high risk for severe weather and tornados, I would not camp on that day/night. It is not fun being part of an event where someone dies because of a lightning strike (personal experience).
  13. If there is any chance of thunderstorms in the forecast, I'd be ready to head to the shower house OR have enough vehicles available for scouts/adults to shelter in. Doing anything else will put yourself and the scouts at risk. I would invest in a lightning detector that can wake you up with lightning is within 20 miles of your location. That will get you some time arouse your scouts (no easy task) and into shelter. Having a NOAA weather radio that will awake you when a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning is issued is a good idea also.
  14. I am a scoutmaster that is pro-sports, so I work around each scout's other activities. My son now has baseball practice on troop meeting nights, so he is taking a break from scout meetings for a bit. A bunch of older scouts were gone for basketball, so younger scouts had an opportunity to be SPL for that time. I do think BSA needs to rethink everything, because most requirements are to much like school. Develop a scouts character in the outdoors.
  15. I try to not think about the headwinds that scouting is driving into. I have a group of boys that I am giving my all to as scoutmaster. I have 7 scouts (out of 11) working on their eagle rank. Recruiting for my troop will need to be rethought. Fewer number of webelos out there to recruit now.
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