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    YPT required one year out to recharter?

    Our council has an every year rule. They want to make sure your YPT does not expire during the full charter season, which yours does. Meaning if you do not take your YPT on or before December 5, 2020, you should have no contact with youth, period. On a side note, and maybe its the hard time telling tone on posts, but if this is your knee jerk reaction to something like this, you aren't going to be very happy volunteering in Scouting. Everything comes in last minute, things change with little to no notice. The unpaid volunteers are always the last to know anything, and have to do all the work to make it happen.
  2. scotteg83

    Has anyone had their uniform shirt tailored?

    I did email and got confirmation that you can order 1 shirt at a time
  3. scotteg83

    Has anyone had their uniform shirt tailored?

    is that still true? I haven't seen anything online that shows that. https://mediafiles.scoutshop.org/Media/Ladies_BSA_MadeToMeasureForms_shirt_R2.pdf
  4. scotteg83

    Has anyone had their uniform shirt tailored?

    Would it make more sense to order a custom fit shirt to your measurements? to me, it just seems like to much to rework a current shirt and make it look decent in the end
  5. If Parkman is comparing it to LDS, I dont see how these two relate. But it did last 106 years
  6. scotteg83

    Bikes in Camp?

    our local camp only allows scouts taking cycling merit badge to bring bikes. They also had 1 staff this year with a bike. Besides that, its not allowed
  7. scotteg83

    Parent Reaction to Fee Increase

    wow, whats the fund-raiser????
  8. scotteg83

    Troop t-shirts for summer camp

    Have one from a local camp like that. Ink glows in the dark too
  9. scotteg83

    possible fee increase coming

    I really can't see them being stupid enough to think $100 would fly, from a $33 current cost
  10. scotteg83

    Unit level Financial aid - how is it determined

    In my 3 different units, the only "financial aid" we offer is fund-raising. They can do a payment plan to pay monthly, but we do not do any financial aid to cover dues.
  11. scotteg83

    Completed MB?

    If he has a signed blue card, from a district or council approved Merit Badge College, as scoutmaster myself, I would just accept it and award the scout. Doesn't mean that the district or council lead on the event wont get an earful from me. I would also ask the scout about his workings to make the requirements. This may influence the scout to actually work towards his next one properly. But I would never stop the scout from earning the this one. My son took Camping Merit Badge at a MBC. I know he worked hard on the requirements, but when it came to the cooking part, the counsellor allowed the group to use previous troop camping experiences to get it signed off and didn't ask for proof of their nights camping. My son still received the merit badge completion at the end. But we had a talk about how he got a "free pass" when other scouts have had to do the cooking part on upcoming campouts after they started the badge. I wasn't going to argue with a group setting merit badge. If they felt they covered the requirements and signed the blue card, thats on them. I did make mention of it to the Merit badge coordinator for the event, and the district advancement chair as well.
  12. scotteg83

    So it Begins: Great Salt Lake Council lays off 21 employees

    I don't even think our council has 21paid employees to let go. But LDS is not a big group in my half of Maine.
  13. scotteg83

    2020 Insurance Fees at Recharter

    our council charges $1 for insurance. But average costs are realistically $8. There is talk of raising unit costs to $6 to ease the burden of council.
  14. scotteg83

    merit badge sash q1

    yes, mens large
  15. scotteg83

    merit badge sash q1

    there's is only two sizes if I remember correctly. So if they are a very small kid, and and probably will never grow bigger then a L tshirt size, get the smaller one. If they are already in the L+ shirt size as a crossover, get them the large size. No one wants to take off the merit badges on a small sash to re-put them on a bigger one.
  16. scotteg83

    merit badge sash q2

    I've never had a scout wear an empty one, but I have a few very proud scouts that show off their first earn badge on their sash.
  17. scotteg83

    Right way to initiate Troop/Patrol Service Projects

    I bring all service requests to the PLC and get their vote, regardless of my person opinion first. We have enough leaders that we don't have the adult coverage issue.
  18. scotteg83

    Blue Cards

    Once the scout has aged out, and has received his last rank prior, I don't see a reason to keep the troops copy. I would, however, give them back to the scout at that time.
  19. If you could control yourself and another leader (have them there for the YPT requirements) but just follow the scouts (from the rear and far enough back) and just let them make all the steps. If they get you lost, go with it. Just because an adult is present, doesn't take away from the experience. They will try to get answers and directions out of you, but after enough shrugs and blank stares, they will realize they are on their own.
  20. scotteg83

    Why are Cub Scout uniforms and universal clothing items?

    let me change that, I have yet to see Cub Scouts buy the socks in my pack. Troop and webelos, yes. I have a few pairs myself, Same idea, anytime on sale. I still have my red top pair from the late 90's when I was a scout. Only have 1 out of 5 pairs left of those.
  21. scotteg83

    patrol patches

    Official Guide to Uniform says adults do not wear patrol patches. If you attend Woodbadge, you would have your critter patrol patch to wear, which many leave on their shirts afterwords. I've also seen adults create their own unofficial patrol and wear patches, like "Old Goats", "Coffee Patrol", etc. But I would not wear a matching patrol patch to a youth Scout, you are not in their patrol.
  22. we got a bunch of these: https://www.amazon.com/Original-Ticked-Off-Remover-family/dp/B00CAQ7C8K/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=tick+spoon&qid=1560339842&s=pet-supplies&sr=1-3 had a lady from the CDC come and do a presentation during a roundtable and had boxes of them to give away
  23. scotteg83

    Let's talk about Unit Numbers

    Makes it so much easily to know how old the troop is, My daughters troop is 2019 for the same reason me too!
  24. scotteg83

    The "Right Way" to retire U.S. Flag...

    We can get that many after the removed the flags from veteran graves on holidays, they pass the damaged ones that cannot be reused to us to take care of.