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  1. Well this is a question that has come up and our council has to figure out something out that is fair. I just don't want us to come up with an answer which is counter to BSA rules on the issue.
  2. OK the title of my question sounds pretty strange but here is my question. Scenario: Eagle scout does all the paperwork for fund raising, project application,etc. Does not get all the funds to complete the project. Parents purchase material to complete project. Project is completed and signed off by beneficiary. Scout turns in paperwork has eagle scout board of review, passing that and gets his Eagle. Can that Eagle scout then continue to try and get donations for that project to offset the costs that the parents incurred by fronting the money to purchase material ? I have looked all over the Eagle Scout Project Fund Raising information and can't find anything. Searched this forum also. My gut feeling on this is once that project is signed off it is done period. No more fund raising because where would you draw the line? Anyway this question is coming up in our troop and I can't find any BSA official rule.
  3. I for one am getting tired of different religious orgs threatening the BSA with "we will quit BSA if you do this or that". Maybe we need a little rebuilding anyway. Let them quit.
  4. What the heck is with this site and trying to post? Everytime I try to post it seems I get some type of error message.
  5. What the heck is with this site and trying to post? Everytime I try to post it seems I get some type of error message.
  6. I have a bit of a problem with any CO excluding anyone (non-catholics,etc.). I really think BSA on a natinal level should set the standard on exclusion and any CO who wishing to be part of BSA has to follow the rules in place by the BSA not the CO organizations. The CO's should have structure their program to BSA program not the BSA structure the program to any CO's idea what the BSA program should be.
  7. AZMike thats a good one........I'm sad to say probably going to be fairly close to the mark.
  8. But what is going to happen when a boy or parent that is gay wants to join a troop that excludes gays and gets turned away? Then we are right back in the news again and that's my problem.
  9. I have been a long time lurker here and following many of the discussions here about many different issues. It is a great place to read opposing views and look at other scouters points of view. Does anyone else see the possibility of the local option as a lack of leadership on the national level of BSA? I'm all for the BSA ending this ban on gays which will change (it’s just a matter of time). But I cannot see this local option as nothing but trouble. What happens when we go to camporee's or scout camp? Some troops allow gays....some don't..... doesn't anyone see this as a problem? If the BSA goes with the local option it's only a matter of time until someone with a gay son or gay parent who would like to be involved wants to join a troop which is the only one in that area that excludes gays and there we are all over the news having to fight this battle over and over again. When the US Military changed their policy I knew that BSA policy on this would not stand for long. BSA stands for Boy Scouts of America right? Not Boy Scouts of this town or this church or this group each one making their own rules. What happens if we start changing the Youth Protection Policy to fit each troop adding or leaving out things as we chose on a local level? I thought one of items we as scouters and adult leaders try to instill in our scouts is leadership. Leadership is something that looks like we are lacking on a national level. This local option looks like a very lame attempt to make everyone happy which in the end will not work anyway. I think BSA at the national level is more interested in protecting their jobs then leading this organization anyway. Just allow the gays in and let the chips fall where they may. If these different charter organizations. threaten to drop out of BSA then let them. How would that affect our local unit anyway? We raise all of our money for our unit events; purchase all our own gear, etc. We sell popcorn and anything else the BSA leadership wants (and they get their cut). In turn we get scout camps that are understaffed and underfunded, insurance which we pay for through our recharter fees, nice websites for doing our youth protection training.
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