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  1. Back Pack

    Sunday Morning segment on the BSA

    Blame someone else. Not the program or it’s mismanagement.
  2. Back Pack

    Does Sea Base Only Have HA?

    If you’re not a proficient swimmer then skip Seabase. Any of their programs require being. Good swimmer and being able to demonstrate it.
  3. I know many guys at college who won’t just hang out with girls anymore. At least not alone. And we won’t have just one girl hang out with.a group of guys either. I’d not hang out alone with a girl. Too many accusations going around.
  4. Note that people are saying delivery of the traditional program leads to developing masculinity. Not all the changes and recent ad hoch things groups have chosen to infuse in to the program.
  5. @ParkMan as a recent youth member I would agree that if your troop just sticks to the program that guys will develop in to men and learn those skills. My best role models were my sm and asms. They let us run the troop but were there when we needed them. They did their own thing and we learned by watching them just be good men.
  6. Back Pack

    NYLT Staff gifts

    I staffed nylt and we got simple leather patches hand made by the sm. I wouldn’t go too overboard. Gifts are not expected because it’s a honor to be asked to teach. I still have my leather patch.
  7. Reading this forum makes me want to stay away from scouting jobs and to stay single.
  8. Back Pack

    Adopted sites in Council Camp?

    Love Daniel Boone. I have so many memories from summer camp there twice. Great camp.
  9. Back Pack

    Why Can't Adults Trust the Scouts

    Without the uniform they’re missing one of the methods of Scouting. Isn’t that 4H?
  10. Back Pack

    Cubmaster Retiring

    $600 is obscene and most leaders I know would turn that down. A $50 plaque and a nice goodbye. A picture signed by all the scouts. Put the other $550 to use for the boys.
  11. So you can have two women run an all boy den but have to have a woman present if the girls den leaders are men?
  12. Perhaps the discussions would focus on those things more if the issues and politics forum went away. And any mention of such topics were moderated away.
  13. Back Pack

    OA and the aboriginal cultures

    Ok. So wood badge is doing the same thing with the horn they use. I’m not sure appropriation is always a bad thing.
  14. Back Pack

    “Eagle Scout Canidate” On Resume

    Which industries. I’m curious.
  15. Back Pack

    Pack YP equal or double standard

    Should that matter when it comes to protection. It’s sad to hear adult leaders making a case for not protecting everyone. It’s a simple solution require a man to be present when male youth are present. We do this one Venturing all the time.
  16. Back Pack

    “Eagle Scout Canidate” On Resume

    People put ms or ba or bs in their titles? Really? That’s lame.
  17. Back Pack

    Pack YP equal or double standard

    What about all the females in the news getting caught with young men. Under bsa rules there would not have to be a male adult present. That wouldn’t make your co very happy if something happened.
  18. Back Pack

    GoFundMe for Eagle Projects

    You can use crowd funding per national. My council rep wasn’t sure until I showed him that it was allowed https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2014/07/21/crowd-funding-sites-eagle-project-fundraising/
  19. Back Pack

    Pack YP equal or double standard

    So you’re arguing that the oath and law don’t imply that scouts should treat people equally and fairly? Really? Yes a scout gives weaker people more help and stronger people less but that doesn’t mean we treat them with regard to their rights and how we trust them differently. This is a trust issue and we don’t trust people differently. I sometimes think you guys just like to poke holes and argue. Are you really saying that all this isn’t about equality in some way.
  20. Back Pack

    Pack YP equal or double standard

    Read what Sarbaugh has said. He keeps saying that the changes are consistent with the oath and law. This means treating people equally. So while not specifically stating he’s doing it for equality the reference to the oath and law implies equality. There’s also a difference between how each male conducts themselves so your last argument is silly. Conduct doesn’t matter but rather how you treat people and there’s an implication from all these changes that everyone would be treated equally. To suggest otherwise is silly.
  21. Back Pack

    Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    Seems to work for associations. They have referendums on large issues and elect board members for the day to day workings.
  22. Back Pack

    Troopwebhost vs Scoutbook

    They are missing the fact that many units have been using other software for years. They have data in those systems that would need to be entered in to scoutbook which is no easy task without bidirectional apis. I doubt bsa knows the data schema of the other vendors like they do. If they required scoutbook to be used that would be a huge mistake.
  23. Back Pack

    Is WFA worth it?

    With which groups. There are many groups that offer wfa and I have taken it twice which was taught two very different ways. I know bsa works with ecsi but their course is different from the Red Cross which is different from nols.
  24. Back Pack

    OA and the aboriginal cultures

    I don’t like the term cultural appropriation because it implies merely using something from another culture requires permission or constitutes misuse. There are things (bbq or tattoos for example) which are somewhat universal. There are things which are specific to a culture. But does using any of these things mean misuse. People argue using feathers and war paint is misuse of Native American culture. What about a chef that misused a native dish and cooks it poorly. What about Hispanic or Asian women with blond hair. These are examples of appropriation but with no ill intent. They use these things because they like them not to make fun of anyone. As stated above it’s impossible to trace many things back to a single source. If the users of any item appear to be trying to treat it with respect then what’s the harm.
  25. Back Pack

    Rifle merit badge, need explanation

    True Story: Summer Camp sm shoot off between a guy from Texas and one from Georgia. All others had been eliminated. The Georgia guy gets up there and shoots a 48 then steps back and says “In Georgia we shoot for fun.” The Texas guys steps up and shoots a 49 and says “In Texas we shoot for food.”