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  1. I am serving as the Scoutmaster for a NYLT Course, and am looking for ideas for gifts to give to 'my' staff. I anticipate that the gifts will be different for adult staff and youth staff. Because of changes in Council, the gifts will not be setting or continuing a tradition, which precludes things such as a stave with badges added each year. The gifts must be of moderate cost as they are coming out of my pocket. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Birddog
  2. Scouters, I have observed that there is a positive correlation between time spent volunteering and being out of shape. I keep fighting the battle of the bulge as many of us do. In my case the days of swimmng with Masters' Swimming five nights a week have given way to meetings, counseling, teaching, mentoring and campouts. I understand the trade off that I made and it was a conscious decison on my part and I am aware of limitations now. I understand the part of keeping physically fit as well as leading by example. I also undersand the part of being kind and not judge my fellow Scouter
  3. We are looking to do a conservation project and thinking of introducing the Hornaday Award at the same time. If anyone has worked on this award, what knowledge can you pass on to us. It seems that there aren't many advisors in our area. Is the first step having one of the leaders becoming an advisor. Thanks JPS
  4. We will be there and staying at Canyon Camp. I highly recommend staying at the Council Camps as they make the enhance the experience. The highlight one year was when "President Lincoln" walked out of the surrounding darkness and asked to visit our campfire. He did an incredible job and impressed the adults as much as the youth. I suspect he only visits Council Camps. The Council does a nice job with the Pilgrimage and the Scouts enjoy it enough to keep putting it on the schedule. We used to rotate this one with Lincoln Pilgrimage in Springfield Illinois, the Illini which included a football
  5. Scouters, As a relatively new District Advancement Chair, I am looking for some suggestions as to how to help Cub Packs with Advancement. Most of the Packs don't even report advancement as they don't see the need. It is a not very hidden secret that getting awards from some local Scout shops with Advancement Reports is a simple matter. I am not going to fight that windmill. I know with the changes coming there will be plenty of opportunities for education, but I am at a loss as to what my current role is as to Cub Scouts. JPS
  6. Thanks all. That is what I hoped to hear. Sounds like the right uniform for Boards, presentations and COH, Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year. jps
  7. I am considering purchasing a poly-wool long sleeve shirt for to use at more 'formal' occasions. Does anyone have an experience with them. Thanks.
  8. I purchased 4 of the used Jamboree tents from Supply. I understand the concept of used, but these were beyond used. Holes in the screens, cuts in the rain fly, first time use the pole for the rain fly broke on one of the tents, and all four of the tents smell horrible...not musty but they stink. I aired them out in an attempt to 'freshen' them up before use and they all leaked during a over nite rain storm. Best advice, even for $39, is to save your money. It seems these tents were designed to be disposable. Jps
  9. When we went to Cascade, we found a church that would allow us to use their basement. We 'tailgated' in their parking lot. Unfortunately, I don't have the records as to what church it was. We gave the church a donation as a thank you.
  10. I am trying to locate a place on the west/southwest border of Michigan for a troop ski weekend. We are located in the south suburbs of Chicago and want to spend more time skiing than we do driving. We have traveled into southern Wisconsin, but have frequently suffered for lack of snow. We have a small troop and none of the scouts are highly skilled skiers. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. jps
  11. Good morning. I am looking for information as to how long Trainer's Edge is good for. i.e does it need to be renewed? I have been told that it needs to be renewed every two years, but I can't find that information in print. thks
  12. gooddog


    Does anyone have experience with or know of software that can be used for scheduling of daily/weekly activities at camp. With a large Troop, multiple outposts, and a fluid campwide schedule it can be overwhelming just using paper and pens. Thanks, Jim
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