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  1. Petey091

    High Adventure Ideas for 2020

    I took a crew to MOHAB in 2018. It was a great trip. I have also done Philmont and of the two trips MOHAB is better. The picture below is of our last campsite on the trail. My email is petey9145@gmail.com . I highly recommend this trip and if you have any questions just ask.
  2. Petey091

    Continueing Challenges of Adults Interfering....

    When me and my son joined our troop they did not do a real PLC meeting for over a year. We now have them monthly. They are always held the first troop meeting after an outing. The PLC meets while the quartermaster and patrol quartermasters have the rest of the boys clean gear and restock.
  3. Petey091

    Alcohol Stoves

    Nothing wrong with an alcohol stove for individual backpacking. I use a homemade fancy feast stove when I hike or backpack without the troop. When with the troop where we are using the Philmont Patrol method to cook then I use the MSR Whisperlite. When boiling large amounts of water you can not beat the Whisperlite.
  4. Petey091

    Splitting the den.

    When I was a Den Leader I eventually ended up with a Den of 15 boys at one point. I thought about splitting the den but realized that there was no way to do it without making someone upset. I told the parents that if we didn't split the den then I would need them to step up and help out at den meetings.
  5. Petey091

    Where to start with a sewing machine for badges

    Try to find a used machine that is over twenty years old. The newer machines have more plastic and cheap metal parts and have issues with heavier material. I can do most stuff with a modern machine. When I am sewing gear bags or canvas material i pull out my old treadal powered sewing machine.
  6. Petey091

    Question about dry camps at Philmot

    Philmont wants you to use their tabs to purify water. We used the tabs but also brought two Sawyer squeeze filters set up as granite filters. We had a lot of rain so most of the water sources we had was cloudy because of it. We used the filters to clear up the water and then used the tabs. At Philmont it is far easier to do as asked than buck the system.
  7. Petey091

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    Until you see something in writing don't get worked up about it.
  8. Petey091

    Webelos-O-Ree patches

    I have become the Trail Boss for our local WOR. Each year we give out a new patch for the event. The patch design is the result of a contest with designs submitted by the Web Dens. The problem is I have now inherited a box of old patches from past years. I would hate to throw them away. Is there any value th these as trading stock. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them.
  9. Petey091

    Shotgun age 14 and up only?

    You just ran head first into one of scouting's problems. I can't tell you how many times I have been told that something was against national BSA policy when it's not. In my troop it's the belief that BSA prohibits open toed shoes and that aerosol cans and sheath knives are prohibited. My standard response is please show me in the Guide to Safe Scouting where it says that. Now a lot of this comes from summer camps that have camp rules that prohibit these items. More scouters need to read the Guide to Safe Scouting.
  10. Petey091

    Early arrival at Philmont

    We found it was cheaper for us to rent vans in Denver and drive down to Philmont than using a commercial shuttle services. In the past our troop has driven to Philmont from Maryland but that was a no go for most of us advisors who where burning leave to go.
  11. Petey091

    Early arrival at Philmont

    Yes, just one day. We arrived sometime in the late afternoon. After checking in and moving into our tents it was time for dinner. After dinner a trip tp the Tooth of Time Traders. Since our crew met at BWI at 0530 eastern time it was an early night for us.
  12. To any crews attending Philmont in 2018 I highly recommend taking advantage of Philmont's early arrival program. We learned at PASS training that for a fee Philmont will let you arrive a day early at basecamp. We flew from BWI to Denver and then drove to Philmont in rental vans. We then checked in and where assigned tents. This allowed us to be assigned our Ranger early on day 1 and quickly move through the outbound process. We even had time to tour the Phillips Sumer Home. Other crews who arrived on day 1 seemed rushed especially those arriving after lunch.
  13. Petey091

    Preventable fundraiser theft?

    You would be surprised how people deal with their night receipts. I know of a food co-op that didn't have a drop safe. Each night the group closing the shop down, would vote on where to hide the money. This co-open welcomed homeless people to come and trade work for food and they would be included in the vote on where to hide the money. They were then surprised when the money was getting stolen pretty often.
  14. Petey091

    Summer camp letters from family

    The camp our troop attends has an email system and will deliver emails to the scouts. We discourage our first year parents from doing this. We found that the homesick bug usually hits in the evening after dinner and before the evening activities start. We encourage our patrol leaders to take an active roll in keeping the first year scouts active during this time.
  15. Petey091


    Looks like fun but I don't know if I would want to spend much time in Oxford. From the BBC/Public TV shows we see here in the U.S people are getting murdered there on a daily basis.