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  1. That is essentially what is says. Read it like this: "The Charter Organization agrees to" "actively participate in the local councils annual giving campaign and product sales to ensure quality Scouting throughout the community. (ex. Friends of Scouting campaign, popcorn, camp card, etc.)"
  2. I went 25 years ago, and it was great. Back then while we got to ride horses, we carried less gear than hikers and there was lots of work pack and unpacking everything and quite a bit of time was spent tending to the horses. We were able to bring horn bags, and they were really nice to have.
  3. From the Baptist Press Boy Scouts bankruptcy could leave churches liable in future sex abuse claims "Churches who chartered or have ever hosted a Boy Scouts of America (BSA) troop should seek legal counsel now in case they are named in future sex abuse claims against the BSA, a Southern Baptist legal representative told Baptist Press." https://www.baptistpress.com/resource-library/news/boy-scouts-bankruptcy-could-leave-churches-liable-in-future-sex-abuse-claims/
  4. Here is the Unit Money Earning Application, point 7 states "At no time are units permitted to solicit contributions for unit programs". I have always held the position that grants should not be considered soliciting funds as the are saying "we have money, fill out this application and we might give you some". I doubt your council will see it the same way. Also, your money is your money, you do not have to give the council a 1¢. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34427.pdf
  5. It would appear that some these changes go against what is laid out the in the "RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA" https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/membership/pdf/Rules_and_Regulations_June_2018.pdf
  6. This sounds like the changes that the Northern Star Council has implemented.
  7. I remember have an email conversation with a high up in venturing from the national office on why there was an advancement criteria on the crew JTE scorecard at the time, when advancement is not a method of venturing. I basically got "it is what it is, we think venturers should be advancing"
  8. Here is a council charter renewal form. filestore.scouting.org/filestore/mission/pdf/523-027_WEB.pdf In short a council pays an annual National Service Fee of 3.5% of the total of the salaries of the professional and office staff, though some councils could pay closer to 4%. There is also a national charter fee of $1,000. This fee is waived if the form is submitted on time.
  9. The two people to contact would be your council's president, though your SE could have been the one to basically put him in this position, and the Area Director that your SE reports to, this is a BSA national position.
  10. First a bit of background. -I am an Eagle Scout and I have served as a district advancement chair where I approved Eagle Projects and as well as chaired EBORs, and I currently am a EBOR member for my district and serve on our councils advancement committee. I have reviewed dozens of Eagle projects either on the front end as a district approver or on the back end as a EBOR member. I have seen some really good projects and some that were "eh" at best. I was having a conversation with a fellow leader and his wife about the quality of some of the Eagle projects of late out of our district
  11. Per section of the Guide to Advancement: References: Must list all six (five if not employed). If not affiliated with an organized religion, then the parent or guardian provides this reference.
  12. Agreed, it was founded in 1915 but it did not become a full Boy Scout program until 1948. From oa-bsa.org/about/history,
  13. My background is I am an Eagle Scout and obtained Brotherhood membership in the OA as a youth. I have not been very active in the lodge as an adult but keep my dues paid. At the unit level I have served as an ASM and troop committee member, for the district I have served in several positions including district commissioner and district program chair, and at the council level I served on the very first venturing committee in our council. I currently serve as a district religious emblems coordinator and a member of the council advancement committee. I do not have any children in the pro
  14. Found these on scoutstuff.org http://www.scoutstuff.org/nsearch/?q=district#?q=district&keywords=district&res_per_page=12&search_return=all
  15. Actually Eagle projects are considered troop activities, this changed either with the initial release of the Guide to Advancement in 2011 or with one of its revisions. This is from the 2017 revision:
  16. Just to give an update, the SM had a discussion with the scout and turns out the initial information he received was not quite accurate, the SM has no issues on how the project was carried out and signed off on the project as complete. The SM now understands that Eagle projects are troop functions and should there should be coordination between the scout and the troop.
  17. Is the Varsity program dead? Both the youth and adult applications as well as the BSA's program site now make no reference to Varsity. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/524-406.pdf https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/524-501.pdf https://www.scouting.org/programs/
  18. The SM is planning on having a discussion with the young man and his parents to get there take as the SM only has second hand information. He was told by several scouts that were there that the scout was just a helper and his parents did all of the leading, and the scout had not met the beneficiary until after the project was complete. For the project itself it was a good project, they build several library boxes and installed them in the community. The SM has no problem with the scout earning Eagle, he just wants to make sure the requirements are completed as stated, nothing more, noth
  19. They already have this, IMO they just do a good job of promoting it. There is a ton of material, just not being promoted well. If you go to my.scouting.org and click on My Dashboard, then My Training, and finally on Training Center you will be given Training Courses by Program. Clicking on the program levels you will be given a list of available training. Clicking on the trainings will take you to the BSA Learning Center. Here is what's available, in addition to YPT: Cub Scouts: Boy Scouts: Venturing: Sea Scouts:
  20. There is a scout in my district who his SM feels did not satisfactorily complete the eagle project, no leadership demonstrated. The SM still needs to speak with the scout, but let's assume he does not sign the application, and he informs the scout properly of the Eagle Board of Review Under Disputed Circumstances procedures in which the scout initiates. And now let's say the EBOR-UDC agrees with the SM and denies the scout and all appeals go against the scout. So here's the question, can the scout do another project and have another EBOR? The reason I ask this is item 10 of section 8
  21. From the G2A, Unofficial Worksheets and Learning Aids Worksheets and other materials that may be of assistance in earning merit badges are available from a variety of places including unofficial sources on the Internet and even troop libraries. Use of these aids is permissible as long as the materials can be correlated with the current requirements that Scouts must fulfill. Completing “worksheets†may suffice where a requirement calls for something in writing, but this would not work for a requirement where the Scout must discuss, tell, show, or demonstrate, etc. Note that Scout
  22. Here is the list that shows what has to be completed by the scouts 18th birthday, if it's not on the list then it can be completed afterwards. Complete All the Requirements Confirm that the following requirements have been completed before the 18th birthday: active participation, Scout spirit, merit badges, position of responsibility, service project, and unit leader conference. Note that the unit leader (Scoutmaster) conference need not be the last item accomplished. The board of review may be conducted after the 18th birthday. For details, see “Boards of Review,† A c
  23. The 2017 revision of the Guide to Advancement has been released. No real big changes, other than the separation of Sea Scouts from Venturing, the most welcome changes/clarifications in my mind: Added clarifcation that a Scout must be given credit for active participation time even if a unit takes time off during the summer or any other time of the year Added clarifcation that the Scout must be given credit for time served in a position of responsibility even if a unit takes time off during the summer or any other time of the year. Added clarifcation tha
  24. Let me reformat the list after the forum software upgrade: #1 - Air Scouting/Air Exploring ACE Award Knot #2 - Explorer Silver Award Knot, used for * Explorer/Air Explorer Silver Award * Explorer Achievement Award * Explorer G.O.L.D. Award * Explorer Scout Ranger Award (when its unique knot was dropped early on) * Air Scout/Air Explorer Ace Award (again, when its unique knot was dropped early on) #3 Arrow of Light Knot #4 - Silver World Award Knot #5 - Scoutmaster Award of Merit Knot (also used as or known as) * Varsity Scout Coach Award of Merit * Venturing Advisor Award of Merit * NES
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