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  1. In regards to the recommendation..."As far as boots go scouts might consider a high quality trail running shoe with a stiff sole."...I uesd those when I worked on staff at Philmont and they worked great. I actually used them when I did the Ranger Marathon there (furthest Northern Camp to furthest souther in one day...14:12) and thought that (for me) they were better than a heavy pair of boots. So I wouldn't rule them out.
  2. Being a resident of Iowa, All I have to say is that perhaps our phones and doorbells will stop ringing now for a while!!! It is amazing the number of call, mail, and people stopping by regarding the different candidates. I was not aware that the R's and D's caucus and count votes differently either. I do now. The R's offer a true vote. The D's funnel things to delegates and the delegates vote...kinda like the electorial college.
  3. Food for though on documenting valuables... I keep digital video of valuables. I have a copy in the safe, but I also have zipped, encrypted copies stored on an FTP site so that I can access then from anywhere (I travel a lot and often have info that I need to access when I am away). I do not like to store on a PC as I have had a pc die and had to have it forensically resurrected...not fun. Learned my lesson there. Peace.
  4. Food for though on documenting valuables... I keep digital video of valuables. I have a copy in the safe, but I also have zipped, encrypted copies stored on an FTP site so that I can access then from anywhere (I travel a lot and often have info that I need to access when I am away). I do not like to store on a PC as I have had a pc die and had to have it forensically resurrected...not fun. Learned my lesson there. Peace.
  5. GW...I am with Vicki on this. No need for the personal attack. In the past 2 years + , I have seen some great info from Beavah. Keep it scout like... Peace.
  6. Joni, With 5 kids 8 and under (2 of them are 15 month old twin boys), a single income, I can relate. The cost of the course is certainly a matter of perspective. It was a challenge for me to come up with the $ for the course. I can think of a lot of things that $250 would do for my family. It was really a family decision with my wife and I to squeeze that out of our budget. I did not know about the scholarships at the time. If they had any participants in my course that were using a scholarship...I will tell you that none of the participants were any the wiser that I knew of. I truly wish I had known about it. On a side note...bless you for considering taking it. I know that it must be a challenge to contribute your time away from your family to take scout training courses and work with the scouts. I hope that the youth that you work with appreciate your efforts. I know that I really appreciate the efforts my wife puts in for our family. She may not leave the house to go to work, but she does so work. I agree with the positive comments by Eagle-Pete. Sort through the comments and take what ya like. I totally love some of the stuff I find in the forums, but ...not all. Peace.
  7. OGE, I have to admit...when i read..."The red berets were cool, they looked sharp and I loved them, of course it took a real man with verve, panache and moxie to carry it off, but it can be done... " I did laugh out loud. Not at you, but with you. I was in a corporate training class yesterday and one of the younger managers made an off hand remark at the Director sitting next to me and said..."It takes some kind of guy to wear a pink shirt". I was thinking (as Rich replied the same...)..."It take a guy that has a lot of self confidence!" Ya know what they said in return...? Nada. Zip. Dead silence. Now I admit that they were phased out, but they certainly do make a statement ... \\\\\// -O-O- \ ....verve, panache and moxie, no doubt! \___/ Peace.
  8. Lee, Welcome aboard as an adult scouter. The knots that are most important to me ...are the ones that I have been able to give away or nominate folks for. I have a few myself. The one I like the most personally is my Eagle. I kept goimg and got 5 palms and a year or two ago found out that I sould wear the palms on my knot. Some folks will say that seeking after knots is not true scouting or something like that. Others will say that they are there to motivate folks in an effort to further scouting efforts. I remember a quote that Napoleon Bonaparte is credited with..."A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon". This holds true in scouting too with the knots. It's still about personal motivation. In regards to the DAM...if you don't have goals and aim high, then one doesn't really know where they are going. Timing? It varies. It could be 10 years, it could be 3. It really matters as to what you do and the quality of what you do. I nominated someone this year and they received it and they have about 3 1/2 years in between unit and district, but she has done a lot in a short time and has made a noticable impact! Keep the motivation. Take the training. Offer to help out where you can, remember what folks did to help you with your scouting experiences, and above all - have fun. Peace.
  9. Ok, it looks like we have pretty much exhausted the "Official BSA Knot" listing. How about a shot at the unofficial Scout Knots that are out there? I have seen bunches of these. I would be interested in seeing what everyone comes up with here. Let the games begin! Happy hunting!
  10. I think we have a final count...what do you all sat to...44? #1 - Air Scouting/Air Exploring ACE Award Knot #2 - Explorer Silver Award Knot, used for * Explorer/Air Explorer Silver Award * Explorer Achievement Award * Explorer G.O.L.D. Award * Explorer Scout Ranger Award (when its unique knot was dropped early one) * Air Scout/Air Explorer Ace Award (again, when its unique knot was dropped early on) #3 Arrow of Light Knot #4 - Silver World Award Knot #5 - Scoutmaster Award of Merit Knot (also used as or known as) * Varsity Scout Coach Award of Merit * Venturing Advisor Award of Merit * NESA Outstanding Scoutmaster #6 - Eagle Scout Knot #7 - Cubmaster Award Knot #8 - William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award Knot #9 - Tiger Cub Den Leader Knot #10 - Pack Trainer Award Knot #11 - Scouters Key Award Knot #12 - Silver Beaver Award Knot (Also used for the Silver Fawn Award) #13 Scouters Training Award Knot #14 - International Scouter Award #15 - "Youth" Religious Award Knot #16 - Distinguished Commissioner Service Award #17 - Cub Scouter Award Knot #18 - Community Organization Award Knot #19 - William T. Hornaday Award Knot #20 - Heroism Award Knot #21 - George Meaney AFL-CIO Award Knot #22 - Professional Scouter Training Award Knot (Also known as the Professional Circle or Fellowship Honor Knot) #23 - Medal of Merit Knot #24 - Honor Medal Knot (also with Crossed Palms (Very Rare)). #25 - District Award of Merit Knot #26 - Den Leader Award Knot #27 - Venturing Silver Award Knot #28 - Silver Antelope Knot #29 - Silver Buffalo Knot #30 - Vale La Pena Award Knot (or Premio por Servicio ScoutingVale la Pena! Service Award Knot) #31 - Asian American Spirit of Scouting Award Knot #32 - William H. Spurgeon Award Knot #33 - Adult religious award Knot #34 - Sea Badge Award Knot (Participant 1 trident, Staff 2 Tridents, Course Director 3 Tridents) #35 - Quartermaster Award Knot #36 - James West Award Knot #37 - Webelos Den Leader Award Knot #38 - OA Distinguished service Award Knot #39 - Whitney Young Service Award Knot #40 - Venturing Leadership Award Knot #41 - Explorer Scout Ranger Award Knot #42 Den Leader Coach Award Knot #43 Skippers Key Award Knot #44 Antarctica Award Knot (Not sure if that was ever official though) I think that about completes the list! Other than thatI have no idea what the "Happy Feet Award" is. Anyone?
  11. I am looking for ideas on what people have done to promote WB courses, recruiting efforts, and promotional efforts. I really want to try and do my part for our upcoming course to try and recruit participants for the course. I would warmly welcome comments and suggestions =) Peace.
  12. I don't care one way about the cost, I just need to budget it. 6 days off and way from kids and wife at about $40 a day...that is a deal =) Our WB is in the neighborhood of about $250 or so and I wanted to get a take on what the norm is there. Granted with 5 kids, I have to budget that out as far in advance as I can. Now if is less, that is good too. Again, just trying to get a take on it is all. Peace.
  13. #37 - Webelos Den Leader Knot [Yes, Yes...I was wondering when someone would catch the WDL one =) ]
  14. In regards to "Inappropriate Adult Knots", I have seen a Wood Badge Knot, but never seen anyone wear them. Has anyone seen that and what reactions have you seen on that. (I know that there is a "Sea Badge Knot" and have heard folks say that they thought there should be a "Wood Badge Knot". Personally, I don't share that, but am curious. Peace.
  15. Do all WB participants including Staff pay the same amount? I guess I am asking if the Staff pays just as much to be on staff to help out with the course.
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