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  1. A patrol is a gang of boys who do scouting things together. Too often we focus on numbers or ages instead of who the boys want to be with and what they want to do. If a troop has many instances of little participation, perhaps it is the activities being planned that is the problem? I have no problem with a patrol in which 2 boys show up for the campout. However, I would start with encouraging the patrols to plan activities, camping trips etc... that they want to do instead of what the adults have planned as a troop. I am not suggesting that ones troop isn't boy led, but it may not be patrol b
  2. I just received a survey for the BSA regarding district/council and their responsiveness, leadership, etc... in providing the scouting experience. I commented the focus on raising money (at National, council and district levels) instead of focusing on the scouting program was a big problem.
  3. As a scouter who spends about 20% of the year camping in the back woods, tying knots is a skill which I use almost as much as fire-building. A scout who cannot tie a small variety of knots isn't spending much time in the woods being a scout. I have seen a lot of troops who never leave the park-n-tent campsites and the scouts never get to fully appreciate the wild. They don't "scout" the unknown woods and explore using all the skills they have "learned". When the requirements are just a list, and ranks are a completion of lists they cease to be descriptors of competence. A true first class scou
  4. I still haven't figured out how 15 year olds can BE merit badge counselors at camp. Is there some small print codicil which permits other scouts to be merit badge counselors at summer camps?
  5. I have a copy of the 1911 Handbook (an original, not a reprint). Pg 10 lists the twelve points as an "abbreviated form of the Scout Law". It is this form to which the scouts "are to commit to memory". Pg 15 Provides the laws "which relate to the BSA, are the latest and most up to date". 11. A scout is clean. He keeps clean in body and thought, stands for clean speech, clean sport, clean habits, and travels with a clean crowd.
  6. There is a difference between being an Eagle Scout and wearing a patch. There are Eagle Scouts who never got the patch, and patch wearers who aren't Eagle Scouts.
  7. No direction will yield chaos. Instead, provide direction but no organization or meddling. Get them started on something, but don't interfere unless it is matter of safety. Example, bring the cubs to a creek show them how to look for crayfish and let them have fun. A campout isn't a time to "do requirements". Instead, do fun stuff and later, (car ride home) or next den meeting when discussing the fun bring up the fact requirements were met and have the cubs look at other badges and think of fun things they can do which will meet those requirements for the next campout. Scouting should be fun,
  8. I never understood the need for the BSA to have a declaration of religious principles. I mean, we don't have a declaration of patriotic principles which would refer to the same line in the Oath. Or a declaration of physical fitness. Do we kick out scouts or scouters for being obese or those who maintain dual citizenship or openly state their conscientious objection to govt actions and refuse to participate? Shouldn't the only principles by which a scout declares be the oath and law themselves (perhaps also the Slogan)? Why have a special declaration highlighting religion above all other
  9. I have noticed that many "trained" scouters, both district level and troop level apparently do not use that training assuming it was ever acquired. I have been to quite a few trainings and there is little if any assessment of whether the attendees truly understood or are able to apply their training. The lack of real training becomes evident when the scouter in practice does or promotes the complete opposite of what they supposedly were trained to do. Some try, as evidenced by the words they use, but the deeds speak louder.
  10. I have no personal experience with it. The Sawyer Squeeze has become very popular among the backpacking crowd lately due to its low weight and effectiveness. Inline filters have been popular for quite some time, and the DIY crowd loves them as they can be used within any system.
  11. Who is this RichardB, and why does he get to decide? If it was him that changed the GTSS, he should be fired.
  12. The Seychelle uses Iodine to kill the virii and bacteria. Some have a bad reaction to iodine, especially those with thyroid issues so this is something to be aware of. I believe pregaant women are advised to stay away from it. I do not intend to knock the efficacy of the filter and chemical treatment as the tests do show it to be rather effective. However I am dismayed by the marketing ploy in the statement "up to 99.9%", this means LESS THAN not in excess. If one looks at the testing of the seychelle products it can be seen that some of the contaminants are removed at significantly less p
  13. Aye, there's the rub. There are critters that will pass through a 2 micron pore that you absolutely do NOT want in your body. Crypto, etc. is way smaller and .3 micron, while possibly needing greater than gravity pressure to use is closer to "safe". With most filters, pre-filtering to get the logs and boulders out of the untreated water really increases the time between filter cleaning or replacing. "Pre-filtering" can be a bandanna, coffee filter, or even just letting the logs and boulders settle out in a pot for 15-20 minutes before filtering. The fastest my filter (MSR) ever got clogge
  14. It did upset me when I saw the new GTSS which required the adults for camping, but I never interpreted it to mean no patrol camping. The patrol (unfortunately) needed two adults, but they would be needed anyways to drive. Does the requirement also mean they transportation providers must hover over the boys, or can they let them be? How close must they remain? The GTSS is vague on this. Is it wrong to allow the boys as a patrol to camp a mile away from the adults if the SM deems the PL qualified to lead?
  15. Quick answer, yes. The pump provides significantly more pressure than the gravity feed. Pre-filtering does help especially with sediment laden water. The pre-filter will help prolong the life of the main filter but will not make it filter faster. In fact, it will likely slow it down. One reason the seychelle appears to work better is the pore size of the filter. The Seychelle is a 2-micron filter while the base camp is a 0.3 micron filter. The smaller pore size requires more pressure and will also clog at a faster rate.
  16. LOL. I must have internalized so many of the discussions from the forum. Answer is the same, traditional silver/gray, but will use colors for specific tasks like marking my bear canister with neon yellow.
  17. Twins from the Northeast, or did I miss something?
  18. As I am not quite sure what characteristics would categorize me, I hesitate to label myself. I *think* I am a traditional scouter.
  19. I think the 3-tub method is one of four reasons troops find it difficult to transition from car camping to more wilderness trips. The 3rd tub isn't necessary. I would argue the first two aren't either. The outdoors isn't supposed to be the indoors with no roof. The other three reasons are the gear trailer, refrigeration and adults. (How is that for my first post after lurking for a few years.?)
  20. Been a long time lurker and would check in infrequently. Was saddened to read about the passing of OldGreyEagle. The past few months have certainly been interesting here. I have been involved in scouts since I joined cub scouts as a kid. I am currently an ASM in a local troop. As with many troops, this one has been operating as a troop and not as a collection of patrols for a while. Boy-led is in name only. Change is slow and I continually remind the other ASM's that we "aren't there yet", but we should strive to the ideals. Over the past few years lurking I see I am not alone. I ha
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